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When it comes to winning quick money, lottery systems are considered to be the prime choice for most people in Punjab. The government itself brings a Punjab State lottery system to the common public that they can use to make a significant amount of money by trying their luck.

Punjab State Weekly Lottery Scheme

The weekly Punjab lottery system is prevalent because of various reasons which include the following:

  •    Affordable tickets
  •    Weekly results
  •    Reliable system
  •    Online availability
  •    Big profits

The cost of tickets of Punjab weekly lottery is as less as INR 20 which makes it a popular choice.

The winning amount ranges from INR 5 lakh for the first prize to INR 1 lakh for the second prize.


The lottery system is available in offline mode as well however most of the people look for online purchase because of the benefits associated with it.

The draw is made on every Tuesday, and the results are displayed online itself. You can easily purchase plenty of online tickets online by making payments through Paytm or other similar modes.

We will explain the entire buying guideline later in the article.

Punjab State Monthly Lottery Scheme

Similar to the Punjab state weekly lottery, Punjab state monthly lottery is also very popular among the masses.


The cost of a ticket for the monthly lottery is INR 50, and the results are made available one in a month based on the draw result.

In the monthly lottery system, ticket buyers stand a chance to win an amount of as large as 51 lakh; Second prize is 5 Lakh while the third lucky winner gets 1lakh.

If you wish to view the results of Punjab state monthly lottery you may bookmark this page. We update our website with the results of Punjab state monthly lottery.

If you wish to purchase the Punjab state monthly online at the convenience of your home, kindly follow the given procedure step by step.

Punjab State Lottery Bumper Scheme

Apart from the Punjab state weekly and monthly lotteries, a bumper lottery is also given out. These bumper lotteries are made available on certain special occasions such as new year and festivals such as Lohri.


The winning amount in such a lottery could reach as much as a crore.  

The lottery tickets are available at INR 100- INR200.  

If you wish to buy the Punjab state bumper lottery ticket, you can click on the link given below.

The odds of winning are entirely dependent on your luck, and hence lots of people look to buy tickets to bring a dramatic change in their life. Many people have seen the change happening and if you are also looking to purchase tickets for the lottery system, make sure that you stay updated.  

How To Buy Online Punjab State Lottery

Everyone wants to earn some quick money, and your luck could increase your chances of winning by a considerable level. Lottery systems have been a favourite system for a long time in which money is raised by selling tickets and prizes are then given out randomly to selected winners who hold a specific number ticket. The outcome of any such lottery system is based on chance.  The Punjab state lottery system has its pros and cons.

Many people get addicted to buying lotteries and end up spending a considerable amount of money on buying tickets. Small wins for them become a triggering point on buying more number of cards on the next time. The benefit of the lottery is enormous if your luck favours. The prize money in some cases could be a considerable amount and the lives of individuals can change dramatically if their chance is on their side.

In Punjab, lottery systems have been prevalent among the public, and hence the Punjab government has come up with their lottery system.  There are majorly two types of lottery systems given out by the Punjab government which are the bumper lottery and the Punjab State weekly lottery.  Prize money for lottery varies during the year. However, the bumper prize amount can reach to as much as two crores while the weekly prize often is close to 20 lakh.

Lots of people who want to buy Punjab Weekly lottery tickets are not aware of the various methods by which you can buy them. With the demand for such cards among the online users increasing, many websites have come up that provide ways by which you can buy tickets easily online. Payment mode of acquiring needs to be safe. Following are the two reliable methods to purchase Punjab state lotteries–

  •    Pay u money
  •    Paytm

Payment method is also straightforward. You can just follow the below steps to make the payment-

  •    Click on Pay Now button
  •    Fill the required details on the payment forms`
  •    Click on Make payment
  •    Enter the OTP received on your mobile

People can make use of their credit cards while making such payments however various online banking transactions are also allowed.

The Punjab State weekly lottery results are provided every week, and people looking for Punjab State lottery results can easily find them online here at this site. Now, you don’t need to run across websites to see your lottery ticket results. We keep our websites updated with the latest Punjab lottery results which are genuine and come from reliable sources.

Many buyers of lottery tickets have questions about the prizes being offered and the method of buying tickets online in a safe manner. Users can reach out to our Facebook page and even visit our videos on Youtube.

If you have further queries on Punjab lottery tickets or How to buy online Punjab state lottery, you can reach out to Manmeet Singh at 9815969889.  You can also send a mail to gandhibrothers1984@gmail.com with your questions. For all the latest information about the lotteries and sales of tickets, keep visiting this website regularly.

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