Private Proxy Server: What is this, How to use and Where to get


A proxy server allows you to replace the real IP address of the user’s computer with a different one when accessing a specific web resource. Authoritative proxy server providers (for example, Proxy-Seller) are very popular, since there are a lot of sites that are prohibited for use in certain regions, and the proxy server allows you to access them, and even to web resources with a limited number of connections. If the maximum number of connections to a specific site has already been made from the user’s IP address, then the proxy server will help bypass this limit and allow the page to load as many times as necessary.

Proxy servers can be public and private (personal). Public ones are used by several people at the same time, while private ones are designed for one user. Of course, the second option is more reliable. Let’s figure out for what purposes it can be used.

Where are private proxy servers used

Private proxy servers can be used to solve the following tasks:

  • Maximum anonymity. By using proxy servers, you can get maximum privacy on the network. This concerns absolutely everything: communication on social networks, on forums, visiting any sites, downloading files, etc. All this can be done without showing your real IP.
  • Visiting a blocked resource. For example, the series network Netflix is prohibited for use on the territory of India. A proxy server will solve this problem.
  • Connection to a site with a limited number of connections. Among such sites there may be file hosting services that prohibit downloading something for free N-th number of times. Due to the fact that your IP will change all the time, you can download an unlimited number of times.
  • Checking access to a resource from different regions. Using a proxy, you can check the ability to access a specific resource from different countries of the world.

Proxy servers can also be used to solve any highly specialized tasks. For example, if you are promoting a web project on the Internet, then using a proxy you can perform:

  • scraping of various databases and search engines;
  • use of specialized software;
  • automation of actions (for example, when working with social networks);
  • mass mailings through social networks, instant messengers, private messages, etc.

Where to order quality and inexpensive private proxies

A logical option is to contact a trusted provider. For example, let us note the advantages of random trusted provider of proxy servers:

  • Guaranteed uptime of servers 99% – IP-addresses do not “fall” at the most inopportune moment, their speed is always stable and never “jump”.
  • Private proxies work well with all modern software and web resources, they support SOCKS5 and HTTP / S protocols.
  • The cost of a proxy always remains at an affordable level for all categories of clients. Servers are always distinguished by the most reliable operation and availability.
  • Regular customers of the company can count on various discounts for volumes and long-term lease of proxy servers.
  • Servers for ensuring anonymity are available in more than 100 networks and 170 subnets of Russia, Ukraine, USA, Europe. It is possible to receive IP randomly.
  • If a client has any difficulties, he can always count on the professional support of the company’s specialists.

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