Mini Militia Malayalam APK | Theri Version Download 2018

One of the games that have increased in popularity with the game lovers is Mini militia. A major hit among younger lot but interesting even for the grownups. 

In the present times, most of the college students love playing this game, and this game is mainly popular in India. Some of the Android developers have redesigned it and also added various funny audios to this favorite game in the Malayalam language.

After upgrading this game, they have launched this game in Malayalam version, and almost anyone who plays this game has found it surprising and entertaining with the addition of the voices which are funny and remixed and also dubbed. 

Those who are conversant in Malayalam will find this mini militia Malayalam game to be amusing and entertaining to play. This article will take a look at some information about Mini Militia Game Malayalam version.

mini militia malayalam


Mini Militia Malayalam Version Features:

To get the game mod that will allow one to play with unlimited points and unlimited ammo, one doesn’t need the rooted version of Android. Some of the latest features that come with this popular game are:

  •    Enhanced Wi-Fi/LAN game setup controls.
  •    The fix Bluetooth incompatibility versions bug.
  •    Able to add the ban to the gameplay options to host the controls for the Doodle Army Malayalam game.
  •    Fix for 4.0x “ double tap” bug
  •    Addition of parts to store the cricket shirts and the pants of India
  •    Addition of the cricket helmet to store the mask pack
  •    The addition of the martial art warrior avatar



Mini Militia Malayalam Version Installation Process:

   Download the game mini militia pro pack Malayalam version from online.

Download Mini Militia Pro Pack

   To install the latest version of Doodle Army 2 Malayalam you got to install it. Then you will need to un-install the current game version that you are using in your cell phone and to do this; you will need to go to settings  Apps  Mini Militia and then click on uninstall.

Mini Militia is an entertaining packed game where you can play with your friends in offline multiplayer option. You can check your ranks and play with many friends to be the best shooter among the group. If you are looking for unlimited coins and ammo then you can try for mini militia cheats to unlock the premium features of this game.

   Then you will need to open the downloaded file and then install the given file in your cell phone.

   Now you are ready to play the game!

There are various websites which offer Mini Militia Game Malayalam version APK.


If you are someone who loves playing game, then you will love this multi-player intense combat game with the inclusion of the funny audios to keep you entertained when playing the game. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. If you want to play this amazing game like a pro, then here are some of the helpful tips for the mini militia Malayalam game that you can take a look at:

If you want to play this amazing game like a pro, then here are some of the helpful tips for the mini militia game that you can take a look at:

Mini Militia Apk Playing Tips

   Always make sure to take a look at the ranks and the batches of the online players who are connected to the server.

   Initially, try to avoid the battle with the players who have got high rankings.

   Always make sure to reload the guns before you are going for a new attack.

   Try to avoid the players who have got a dual gun.  

Take a closer look at the site map to understand the location.

always take a hint where you are and proceed to another location to keep track that you are not lost.

There are also various cheats available online, which will help you to play the game with ease and get to earn more points when playing this awesome game.   

Do also note that this apk might use some of your permissions and to control your Android root permissions you should definitely check out Supersu apk as this is a must have application for any Android device.

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