The Best Solar Solutions In India With Top-notch Solar Products

It is a mere fact that the energy resources of the Earth’s surface are depleting rapidly every second. Coal and Natural Gas are some of these resources which are being used to produce electricity, and living without electricity is probably the worst nightmare for the present lifestyle. Thus, the whole human race is looking out for an alternative to use after the total depletion takes place. 

 Well, the solution of this problem is covered with the use of solar energy i.e. pure source of never-ending renewable energy. The electricity produced by using solar radiation is economical as well as has the potential to protect the earth from dependence on fossil fuels.  

Starting from protection from greenhouse emissions to the cost-effective alternative of rapidly rising energy resources, 

solar products have got millions of advantages in its list. Luminous Power Technologies is the most trustworthy  brand with an unmatched reputation of supplying top-notch solar products 

About Luminous 

 Luminous provides a wide range of extremely innovative solar products with the most favourable choice of applications. It is known for providing the best solution to the customers being renowned as a global powerhouse and local’s favourite stop for solar panels and solar products.  

 With Luminous, you can be ensured of high-quality solar products with the most reliable and extensive features accompanied by the most reliable customer services as well. 

Products provided by Luminous are: 

1. Solar PV Panel: –  

At Luminous, you can find a wide range of Best Solar Panels, one of which will certainly suit your needs and 

your expectations. Being of high quality and infused with tons of incredible tweaks, every model of the solar panel are meant to maintain their reputation. Two of the most preferred and leading PV panels from the showcase includes 

• Polycrystalline Panels: – Polycrystalline or multi-crystalline solar panels are highly efficient solar panels. These panels are made from several silicon crystals melted together to form the whole panel.  

Features: –  

  • Provides excellent low light performance due to the presence of silicon crystals 
  • Infused with the PID resistance technology 
  • Advanced EVA encapsulation 
  • Less expensive  
  • Resilient to adverse weather conditions 
  • Perfect for Indian solar conditions 

• Monocrystalline Panels: – As the name suggests, these panels are made from single silicon crystal. These panels are 

a bit expensive than polycrystalline models and possess smooth texture. 

Solar Panel 370W / 24V Mono PERC

Features: –  

  • Has Advance EVA encapsulation 
  • Provides excellent low light performance 
  • Resilient to severe adverse weather conditions 

Both the poly and mono-crystalline panels are designed to provide high performance and to withstand the severe weather conditions. However, the polycrystalline solar panel is probably the best solar panel in India with its extensive features. On the other hand, the monocrystalline model is a good choice as the best residential solar panel.  

2. Solar Inverters and UPS 

Inverters are the most important equipment in the whole solar unit. Luminous has got the best solar inverters 

that you must go through.  

NXG: – 

 It is a solar inverter capable of charging the battery from both Grids as well as solar. The inverter range of it uses solar energy on priority and in the absence of solar energy, Grids is used. It is probably the best solar inverter for your use. 

Features: –  

  • Infused with advanced ISOT (Intelligent solar optimization technique) technology 
  • Charges faster using high-grade I-Charge technology 
  • Possesses both ECO and UPS mode 
  • Delivers Pure Sinewave Output i.e. pure AC 

NXT+ PCU: – 

 NXT+ PCU is specially designed for solar applications with 99.9% efficiency. It is also a solar inverter that comes with the in- built MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) charge controller. 


  • Comes with Dual MCB protection 
  • Possesses clear and user-friendly LCD  
  • Has priority setting option 
  • Approved by MNRE and IEC 

NXI Grid-Tie: –  

This inverter is designed to convert DC power from solar panels into AC power. These can handle loads at ease. The best part of these inverters is that they can send excess power to the grid and increasing the power savings. 

Features: –  

  • Protected with IP65 certification  
  • Comes with Anti-islanding protection 
  • Possess Wi-Fi and Remote Monitoring features 
  • Certified by MNRE and IEC 

Cruze Solar: – 

 Cruze solar is economical and probably the best solar solution for Indian houses. It can run heavy loads with efficiency and can deliver extreme level performance. 

Features: –  

  • Infused with ISOT technology 
  • Produces pure AC signals i.e. perfect sine wave output 
  • Perfect for home usages 
  • Possesses high overload handling capacity to protect appliances 

Any of these Inverters can be a good choice when the overall features are compared. But, if you are looking for incredible safety measures then Cruze Solar can be a smart choice. However, when it comes to energy efficiency and savings three of them can be considered.  

3. Solar Controller: – Solar controllers are the major part of the solar unit. These help in converting the existing system into a solar system with minimum investment. 

• PWM Charge Controllers: – PWM (Pulse width Modulation) charge controllers are meant to charge the battery from the solar panel. These are also essential to prevent the battery from overcharge or to stop the reverse current flow to the panel. 

Features: – 

  • Infused with the advanced Solar optimization techniques 
  • Possesses compact design with an aesthetically elegant look 
  • Requires less maintenance 
  • Provides High Charge control efficiency 

• Retrofits: – Retrofits converts the non-solar UPS to solar ones without requiring any change in wiring. It is a costeffective to install a solar units to the existing power backup system. 

Features: –  

  • Possess advanced intelligence to maximize the use of solar energy for power 
  • Comes with user-friendly and informative LCD 
  • Integrated with high-end solar optimization techniques 
  • Comes with MCB protection  
  • Works with 4 charge charging process 

Both of these controllers are super-efficient to charge the battery from the solar panel. But, Retrofits has some upgraded features that make it a favorable solar controller for normal usages in India.  

4. Solar Batteries: – Luminous is known for providing the best Solar Batteries with incredible efficiency and reliability being supported by PAN India Service Network. 

• L Series: – These batteries are the C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed to provide long-lasting power backup which comes with 3 years of warranty.  


  • Fully Solar Optimized 
  • Possess the widest range 
  • Requires less maintenance 
  • Can perform well even in High-temperature condition 

• H Series: – H series batteries are also C10 rated deep cycle batteries that last longer in powering your home for normal usages which comes with 5 years of warranty. 

Specifications: –  

  • Designed for providing extra-long life 
  • Can perform in high-temperature conditions 
  • Performs in long cycles 
  • Requires very low maintenance 

H Series batteries are probably the best models with the best life and superior features to withstand hightemperature conditions. However, the L series does the job for normal home usage conditions. 

5. Solar Packages: – Luminous offers a complete range of high-end solar packages. There are different categories such as DC Based system, AC based with off-grid, AC based without Grid Tie. Besides you can also go through the options used to convert your existing system into solar. 

• PWM Based Solar System with Battery: – This Off-grid PWM based solar system is a cheaper way to use electricity. This system can save solar energy in batteries which can be used during power cuts. 

Features: –  

  • Excellent Conversion efficiency 
  • Produces perfect AC signal  
  • Works with advanced Solar Optimization techniques 
  • Compatible with different battery types 

• MPPT Solar system with Battery: – MPPT (Maximum power point tracker) solar system is the best deal for the areas that witness frequent power cuts. This can store extra solar energy in batteries for power cuts. 

Features: –  

  • Compatible with all kinds of battery 
  • Excellent conversion efficiency  
  • Produces perfect AC output 
  • Designed for providing maximum solar usage 
  • Solar systems without battery: – Battery-less solar system provides maximum energy savings with grid-tie inverters and solar panels.  
  • Delivers more than 97% efficiency  
  • IP 65 rated dust and waterproof 
  • Maximum solar usage with a good optimization technique 
  • Possess WI-Fi and remote monitoring features 
  • Transformer less 
  • Upgrade for Non-solar power backup system: – This is the most cost-effective way to convert a normal power back up system to the high-end solar power systems. 

Features: –  

  • Easy and cost-effective upgrade 
  • Possess auto, manual and solar modes 
  • Protection from short circuit, deep discharge, and overcharge 

• Off-grid DC systems: -These are probably the cheapest possible way to completely turn into Solar. This system possesses a charge controller, batteries and panels as well. A perfect choice for the areas with no grid power.  

Features: –  

  • Possesses a PWM controller with 98% of efficiency 
  • Highly efficient panels with excellent conversion 
  • Entirely software controlled protection 
  • Fuse less 
  • Software controls battery selection, SMF option, and type of lead-acid. 

Preferring one of these solar packages completely depends on the area in which you live in. If you are in the areas with frequent power cuts, then battery systems are the best. In case your area has no grid systems then OFF grid DC systems would be a safe choice.  

In either of the case, Luminous upgrades are the best way to change the conventional power backup system to solar ones. 

How Luminous is the best solar partner for you? 

 Luminous is on the mission to make India self-reliable in electricity by using high-end solar products. You can be completely assured of a simple yet systematic solar environment with the best possible components and equipment. With all the products in its showcase and top class service within your reach, you can get a complete solar solution by Luminous.  

 Furthermore, the most reliable customer services with complete assurance on the products and services from Luminous, make it trustworthy. Besides, the expertise in solar solutions from over 3 decades ensures a peace of mind apart from being cost-effective and extremely productive. 

Conclusion: –  

The solar system is the future and probably the most economical way to use electricity to fulfil your needs. Why not fulfil your requirements with the companionship of Luminous. It has best-in-class equipment with top-end features and specifications. Moreover, it is the most experienced solar solutions with extensive products online that you can completely trust and rely on.  Just take a look through the success story of the company for decades while you can also choose from the wide range of selected products from the showcase. 

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