Know the Golden Rules When Naming Your Product

Whether you want to pick a name for one product or fully rename your entire line of products, it’s a tough job, especially when it comes to describing something in one word or phrase. Naming your products is tricky when you are starting a business or have just established it. According to an article published in Huffington Post, you need to begin with the naming process before starting your business’s visual branding

If you are naming your product, it entails creative thinking and how you want to compete in the existing market. It’s essential to understand how you can attract the attention of your targeted audience and how you can make your products identifiable. Here is how: 

Ask important questions 

Are you naming your product from the correct standpoint? For example, a product name ideally makes people ponder on the most essential elements of that product. Think of the unique benefits your customers will get from your product. For this, you need to ask these questions: 

  • How is your product different from others?
  • What is the value that your products will add to customers?
  • Is the product related to other items you sell?
  • Are customers looking for such a product? 
  • What’s your target market?

You need to brainstorm ideas at this phase with more creative people. Though product naming has technical aspects, it is highly creative. Get more different ideas to come up with the best name for your products. 

Make your product name memorable

When brainstorming product name ideas, think of something memorable that makes sense to your targeted audience. Your customers should remember when they buy from you the next time. These days, you can use an AI-based product name generator

Your product will be easy to remember when it’s simple to spell. Choose short, easy names so that customers aren’t confused about the spelling when googling. Again, your product should be easy to pronounce. Think of popular brands and how they named their products, for example, “Lays” for potato chips. On the contrary, medicine names on a doctor’s prescription are hard to remember and spell. So, avoid complex names. 

Add meaning to your product names

If your product name isn’t meaningful, your branding efforts are wasted. Your customers will not just hear your product name. They will also buy it when it’s meaningful and makes sense. You can play with words to make your products expressive, some benefit or USP that your audience will easily understand. 

For example, Chase Liquid card is a wonderful name due to the use of the word ‘liquid’. The word liquid has no relation to money but communicates ideas related to simplicity, free-flowing, and freedom. The name suggests how easy it is to use the card. This is what creativity is all about. You need to have a creative bent of mind when naming your products, be it food, financial products, women’s products, men’s grooming, and so on.


Give your product a name that is simple, easy to remember, recognizable, and meaningful. Brainstorm and you will succeed. 

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