What is other color spinels?

Everyone knows one feature of alexandrite that has become its trademark – it changes color. It can quickly change from red to green. But few know that alexandrite is not unique in its properties.

Gemstones usually do not change color even if they are under a different light. When we visit jewelry shops, dealers trying to make their stones look the best arrange them under a certain angle and lighting.  But there are several stones that are able to change their color depending on the lighting conditions.

Some kinds of spinel can change the color between blue and red, but this change is not very noticeable compared to alexandrite. However, sometimes you can find specimens with a very noticeable color change, for example from red to blue. Color change spinel or “alexandrite effect spinel” turns sky blue in sunlight and reddish in electric sunlight.

Spinel that changes color from blue to red or purple is not uncommon. Among Ceylon spinels, this gemstone makes up 10-15%. The effect of alexandrite is due to the presence of chromophores, including chromium and cobalt.

The color change of spinel, like all other types of this stone, can not be treated without losing its main properties such as color and purity.Considering that spinel has diversity and beauty, you can always choose stone for yourself,

Mogok valley spinel, which has no purple or red color, contains a gray chromophore. The silvery gray color still indicates that it is of Burmese origin.

Alexandrite is the most expensive stone in this category. Even more valuable, however, is the color change spinel, which changes color significantly.

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