changes a girl goes through after her marriage

Life changes instantaneously after marriage, pretty much for a girl who is now becoming someone’s wife. Changes surely happen but some things do remain intact, like primarily his love letters, text messages, and emails were important and later the scheduled testimony of wedding, your wedding card is no less precious. Primarily he asks you what to wear by sending you screenshots, now you help him daily with his clothing and other stuff too.

Here are few changes a girl goes through after her marriage:

You suddenly feel a lot more responsible

Remember the before marriage days, everything was so easy; you were hardly accountable for anything. Primarily your mother takes care of the house and supporting her was your father handling all the finances. But all of a sudden you are responsible for everyone, be it your husband, or your in-laws. What makes this more interesting is this carefree little girl loves doing it and doesn’t feel burdened at all.

Priorities do change

One of the biggest change any girl faces after the wedding is an instant change in priorities. Remember before wedding, how every saloon appointment was equally important, and now taking care of everyone, you sometimes forget to take care of you. Or how you come with the ideal strategy for a sneak out or night out with your friends, it’s no longer on the list. You have a sudden change in priorities. There are some new additions to this priority list, your husband and your in-laws. Friends night out are surpassed by romantic dinner dates, reunions are surpassed by family gatherings and we are pretty sure you are loving this new phase of life.

Long gone were the days of “I”, now it’s “WE”

The wedding has surely changed it from “I” to “We” pretty soon. Formerly your life was all about “you”. You had the liberty to lead the life you want. And now when you have to share it with someone else, all of yours changed to “ours” as it affects his life too. Hence life is no longer only about “you”; it’s more about the “two of you” together. You surely can pass it through as long as you two are together.

Patience is the key, my friend

Marriage is the commitment for the lifetime. Be it a petite fight or a heated argument, you are no longer in the situation of “breaking up” instantaneously. You work on it together with patience giving each other time to understand. This patience is the sign of matured relationship and is one “secret” for a happy married life.

A sudden development of adultery skills

Long gone were the days of a carefree life where you can speak your heart out. After wedding, you suddenly start giving it a thought before words left your mouth or suddenly you have stopped using the cuss words and is becoming a better communicator. You might have become more expressive too. Communication is the ignition of any successful relationship. Be it to express something or clear your mind or blurt your heart out, you start communicating it with your better half after all his shoulders are there to cry upon and arms to comfort you.

The changes are for good and bad. But one thing is pretty sure, you are going to love this journey, every moment of it together.

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