Never Thought Travelling With A Dog Could Cost This Much, Did You?

You love your pet dogs and they love you back. Once you have them in your life, you cannot think of being without them.

And it breaks your heart to leave them alone at home while you travel. Those glittering eyes and squeaky voice keeps calling you back home.

Vacations are necessary for obvious reason of blowing off steam. But you would feel your heart sinking when you think of your furry little friend back at home.

While it is hard to part from them, it is not economical to take them along either. You would be surprised to know the cost of travelling with your dog. Even making it board a flight can get more expensive than your ticket alone!

There is a list of things that need to be taken care of so that your pet dog can board the flight with you. And trust me, none of it is going to come cheap.

  • Air carriers charge an extra fee for people travelling with dogs. Each carrier has a different price, which you will have to individually ask while making your bookings.
  • In addition to this fee, there are other charges you would be liable to pay for the boarding of your dog. Some airlines call them checked fee.
  • Talk to your airlines about the type of space being provided for dogs. This is because some airlines offer only cabin space to pets.
  • Keeping in mind that your pet is going to be uneasy during the flight, arrange for his favourite toys to be kept with him. Accessories and comfort toys can help your pet stay calm and feel safe when in air.
  • Do not forget that you would most likely have to put your dog in a crate. The cost of the crate will also have a high value, and you will have to choose one based on the needs of your dog.
  • If your dog is not crate trained before the journey, it is going to feel more anxious and scared than it should. Make sure that your pet is used to and comfortable in its crate, so that it feels less confusing and scary when the flight takes off.
  • In case you decide to share the leg space with your pet, you are going to have to pay extra for the additional leg space you are going to need.
  • You might also have to pay for medicines in case your dog needs some after or during the flight. Taking a dog along is equivalent to having a child on board.
  • Before booking your hotel, check if they allow pets inside. You should not feel lost and cheated if this comes as a surprise for you.
  • The hotel is also going to charge you an extra fee for letting your dog stay. Your expenses are going to get affected there also.

Despite Everything,

Love triumphs all.

Even after all the costs, it remains a hard decision to leave your pet behind.

When people advise you to go alone on the trip and skip spending so much money, your love for your pet advises against it.

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The Last Resort.

If nothing works out for you, and you are forced to travel alone without your pet, how do you leave it alone?

You then approach your family and friends, asking them if they would be able to take care of your lovely pet while you are away.

One of them is likely to say yes. But you should also take into consideration the possibility that they might have to hire a pet sitter for your dog when they are out. The monetary responsibility of the pet sitter would then lie on you.

To Sum Up,

It has always been a very hard decision to choose between love and money. While your pet dog is the most precious being in your life, your budget is limited. With all the happiness that furry creature brings in your life, you still have to work really hard to earn money.

There are both sides of the coin that need to be considered. You can still take your dog along with you on your travels. Just make sure you are ready for bearing the added responsibility and costs while tagging it along. If expenses go south, you can rely upon loans for bad credit no guarantor available online at your disposal.

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