Meet the diverse and eclectic team behind To Be Frank Magazine.

Briony Anthony

Founder, Writer & Chief Editor

Briony is a little girl with big dreams and a passion for creating change be it big or small. With a background in Public Relations, Events Management and the Not-For Profit sector, Briony enjoys the thrill of putting together a project and seeing it through to the end, and To Be Frank Magazine is no different.

When she is not vehemently discussing the merits of equality for all, you can spot her at her local cafe enjoying a much needed latte or running around the footpaths of Melbourne listening to her favourite tracks.

Briony has previously volunteered at Oaktree and is currently a member for the Advisory Board at It Gets Better Australia and New Zealand. Her particular areas of interests include gender diversity and equality, animal rights and international aid and development.


Writer & Editor

Elle is a part-time optimist, part-time skeptic and fickle opinionist (she likes to cosy up to her opinions and then reject them); otherwise termed emotionally unstable.

Outside of her daydreams, she can usually be found with a cup of tea, a book, and a question.
If in doubt, she’s probably being sarcastic.

Carla Watkins

Writer, Photographer & Editor

Carla is a writer, photographer and dreamer with a penchant for unicorns and glitter.
She believes in magic and the gorgeous rebellion of making your life absolutely your own (and is doing just that in the Essex countryside).
She helps women step into their brightest and best selves, enchants the mundane, is a stationery and slow living addict and a happy advocate of alternative living.
Rarely seen without camera or notebook in hand, you can find her at and

Benjamin Bugeja

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Writer

Benjamin is a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Painter and Writer whose ambitions have no limit. Often found working in several artistic fields in one day, he exhibits all aspects of his work through many different outlets such as online publications and respected art galleries, hoping to one day be able to use all his various skills and be recognised individually for all of them. He is an opinionated and passionate young gentleman with an eye for detail, an obsession with colour and a desire to show people their inner beauty. His photography work is almost always revolving around portraiture and taken on his travels whether candid or not, capturing moments in time that will never exist again.

his work can be viewed at

Cécile Armand

Photographer & Writer

French photographer living the Australian dream.
Her photography is focused on naturalness and spontaneity.
She wants to tell stories through her eyes and make people escape for a moment.
She’s always keen for new adventures and you will never see her without a camera.
Online Shop:

Charlotte Britton


Social justice, glitter and food enthusiast, Charlotte makes up the vegan part of the food team for the magazine.

Tom Carter

Writer & Photographer

Tom Carter is a Cardiff-based freelance journalist, cheese nibbler and cookery dabbler.
Away from his desk and the kitchen, he enjoys escapism, photography and meadows.
His favourite coin is the twenty pence piece.

Jade Peters


Jade is a gender rights activist and writer who likes speaking Shakespearian, eating garlic bread and publicly shaming the unwanted male gaze.

Jade is the LGTBIQ Network Co-Convener for Amnesty International Victoria and has particular interest in female incarceration, domestic violence and gender diversity.

Ciara Banks

Writer & Editor

Ciara is a trainee clinical psychologist based in London. She enjoys the odd Twitter debate and makes an excellent cup of tea. Follow her at @popularpoptart for tweets about feminism, psychology and eclectic ephemera.

Jack Maden


Jack Maden is a Culture writer for To Be Frank magazine, sharing his philosophical thoughts and writings.

Jenna Holder


Jenna is an architecture student from South Australia who spends far too much time reading in coffee shops. Topics which require several coffees at a time are design, fishing and feminism.

Marie Chung


Marie Chung is a Column Writer of To Be Frank.
Founder & Editor of Behind-The-Label.
Part time Disability Support Mentor and Council Do-Gooder for the Environment.
Full time Asylum Seeker Advocate.
Ex-Primary School Teacher of Jakarta.
Future Education Change Maker.
All around dancer, writer and explorer.

Aisha Kellaway


Aisha is a bit of a jack of all trades, dabbling in events, digital marketing, and writing for both her own websites and guest articles. She’s a lover of all things food, wine, travel literature and theatre related.

Joshua Thaisen

Writer & Photographer

Writing and photography constantly fuels Joshua’s desire to learn, explore, and connect with the world. Joshua characterises his work through an exploration of human nature. This allows him to carve out deep veins of communication, bringing stories to life, and giving readers the most comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Louise Mapleston


As a professional ‘toe dipper’ of creative pursuits, Lou prides herself on having interests in everything and committing herself to nothing. When she is not smashing the patriarchy, performing in Cabaret’s or playing the trumpet she’s probably got her head stuck in the books studying Social Work and Health promotion. Lou’s passion for gender equality, sexual health and mental health shapes most of her writing and hopes to one day become a creative arts therapist so she can combine her love of arts and wellbeing into a rewarding and left of center career.

Thomas Gibbons


Thomas grew up the as the son of dairy farmers in the conservative seat of McMillan located about an hour and a half from Melbourne. He now studies education, history and literature in Melbourne and lives in the safe Labor seat of Gellibrand.

A love of research and reading, coupled with a near obsessive need to consume news and current affairs means that he is never short of unsolicited information.
If he doesn’t already know it, he’ll try to find out. If he can’t find out, he’ll never admit it.


Jacob Appleton


Jacob is a Psychology/Arts student from Sydney, based in Melbourne. Interests include LGBTIQ rights, gender studies, photography and Beyoncé.

Huy Au


Huy is an aspiring writer who immerses himself in culture and creativity. He is a wandering traveller who not only hopes to one day see the entire world but also aims to change it. Through his blogging, freelance work and essay writing he aims to protect the art of reading in the hope that people will be able to inspire themselves.

Rose Thompson


Rose Thompson is a social scientist, writer, digital storyteller and general creative type. She works in London and is interested in people. Who are you? What do you do? Where do you come from? What do you love? Who do you love? What do you do? Why do you do what you do? Sit for too long with this magpie, she’ll find out all of your secrets.

Suzanne Camfield


Suzanne Camfield is a history graduate who lives in London, and is passionate about film, theatre and music. In her spare time, she also enjoys cooking, discussing politics and drinking tea. Check out more of her writing on her blog, and follow her on Twitter, @writingsuzanne for all the latest updates.

Alyssa Scott

Guest Writer

Cat lady with a penchant for awkward facial expressions.
Enjoys reading personal writing.
Hates reading academic prose.
Loves writing about all things politics and social justice.
Promises to do so in a comprehensible way.

Andrew Rahman

Writer & Photographer

A creative, reflective peer into the mold,
An apathetic perspective on societies hold,
Not scared of the question or the answer in truth,
Airplanes crashing as he finds a parachute,
And jumps into the ocean,
A revolution takes motion,
Eclectic fears is what he frees,
As he jumps into the seas,
The spray settles for just a moment,
As he stares in disbelief,
Rejecting propagandas and all of the slogans,
All materials divisive become his personal creed.

Anita Dyer

Writer & Photographer

Based in Melbourne but regularly on the road, my photographs are filled with natural light and natural people, and I can’t help sprinkling a touch of sarcasm over my words.

Fancy Joining Our Team?

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