10 Best Refrigerators Under 15000 in India (2021)

In the present day scenario, a kitchen can’t exist without a refrigerator to store different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and even dishes for a long time with the same preserved freshness.
Buying a refrigerator was a big task in the past but with the emerging of several companies as well as technology best deals on refrigerators can be easily found through the internet. 
However, increasing of companies also increases the confusion of choosing the refrigerator one from the wide range of similar options available from different companies.
 Therefore we provide you the 9 best refrigerators under 15,000 ranked based on the price, features, specifications, and services provided.

Top 3 Refrigerators Brands


Established in 1911, Whirlpool is an American multinational corporation. Whirlpool has a wide variety of domestic electronic appliances. Leave it to Whirlpool to manufacture stylish and modern-looking products that blends in seamlessly with any interior decor. Their expertise lies in manufacturing a range of washing machines and refrigerators. Their low-budget refrigerators provide all the necessary features and give customers more than enough for their money.

Why choose Whirlpool?

  • Their refrigerators have enough storage space and maximises their capacity with side racks and wired shelves.
  • Their refrigerators have in-built stabilizers which rids the need of external ones.
  • Their products are made to last a long time with minimal maintenance. 


Haier is one of the leading producers of home appliances. This Chinese company has the latest technologies integrated into their gadgets making them perform better while consuming less energy. The company was established in 1984 and has since been growing its manufacturing domain into air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens, and other such products.

Why choose Haier?

  • Their products are quite easy to use and have a detailed guide available to help their customers through any possible problems.
  • The refrigerators from Haier use eco-friendly refrigerants to reduce global warming.


LG is perhaps the most proficient option when it comes to refrigerators. The company was founded back in 1958 and has since grown to be the fourth-largest conglomerate in all of South Korea. It has consistently delivered efficient fridges that have unmatched performance and saves a great deal in terms of electricity.

Why choose LG?

  • Their products, including their line of refrigerators, are very energy-efficient and drastically reduce the annual consumption of electricity in your house.
  • Most of their refrigerators are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure fast and proper cooling, even during power outages.
  • No matter how low the price point is, they never compromise their product’s quality.

Best Refrigerators Under 15000 In India

1. Whirlpool 190L 3 star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Choosing a spacious refrigerator with incredible design and long-lasting performance with advanced technology and latest features among the tons of options available in the market is a tough choice. This preference of a middle-class person can be simplified by a single refrigerator from the most renowned brand Whirlpool.
The 190L capacity direct cool refrigerator comes with ample of space, robust design as well as high energy efficiency too which makes it perfect for all Indian households.
Moreover, all the significant and latest features are available with the most reasonable price of below 15,000 which is most compelling.
Key Features: –

  • A wire shelf to maximize storage space as well as Jumbo bottle rack to store three 2 liters bottles makes the Whirlpool refrigerator spacious and reliable too.
  • The elegant and sleek design of the refrigerator is complimented with the pocket handle which makes it look modern and easy to clean.
  • Large freezer capacity accompanied with the inbuilt stabilizer is probably the best preference in these days.
  • Antibacterial gasket keeps the door liner neat and prevents fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator.

Besides those, some other incredible features such as chiller, large vegetable crisper and advanced moisture slider altogether make it a modern tech in refrigerators dept. All those features accompanied by the 1 year of product warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty makes the whirlpool refrigerator the best refrigerator in India 2018.

2. Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

When you are about to invest in expensive home appliances to support your needs then preferring the leading brand which claims to provide the best is probably the best idea. Haier, the most renowned and popular brand brings the 195L 4 Star Refrigerator with some exceptional features, great design and outstanding performance which makes it a top class product.
Fruits and vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator of Haier for up to seven days with the actual freshness preserved. Moreover, some advanced features such as 1-hour icing technology which can bring the temperature to -5 degree Celsius in an hour is the most favorable one too.
Key Features: –

  • One hour icing technology in Haier 195L refrigerator is probably the best in the market which can provide instant cooling to freezing within an hour.
  • 4-star rating accompanied by the stabilizer free operation makes it energy efficient and also consumes less power as well.
  • The toughened glass in the inner body of the refrigerator from Haier can hold up to 120 kg of weight.
  • Antifungal gasket to remove bacteria keeps the stored food healthier for weeks and is also easy to clean too.
  • Safer bottles guard with the door lock makes prevents the falling of the stored items while opening the door.

All these features accompanied with the 1 years of product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty in the Haier refrigerator makes it the most appealing offer in the Indian market at current.

3. LG 190L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Buying an all in one packed refrigerator with certified performance ratings as well as claimed exceptional performance with reasonable price is certainly a smart choice by the middle-class people.
LG being a renowned brand in India listens to middle-class category and thus brings in the 190L direct cool single door refrigerator with some most compelling features as well as sleek and intriguing design as well. 
All advanced features which are available in latest and expensive refrigerators are available in this model in low price which makes it the best refrigerator in India.
Key Features: –

  • Great savings and incredible performance provided by the smart inverter compressor accompanied by the star rating makes the LG refrigerator high energy efficient.
  • The smart connect technology lets you connect your refrigerator to the home inverter during power cuts to protect the food storage for long without spoilage.
  • A specially designed lattice type box cover which maintains moisture at optimum level keeps the fruits moist and fresh.
  • Direct cool technology promotes instant cooling in just 108 minutes.
  • All other advanced features such as an antibacterial gasket, hardened shelves, and stabilizer free operation are also available.

LG Refrigerator of 190L capacity comes with 1 year of warranty on the whole product as well as 10 years of compressor warranty along with the astonishing all in one feature which is perfectly suited for all Indian families.

4. Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The need for upgrading the old model refrigerator with limited features is surely needed to increase the energy efficiency parallel to the latest features too.
190 L 3-star refrigerator from Whirlpool can be the best alternative of your refrigerator with the most reasonable price and latest features packed in it. 
Moreover, coming from leading suppliers of home appliances, you will have no further need to compromise on your expectations from the refrigerator as it possesses all features of the flagship grade expensive ones in the market.
Key Features: –

  • Elegant design accompanied by the modern built and hardened glass makes the refrigerator from Whirlpool the most preferred one in the medium price range.
  • Vertical handle with a jumbo bottleneck which can store up to three 2L bottles prevents free falls while suddenly opening the doors.
  • Effective chiller complemented with the stabilizer free operation reduces the power consumption to a great extent.
  • All other latest and advanced features such as Easy manual defrosting, large vegetable crisper and antibacterial gasket, etc are the most compelling features.

Whirlpool consistently strives to preserve the reputation of the brand and thus offers best customer services all over India and when this is combined with the long term warranty period on the product as well as the compressor and this turns out to be the best deal from all aspects.

5. Samsung 192L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Besides incredible performance and all required features being energy efficient is also most needed for appliances such as refrigerators which use a heavy-duty compressor in it.
 No other company can provide optimization and efficiency equal to the Samsung and this 192L 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator is the best of this feature. 
With steady and reliable performance, this direct cool refrigerator is packed with the most advanced set of compelling features which no one can regret.
Key Features: –

  • The 2-star rating refrigerators from Samsung are the most energy efficient refrigerator in the Indian market.
  • Electrical damages can be prevented by the stabilizer free operation which is also responsible for the steady and feasible performance.
  • Eye-pleasing crown design with various colors available can perfectly suit any interior designs of kitchen.
  • Toughened glass and large capacity Vege box provide a spacious place to store fruits and vegetables.
  • Safe clean back of the refrigerator comes with the smooth cover and the box can be locked with a key for protection to children.

The incredible customer service of Samsung is well known all over the world with a number of service centers too. All these features of the Samsung refrigerator also come with 1 year of product warranty and 10 long years of compressor warranty which makes it the most trustworthy appliances in 2019.

6. Godrej 185L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Long-lasting performance is probably the first and foremost need of expensive home appliances like Refrigerators and thus Godrej the most promising brand satisfies the users with its 185L Single Door Refrigerator.
If you are about to buy a refrigerator for your home or working place then this can be considered in the first place due to the overwhelming features and ultra deluxe design which merges with every interior.
This model from Godrej is known to consistently maintain the regulated temperature for daylong In spite of adverse temperature conditions.
Key Features: –

  • Godrej 185L 3 star refrigerator comes with a stylish and ergonomic design that enhances the entire look of your smart kitchen suiting every need.
  • Stay cool technology infused in this model is effective in maintaining a consistent range of temperature which can keep the stored fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.
  • Toughened glass shelves support enough storage based on the spacious place to store different kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Clear view lamp in the massive storage space makes it easier to find anything easily without the search.
  • Aqua space, removable gasket and stabilizer free operation are also some complimentary attractions which make it completely from the core.

Godrej offers 1 year of product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty besides offering these many features packed in a single refrigerator which can make it the best alternative at a low price point.

7. Whirlpool 200L 4 star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool, the most popular brand which is known for the advanced ice magic range of refrigerators brings in the 200L of the massive capacity refrigerator with 4-star rating which is probably the best option in the market.
In addition to the most compelling features for which whirlpool is best known, the 6th sense fresh control technology, as well as insulated capillary technology, together with enhances the quality and performance of this model to peaks.
With these latest features, you can enjoy the same freshness and cold temperature despite long power cuts too.
Key Features: –

  • The 6th sense fresh control technology involved in the 4 stars rated whirlpool refrigerator is the highlighting feature of this model.
  • Insulated capillary technology used in it helps in retaining the temperature up to 12 hours fully preserved even when there are long power cuts.
  • Honeycomb moisture lock and Vegetable crisper together make a perfect combination to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and healthier for a long time without any kind of spoilage.
  • Laminar airflow mechanism helps in maintaining optimum temperature which keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time.

Whirlpool 200L refrigerator is the perfect replacement for compatible refrigerators for those who want a spacious place to store more foods. Moreover price below 15k accompanied with the 1 year of product warranty and 10 years of warranty on compressor seems attractive.

8. Samsung 192L 2 Star Direct cool single door refrigerator

Being the most promising and reputable brand, Samsung claims to provide the best refrigerators with every required feature to the customers.
This 192L model has all flagship features equal to the expensive range of refrigerators and the same optimization and steadiness provided by the Samsung too. 
Apart from this, some incredible features like stabilizer free operation, powerful compressor, and safe clean back, and ergonomic crown design altogether makes it perfect for every household in India.
The stylish crown design with the availability of different kinds of colors is the reason that many people are fond of it.
Key Features: –

  • The topmost highlighting feature of the refrigerator from Samsung is its stylish crown design which leaves every user astonished in this price point of view.
  • Stabilizer free operation accompanied with incredible energy efficiency and less power consumption is an appreciable addition too.
  • Vege box and toughened glass shelves can store ample variety of fruits and vegetables easily within the spacious shelves.
  • The antibacterial gasket of Samsung refrigerators is known to be the most effective in the market which prevents fungus and bacteria from the stored foods and keeps it healthier for a long time.

The most promising features and the trust factor on the Samsung Company complimented with 1 year of product warranty and 10 years of warranty on compressor makes it a perfect choice for a normal Indian household.

9. Haier 220L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The 220L capacity of the direct cool refrigerator from Haier is probably the most spacious ones with a huge capacity of storing a great number of fruits and vegetables in it.
Moreover, 4-star rating on it depicts the incredible energy efficiency feature even if has to deliver high performance. 
The ecosystem of Haier is considered the best in the market due to some significant features such as longer condenser coil and heavy duty PUF insulation suiting every need of the users. With those features, ice can be produced within an hour.
Key Features: –

  • 4-star rating accompanied by more capacity as well as a longer condenser and PUF insulation is the most compelling feature.
  • Stabilizer free operation makes it more reliable in case of electrical fluctuations which can cause damage to the appliances heavily.
  • Feasible door lock, easy to clean features and anti-fungal gasket to prevent all kinds of fungus and bacteria from the stored foods is some of the most favorable options available in it.

If you want a proper upgrade in the size, performance, and reduction in power consumption from your older refrigerator then this model from Haier is perfectly suitable for your taste.

10. Godrej 190L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Godrej Appliances are renowned for their impressive performance and this 190L direct cool single refrigerator from the company is quite a reflection of their unmatched reputation. Equipped with some incredible tweaks such as an anti-bacterial removable gasket, 25L Aqua Space, Aroma lock, energy efficiency, it is probably an ideal choice for residential purposes. Stay cool technology infused in this refrigerator is also quite an appreciable touch of perfection that provides 24-hour cooling retention even during power cuts. Storage capacity is also quite overwhelming and when it complements the incredible cooling performance it is surely the best model from all aspects.
Key Features: –

  • 24-hour cooling retention provided by the advanced stay cool technology makes the 190L direct cool refrigerator a better choice for home purposes.
  • Jumbo vegetable tray with a large storage capacity to store ample varieties of food and vegetables is the best complement to the exceptional cooling performance of this refrigerator.
  • The door lock also has a perk as an advanced child lock that prevents unnecessary openings.
  • Air duct containing silver ions and antimicrobial resistance in the gasket keeps every food items and vegetables fresh and germ-free.
  • The aroma lock feature is also one of the most preferred features by every household which allows locking the original aroma of the food by using the Palladium Carbon deodorizer which is efficient is slowing down the decay.

Besides all these compelling features it also comes with 1 year of product warranty and 10 years of compressor warranty which ensures its quality in performance. It is probably the safest choice if you are looking for a refrigerator for your home in the mid-range models.

Buying Guide: Pick The Right Refrigerator that Fulfil Your Requirements:

Refrigerators have now become the most essential kitchen appliances to store fruits and vegetables and preserve foods too as they get spoiled and become stagnant in the adverse climate changes. However, while buying a refrigerator there are certain things that one should surely know to get the best deal from the online store or else from the retail store in the market, some of them are

Choosing the Type of Refrigerator: –

A refrigerator should be selected based on the place and requirement of it in your house. There are different types of refrigerators categorized based on their usage purposes. The basic categorization is done based on the cooling method and this divides the whole range of refrigerators into two types

  • Direct cool refrigerators: – These are the basic kinds of refrigerators which possess some advanced techniques in cooling the preserved things in it. The natural type of convection is used for cooling and fans are completely not brought into use. These are highly energy efficient and one can find several types and models of this kind easily in the market. Most of them possess a single door but some latest models also come with auto defrost technology too.
  • Frost free refrigerators: – Electric fans are used in these types of refrigerators which helps in circulating cool air inside the chambers. This is also effective in maintaining a controlled level of cooling limited only within the chambers of the refrigerators. These are normally available in many types namely single door, double door and side by side door and these models are used in these days everywhere in the world.

Capacity: –

While preferring a refrigerator, capacity consideration also plays a major role as the greater the capacity will be, the more it will consume power and thus increasing the electricity bills too. Small families can go for below 200L capacity as it can be sufficient for the medium sized houses and are available at a reasonable price. Other joint families should prefer 200L or more than it to store more amount of foods in it.

Stabilizing Operation: –

In countries like India where power cuts and fluctuation may happen at any time of a year, a stabilizer is surely important for every household to protect the expensive electrical appliances from damages. The cost of additional stabilizers will increase the overall expenses of the refrigerator too and thus one should always prefer the stabilizer free refrigerator which ensures protection from electrical damages any time. Companies such as Samsung are known for better optimization as well as safe electrical regulation by its inbuilt stabilizer free operation.

Customer Service: –

No matter, which company you would prefer for refrigerator, make sure that the company has enough service center and provides and reliable service every time you require a consult. Buying the refrigerator with long term warranty on the product as well as a compressor can save a lot of money on extra out of the pocket expense. Some reputed companies like Godrej, Haier, Samsung, and Whirlpool offers impeccable service all over the world.

Final Words

Buying a refrigerator is surely a tough task for normal households due to its expensive cost but one can get the best deals on them by a brief real-time analysis and following the buying guide. Preferring online shopping is the best and smart way to go with because comparing becomes quite easier than retail shopping.
Moreover, rate cutters like coupon codes and instant discount offers in seasonal sales can provide best deals on the refrigerators.

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