The Best Electronic Signature App to Simplify Workflow

With growing needs, people are increasingly trying to organize their activities in such a way as to leave as much free time as possible for themselves. Most often, this principle manifests itself at work, when everyone dreams of making their duties as simple and not constrained as possible. For stock exchange workers, administrators, accountants, and other positions who work with documents, there is an excellent option that facilitates the management of all processes in the organization of document flow. Over the past few years, employees of enterprises have increasingly begun to switch to a paperless service option, preferring to work electronically. This helped to get rid of unnecessary fuss and the need for printing a huge amount of paper. However, to effectively manage your time and learn how to effectively work with online documents, you need to have the right software. Here, we will be helped by applications supplying e-sign technology.

What Is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature that has full legal force (a document requisite that allows you to confirm the ownership of an EDS to its owner). In other words, this is still the same official confirmation of the document, which, moreover, can be affixed directly from your computer or phone. The opportunities it provides to users have made it an important part of the daily life of both ordinary citizens and company representatives.

Perfect eSign Solution

SignNow is a web application with a mobile version that allows you to put and send documents for signature and also provides services for working with electronic papers and editing them. This application is an ideal tool for signing and managing documents, as well as for regulating the workflow of clients and customers. SignNow combines all the necessary features and benefits for choosing it as your main e-sign solution. This application is a recognized leader among software apps for enterprises that need to sign and manage documents for millions of people.

Flexible technology platform

SignNow is suitable for many different types of electronic signature tasks. The application has a huge set of tools for editing documents, creating web forms, and managing the process of submitting forms for signing to clients. Also, nothing prevents you from using its services if you have only a smartphone and access to the Internet. SignNow users are not limited to work only on a PC. They have access to the mobile version of the application, which, in its functionality, is in no way inferior to the web format.

A detailed audit of the work done

The application will provide an opportunity to get acquainted in detail with all the actions in the documents, view detailed events and completed cases. Reminders of future events and monitoring of workflows in signed, awaiting signature, and rejected documents. All this makes it a great tool for teamwork.

Integration with business services and applications

An electronic signature can be integrated into popular business software (Google documents, Salesforce, etc.). The capabilities of the application allow you to integrate the branding of companies in the shortest possible time and effortlessly.

Convenient and easy to use at work

SignNow has a built-in training guide for those who are faced with the first time working in the service for signing electronic documents online. The intuitive design of the workspace, as well as many tips and instant help from the support team, allows you to speed up and simplify the process of mailing and signing contracts and improve the quality of customer service.

Application security and reliability

SignNow relies on a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection and is compliant with e-commerce regulations, SSL Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, and International Law. The use of a highly-secured application increases the reliability and competitiveness of your business.

Mobile App

The possibility to upload your signature and easily sign documents on Android deserves special attention. For many, the flexibility of application use that improves efficiency is a major benefit.

·                     The mobile application has a convenient and intuitive interface, in which, it will be pleasant to organize your work.

·                     For new users and clients of the service, it is proposed to go through a tutorial that will answer all possible questions. It will demonstrate step by step all the necessary functions when filling out online documents and show how to use electronic signatures correctly.

·                     SignNow has all the possible ways to enter your signature, as well as the feature to import ready-made samples. With the help of a useful function, you can set algorithms for filling documents according to a sample or create whole lists of templates to save your time.

Summing Up

SignNow is a great choice for corporate users to optimize workflow. The application will allow you to cope with any assigned tasks and put your signature anywhere at any time.

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