What Are Some Of The Best Symphony Air Coolers?

An air cooler has been around for some time now. And although, you might think that the appliance is dated or even overshadowed by the air conditioners, think again. An air cooler can be your best friend for the warm summer months at a far lesser expense than that of an air conditioner.

Air coolers are best suited for places with a non-humid climate. They require manual labor to some extent to operate but are very efficient in their work. Using an air cooler significantly reduces your power consumption and in the process, your electricity bills. That’s why they are so much sought after by the users.

Like any other appliance, modern technology has touched air coolers as well. New additions to the designs and features are being made constantly with some of the major manufacturers providing quality products in the market.

One of these manufacturers is Symphony. Symphony is known for its top-class products and is a very reputed brand amongst the contemporaries. Now, you can even book your favorite Symphony air cooler on book.symphonylimited.com, free home delivery, no-prepayment booking, and pay after delivery. Let us take a look at some of the best air coolers from Symphony 

Symphony Sumo 75XL DD Air Cooler

Symphony launched the Sumo 75XL DD air cooler as a new addition to its Double Decker variants. This air cooler has been crafted to generate the ideal cooling conditions for you when you’re facing a hot day.

Now, each air cooler is designed for cooling a certain amount of space. Beyond this limit, you will start feeling the cooling lesser and lesser. Symphony has designed this model to efficiently cool spaces up to 200m3.

A major part of the working of an air cooler is the addition of water into its tank by the user. Sufficient tank capacity is required for the addition of more water which results in more cooling. Symphony hasn’t been cheap in this regard and the Sumo 75XL DD has quite a significant tank capacity.

Honeycomb pads are provided for more efficient cooling along with the revolutionary i-pure technology. This technology ensures that you enjoy a pollutant-free air from the cooling process and Symphony has upped the game by multi-set filters integrated into the device.

And how can we not talk about the double-decker design? This design is instrumental in increasing the airflow from the cooler and it is aided by a cool flow dispenser as well. Combined, these two make the air cooler ideal for wider cooling areas.

Furthermore, the Sumo 75XL DD has specially designed fans for increased airflow. The double-decker design enables it to have two fans in the body as well.

Overall this is a model that has been crafted keeping the comfort of the user in mind. Symphony provides a 1-year warranty on the product. The following are some of the features we liked.

  • 75-litre tank capacity
  • Dual fans
  • Honeycomb pads on three sides
  • 5 filters (smell, bacteria, dust, allergy, wash)
  • 3-speed controls
  • 350-Watts power consumption
  • I-pure technology  

Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Air Cooler

This air cooler has a more compact design than the previous one. Symphony has intentionally crafted the model in such a way that it is easily portable. Castor wheels attached to the base of the cooler gives you the scope of shifting it as per your convenience.

Now, what makes this air cooler special? It takes a simple look to acknowledge the work that has been put to it by marrying modern technology with skilled design.

When using the Diet 3D 55i+ Air Cooler, the user has the luxury of operating the device via remote control or a touch screen control panel. This modern touch has made it quite a favorite with the masses.

Once again we must talk about the tank capacity of the air cooler. Symphony has not shied away from this field and you can enjoy a sufficient tank capacity to provide efficient cooling for a long time.

Honeycomb cooling pads decorate the device along with i-pure technology. The former is among the cooling pad options available today while the latter works by keeping the generated cool air pollutant-free.

This air cooler is also equipped with an empty alarm system. With the help of this, you can refill the tank immediately and do not have to wait for the cooling to wear off, to get notified about the empty tank.

With a compact design, the cooler is ideal for cooling spaces with 60m3. The following are some of the features that we liked in this model.

  • 55-litre tank capacity
  • Magnetic fully functional remote
  • Honeycomb cooling pads on 3 sides
  • 145-watts motor
  • Touchscreen control pad
  • I-pure technology

Symphony Cloud Air Cooler

At first glance, this air cooler might strike you as smaller than the others available. But do not let the compact nature of the product fool you into thinking it is inferior to the others. Symphony has designed its Cloud air cooler, as a wall-mountable variant.

This saves a lot of your floor space whilst also ensuring that the cooling is distributed evenly throughout the room. The Cloud Air Cooler is ideal for cooling spaces within 57m2.

Its compact design is complemented with a suitable tank capacity. Furthermore, the cooler comes with an automatic water filling technology for its tank. It decreases the effort associated with filling the water tank significantly.

Now, coming to the controlling mechanisms of the device. The air cooler can be controlled by a remote which has a 10-hour timer integrated into it.

The moisture rate of the cooling area can be controlled efficiently by using the device. It is also integrated with the latest i-pure technology and multi-stage systems for purification of the generated airflow.

The tank is easy to drain as well while the fans are capable of automatic horizontal and vertical swings. The fans of the cooler are of the auto blower type and have an air throw distance of about 6-meters.

You can visit Symphony’s website to learn more about the warranty provided on the product. The following are some of the features which make the air cooler stand out.

  • Wall-mountable design
  • 15-litres tank capacity
  • I-pure technology
  • Auto clean function
  • Silent and Turbo mode integrated
  • Five purification systems
  • Empty water tank alert system
  • Magic fill technology

Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler

Many users have hailed the Touch 110 Air Cooler from Symphony as the future of air cooling. This product incorporates the latest technologies in its design along with innovative features to efficiently work at the disposal of the user.

A compact body is supported by multi-directional roller wheels making it easier for you to shift the cooler at your convenience. Symphony has crafted this product for both compact and wide cooling spaces like living rooms, classrooms, terraces, etc. The cooler is ideal for cooling spaces within 142m3.

A large tank capacity further makes it possible for the device to provide efficient cooling for a longer time. It is also equipped with multiple high-efficiency removable aspen pads for better cooling.

Now, let’s discuss the innovative features of this model. The Touch 110 air cooler is equipped with mosquito repellent technology along with a voice assist system. Both these features have contributed significantly to the popularity of the product.

A digital touch screen display along with multiple cooling modes further decorates the device. These cooling modes include natural and sleep mode. The louvers are fully closable and have automatic horizontal and vertical movements.     

An i-pure technology comes along with multiple filtration systems to guarantee a fresh pollutant-free airflow. Here are some of the features we most liked about the air cooler.

  • Large 110-liters tank capacity
  • Mosquito repellent system
  • Voice assist control
  • I-pure technology with multiple filtrations
  • The cooling pad on all 4 sides along with the double blower
  • 5-speed fan mode

Symphony HiCool I Air Cooler

Symphony has designed the HiCool I air cooler for compact spaces. This cooler is suitable for cooling spaces within 50m3. This makes it ideal for the living spaces of a work cabin.

Installation of the air cooler is pretty simple since it does not require any cutting or pipe mounting. The air throw generated is pretty powerful and the cooler also has an auto-swing mechanism.

Coming to the tank capacity, the device has sufficient tank capacity to complement its compact design. Furthermore, you can enjoy the various perks of the I-pure technology that is integrated within the air cooler. 

Control of the device is pretty simple as well. Remote control option is provided for the air cooler with a 7-hour timer integrated within it. A remote dock is inbuilt within the body of the appliance. 

To further strengthen the airflow generated from the device, Symphony has installed honeycomb cooling sheets within the device along with a flow dispenser.

Customers who have used this air cooler mostly appreciate the combination of the strong air throw of the device along with the flexibility of shifting it anywhere as per convenience. This makes it possible for them to position the cooler near their couch or bed, to enjoy the cooling better.

It has a pretty low power consumption which affects the electric bills. Let us list some of the features which we liked about this model.

  • 31-litres tank capacity
  • I-pure technology equipped
  • 11-meters air throw
  • Empty tank alarm system
  • Inbuilt dura-pump technology
  • Air filtration system
  • Integrated SMPS technology

Symphony Ninja Air Cooler

Symphony’s Ninja air cooler has been designed to maintain a consistent temperature of the cooling area throughout the day. It is one of the most lightweight designs manufactured by the brand and it is this aspect that has made it very portable. You can simply take the cooler and position it anywhere as per your convenience to enjoy the cooling.

When placed inside a room, the Ninja air cooler is capable of cooling a space within 28m3. It is guaranteed that the cooling temperature will be maintained in the space throughout the day. A pretty powerful air throw of the cooler also makes the cooling efficiency.

It has a pretty standard tank capacity for coolers of its stature. The tank is equipped with an overflow opening. This lets out the water whenever there has been an overflow, thus ensuring no harm is caused to the motor of the device.

I-pure technology is integrated into the air cooler along with the multiple purification system that comes with it. This makes the airflow that is generated from the cooler, free of pollutants. An inbuilt mosquito net is also present in the cooler.

Advanced features like thermal diffusion and durum motor technologies are incorporated into the device. The former helps in reliable freezing while the latter maintains the life of the motor.

When it comes to the fans of the device, you can enjoy the cooling generated from the powerful blowers of the device. Since the cooler is portable, you can place it right next to your bed or your couch to enjoy the cooling effect.

The product is a pretty popular one with the customers. Here are some of the features that we liked about the Ninja air cooler from Symphony.

  • 17-litres tank capacity
  • Overflow opening in the tank
  • Honeycomb cooling pads for effective cooling 
  • 3 levels of speed control
  • I-pure technology
  • Dura-pump technology
  • Automatic vertical swing

Symphony Sumo 115XL Air Cooler

This model from Symphony is reputed for its large tank capacity. To be precise it has a capacity of 115-litres which is amongst the largest when it comes to air coolers. The advantage of having a large tank is that it needs to be filled once every few days. The cooler can efficiently work for multiple days if the tank has been filled to the brim.

The cooler is not necessarily a double-decker variant but it has two units. This makes it equipped with two fans which are capable of generating a strong airflow. Using the air cooler, you can cool space with 125m3.

Just like any other modern-day air cooler, this model comes equipped with I-pure technology. This gives you the scope of enjoying the multiple purification systems that come with the incorporation of the technology as well.

Symphony claims that the cooler will be of use to you anywhere you want relief from the heat. The model does deliver on that and can be used efficiently both indoors and outdoors.

To strengthen the cooling, Honeycomb cooling pads are used within the body of the device. These are the best options among the contemporary ones and effectively cool the room.

Symphony provides a one year warranty on the cooler but the model itself has high durability if used properly. The following are some of the features of this cooler that are welcomed by the customers.

  • Large 115-liters tank capacity
  • Dura-pump technology
  • I-pure technology equipped
  • Honeycomb cool pads on 3 sides of the cooler
  • Powerful fan integrated into the device
  • 3-speed control
  • 9-meters air throw distance

Symphony Jumbo 65+ Air Cooler

If you are a person who is not willing to compromise the efficient performance of devices for better looks then the Symphony Jumbo 65+ air cooler is the ideal appliance for you. Meticulous efforts have gone into the designing of this product and it is evident from first glance.

As the name suggests, the cooler has a large tank capacity. It is probably amongst the largest among the contemporary actions. Hence, you will only need to fill the tank once every few days. Coolers with large capacities have the advantage of operating for days without the need for refilling.

It is a single unit device, but that one unit is capable of generating a powerful cool airflow. This air cooler comes equipped with a powerful rust-proof fan which has a dimension of 452mm. 

Castor wheels are attached at the base of the cooler to make it portable. This helps a lot when cleaning the floor. However, the heaviness of the body does not allow you to sift the cooler easily. Quite a bit of effort is required to move the device. The cooler is mounted over a robust trolley that is attached to the wheels.

The cooler makes use of a large pad area and has honeycomb cooling pads attached to it. This as mentioned before is amongst the best in the contemporary options and propels the cooling process. The design of the device is such that during operation, it produces very little amount of noise.

Low power consumption is guaranteed when using the cooler. Some of the best features of the device are as follows.

  • Large tank capacity
  • Large honeycomb pads
  • Has a cooling capacity within 135m3
  • Closable louvers
  • Produces little to no noise
  • Cool flow dispenser

Symphony Diet 12T Air Cooler

This air cooler with its compact design and efficient working has been welcomed by many users. The former is attributed to saving space in the room while the efficient working guaranteed by the many features of the cooler.

Now, to begin with, let us address the fact that this device, because of its compact design, is suitable for cooling a small and compact space. It has a significantly low tank capacity from the other coolers in this list and has a cooling area of 28m3.

The structure of the cooler is supported by powerful castor wheels. This makes it portable and flexible enough to be shifted to any pace as per the user’s convenience.

Although having a short working range, it works efficiently within it with the help of its powerful air throw and cool flow dispenser. Like most other contemporary air coolers, this one is equipped with i-pure technology as well. Hence you can enjoy the perks of technology.

Apart from these honeycomb pads are utilized within the body for more effective cooling. You can use this cooler in your living room or compact office cabin. If you want to use it outdoors, stay in close vicinity to enjoy the cool airflow.

Some of the features that we liked about this cooler are as follows.

  • 3-speed levels
  • Air throw within the range of 9 to 30-meters
  • Multiple filters from i-pure technology
  • Automatic louvers
  • Ice chamber equipped

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Air Cooler

This air cooler from Symphony is an ideal personal air cooler. This is guaranteed by its compact design and very little noise production at the time of operation. You can enjoy a breezy evening relaxing in your living room when using this air cooler.

The cooler is portable as well. It has wheels attached to its base which helps the user shift it as per their convenience. Add to it the standard tank capacity and you can enjoy a long time amidst the cool breeze generated by the device.

It is a single unit device and uses powerful honeycomb pads in its working. As mentioned multiple times in this article, the honeycomb pads are the best among the contemporary cooling pads. 

A cool flow dispenser is also equipped within the body of the device along with dura-pump technology. Some of the features that you will appreciate about the air cooler are as follows.

  • Standard 27-liters tank capacity
  • Honeycomb pads on three sides of the model
  • Powerful fan 
  • I-pure technology along with its multiple filers
  • Little to no noise generated during operation.


Those were some of the best Symphony air coolers that you can find. There are loads of other models as well that are manufactured by the brand. Each of these models has its unique features and aspects. You can learn everything about them by visiting Symphony’s official website.

You can even book your coolers from the website and avail of home delivery features. Symphony will surely come up with more innovative designs in the upcoming days. The whole host of options on the website will ensure that you are well covered until then.

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