Best Ways to Pitch Your Guest Post

Here are the best ways you can approach webmaster for guest posting purpose.
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A catchy headline

A headline plays an indispensable role in making your guest pitch work. It captivates the attention of employees. It should fit in with the content of the post. It is because of this headline that decides whether the reader will read further or not. It should be so alluring that the reader can’t resist himself from reading it. The heading should say what the post is all about. This is a major parameter for a perfect guest post.


Just read some 15-20 posts on that particular blog and try to understand the style of how that blogger writes and what he would like. The existing content can be a guiding path in the dark room. It should conform to the requirements of the blog. Anyone can write simple content but you have to do some extra errand for making your post selected.


The post should be brief and to the point. Unnecessary information should not be poured in as it creates ambiguity and the reader loses interest if it is too long. But it contradicts the fact that headline is the only concern.
The concept of short and sweet works. Only relevant material should be included. It should not be stretched like a rubber, failing to which chances of exerting good impression reduces.

Confidence is the driving force

Confidence reflects your personality. It shows a winning attitude. It is the key factor in leaving an imprint of yours on the reader’s mind. It builds a positive image.
Just be yourself and believe in the content that you have written. Confidence is not about boasting about oneself and possessing ego but it is the faith in our prowess and competencies that we can do.

Showcase your flair

You should prove that you are worthy of being selected. You hold that potential which the editor or blogger is looking for.
At some point, the blogger will put a question mark on your adroitness. He will identify whether you are nimble-fingered.You have to demonstrate and establish evidence that you possess the expertise and core competencies for the stated errand.


The paramount feature of your guest post is that it should be correct. Erroneous facts in the guest post make the reader lose the credence in you. If you are not truthful, then you can’t be relied upon.
Your content should not have grammatical mistakes.
If you cannot write a single error-free e-mail, then it will put up a question mark that how can you write a quality piece of article?
The language of the post should be correct.
Even if you the confidence that you have written it correctly. But review it once and proofread it. If it contains any erratum, then rectify it.

Give a personal touch

It is not mandatory that the individual to whom you are writing, you know in person. In spite of this, you address him with his name in the e-mail It adds a personal touch. Personalization gives the editor the feeling that you took out some of your precious time to know about him.
It gives the feeling of recognition to the editor. He feels important. You stand out among the crowd of lacs of persons and chances of your selection get enhanced.

Include images

Images enhance the content. It makes your post look attractive.

State that content is not plagiarized-

You that say that the content is not published anywhere and is not plagiarized which means is not copied from anywhere.

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Best Ways to Pitch Your Guest Post

Here are the best ways you can approach webmaster for guest posting...
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