How To Unlock Jiofi 2/3/4 Firmware Download [An Ultimate Guide]

It has been last two years when we first had our hands on the Reliance JioFi, which is a Portable WiFi hotspot device by Reliance Jio and is easily available in Reliance Jio Stores. With this device, internet users get a Jio SIM card free and most of us think that it cannot work on any other mobile network. So here we will tell you how to unlock jiofi device. In simple words, here is a short and simple guide on jiofi unlock firmware download and step by step information on how to unlock jiofi.

So, let us begin!

How to unlock a Jiofi device and using the 3G/4G Internet SIM cards on it:

On the internet, you will find an assortment of software and websites from where you can get the unlock code for your Jiofi. Start the search on your search engine typing “unlock Jiofi”. You can do it by putting the model number of your Jiofi device. If it doesn’t work, try the below mentioned trick. If that also fails there are other alternatives, however the trick we will share work for most of the times. So, let us begin the first trick on How to unlock jiofi device for free. First of all download the Universal Master Code, which is free software and opens it. Once you open the software, you have to select the manufacturing details of the modem as well as the model number of your Jiofi device. Now click the button on which Calculate is written. Once you do that, be a little patient because it can take from a few seconds to some minutes. Now it will calculate the unlock code of the device and you will get the Flash code to unlock. Now, with this simple trick, you can use any SIM card having 3G or 4G network with your JioFi device.

It is a tried and tested trick, however, if you still fail there is an alternative.  

Now let us see, what else to do.

Now, you have successfully generated the unlock code for your JioFi device and you have also inserted the SIM card of any other Mobile Network Provider, but you are unable to get the option for the unlock code, so not panic in such a situation. It can be because your JioFi device has come along with the framework that is locked.

Now, what to do in such a situation?

First of all, stop panicking,

All you need to do is upgrade the JioFi Firmware with the help of jiofi 2 unlock firmware download, jiofi 3 unlock firmware download and jiofi 4 unlock firmware download.

Also, please understand that Reliance Jio is not going to provide you with any firmware to unlock its settings and use the SIM card of any other network service provider in the Wi-Fi device. So, all you need to do is some manual job in order to unlock it and use SIM cards of any other company. So, let us see how to do this.

How to upgrade any JioFi Firmware and get the access of jiofi 2 unlock firmware download, jiofi 3 unlock firmware download and jiofi 4 unlock firmware download:

Step 1: Turn the power of your Reliance Jiofi device on and now connect it to your PC or mobile to JiofiWiFi network

Step 2: Now login to the Admin panel: http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Step 3: After you are logged in, you can now select the tab on which ‘Setting’ is written, after doing that you will be prompted to the menu- ‘firmware Upgrade’ menu

Step 4:  The second last step is to check the downloaded and installed firmware version under the section of ‘Device Software Version’

Step 5: In the last step, all you have to do is select the ‘Browse’ option which is under ‘Software Upgrade’ > now select the location where jiofi firmware is accessible & go for it.

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