Best Budget Projectors in India for Home Theater (2021)

With the advancement in technology and humans’ dependency on it, the world is undergoing a drastic and speedy transformation in almost everything which humans are capable of doing itself.
One such technological thing is a ‘Projector’ which is being used in almost all high-class and medium class schools and colleges in the world for teaching purpose. Use of projectors have made a human’s life easy and convenient as it can be used for various other purposes like watching a video/movie, for giving presentations, etc. apart from teaching.
Also easy to use and wrap up at home, a projector occupies (generally) that space of the house which is vacant every time i.e. the ceiling and hence is not a hindrance in your way. But, choosing the best as well as an economical projector for your home is a tiring task which requires a lot of research before finalizing any.

What Are the Different Types of Projectors?

In the modern-day, you will find two types of projectors in the market. These are the DLP or Digital Light Processing variant and the LCD or Liquid Crystal Display variant. In the initial days, a CRT or Cathode Ray Tube variant was popular among the users. Gradually technology was improved and the CRT projector made way for the two types which we use today.

Of the two, the LCD projector is less expensive. The projector is ideal if you are using it in a small room. The most common use of these LCD projectors is in conference rooms, private theatres, etc. The working behind the LCD projectors is pretty simple. These projectors reflect only a selected number of lights using polarized mirrors. These selected lights are the red, green, and blue ones and a prism are used to re-converge them. An LCD panel is also used to control the intensity and saturation of these lights. When it comes to brightness, an LCD projector has a lumen rating in the range of 1500 and 3000.

DLP projectors are ideal for larger projection spaces. A DLP projector is further classified into two types, a 1-chip one and a 3-chip one. These projectors are capable of producing more than 16-million and 35-trillion colors respectively. This feature makes the projector capable of producing almost lifelike imagery. It is mostly used in movie theatres where picture quality is a primary concern. Concerning brightness, DLP projectors have a lumen rating in the range of 10000 to 28000. It is quite expensive and has a more complex working than the LCD variants. 

Apart from these the third kind of variant, the LCOS projector is also available. It is the most expensive of the three and is not popular with the common public. This projector uses three LCOS chips for its working, similar to the LCD projectors.

So, here we are with a list of the 10 best projectors for a house based on their exceptional features, performance, price, which will surely be of great help to you in choosing the best projector for any purpose.

10 Best Projector in India (2020)

1. EGATE i9 LED HD Projector (Black) HD Display

With European design, which can change your living room in a multiplex, the EGATE i9 LED, LCD home projector displays true colour, high-definition images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio, which ensures of maximum enjoyment to the family.
Easy to install, EGATE projector provides the largest possible picture inside the home, which can even deliver smaller images in substitution of a television that occupies more space. It will give you the experience of a high-end home theatre which boasts of HD screen and 16k plus colours.
EGATE is an intelligent projector, which can take a video from a device and stream it at 3.048 metres large screen. You just have to plug in your data through pen drive or HDD or MSD and then you are ready to watch movies, pictures or listen to music.

  • 30,000 hours lifelong LED lamp.
  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 Support and 800X 480 Native Resolution.
  • 1000:1 High Contrast Ratio and 120” large screen display.
  • 1500 Lumen / 120Ansi; Direct Play from USB, with one USB port usable only for charging.
  • It has multiple interface feature – HDMI / VGA / 2 USB (1 Power Output and 1 Media Play) / AV / SD card / Audio Out.
  • It also offers home theatre projection from the set-top box, DVD, blue ray and pendrive. 
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

            EGATE projector is best suitable for Indian environment because it is Heat, Dust and Fluctuation Proof, which makes it “Made For India” product. It’s sealed optical engine prevents dust to gather inside which helps in providing you a crystal clear images for years. Specially designed for India, it’s heatsink can withstand hot temperatures up to 49 degrees. The projector is manufactured by India’s leading LED projector Brand EGate, CRISIL rated company with BIS certification.

2. EGATE i9 LED HD Android WIFI Projector

The company Brand EGATE has another best projector to offer, but this time a LED android all in one projector, which completely eliminates the need of a separate desktop/laptop because this projector can be used to browse the net, check emails, watch youtube and many other things which we do on our laptops.
This EGATE i9 LED, LCD projector has a native HD screen resolution with more than 16k colour option. It comes with a pre-designed and installed picture and movie mode to choose the best per your choice, where the brightness, contrast and colour mode can be customized manually. The world of internet is on your i9 remote which is added with Quad-Core CPU, WIFI and Android OS. 

  • Has Android 4.4 software / Quad Core / 1GB/ 8GB ROM / Wifi
  • 30,000 hours lifelong LED lamp; Multi Interface – HDMI /USB/AV/SD Card / Audio Out / Wifi
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Support and 800 x 480 Native resolution
  • 1000:1 High Contrast Ratio’ 120” large screen display
  • 1500 Lumen / 120 ANSI; Direct play feature from USB
  • Home Theatre projection from the set-top box, DVD, blue ray and pendrive.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase

          This projector has Miracast / All Cast / Airplay screening mirror and i9 powerful processor and wifi, which makes most of the Android or iOS devices to easily connect and display on your i9 without wires. This EGATE projector too is “Made For India” product because it is Heat, Dust and Fluctuation proof.

3. Sony MP-CD 1 Compact Pocket size Mobile Projector

This pocket-sized projector from SONY is an ideal companion for business professionals, gamers and movie fans. The Mobile projector has a powerful ANSI 105-lumen feature which provides bright and dynamic pictures. It is compatible for use with media-streaming dongles, smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles.
Useable for business presentations, weekend parties or any outdoor events, this MP-CD1 projector is the go-anywhere one, which you have always wanted. The projector comes with an automatic keystone correction feature which will enable you to place it directly on a table without any need to use a tripod to project a full-screen display.

  • 105 ANSI lumens/DPLR intellibright TM technology designed to manage image brightness and power consumption intelligently. 
  • Short throw at an 11-foot throw distance on a screen which is 120”.
  • Texas Instruments (TI) certified, which makes mobile device projection more brighter with the announcement of DLP intellibright.
  • Wireless connectivity and media streaming with HDMI dongle.   

         Sony MP-CD 1 Compact Pocket size Mobile Projector is the best projector for a home in India, which has super-convenient portability, compact and lightweight premium aluminium design to put a show anywhere at any time. It can project a show for 2 hours continuously without interruption and is easy to start in 3 steps w/5 seconds quick boost with a simple connection.

4. Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness

 Epson’s EB-S41 SVGA projector is the one which enables you to view and access your most frequently used functions immediately on the large screen. Irrespective of the source screen, you can see all the source information at a glance on the home screen with wireless connections, which have never been so easier. The projector is ideal for meeting and huddle rooms, which is affordable and multi-functional, loaded with features which present true-to-life images. Epson projector offers stunning colours and white brightness of up to 3300 lumens which provides crystal clear images. The intuitive home screen brings all commonly used functions together for easy selection.

  • White and colour brightness at 3,300 lumens.
  • SVGA resolution
  • Offers high contrast ratio of 15,000:1
  • Comes with a horizontal key slider
  • Has up to 10,000 hours of lamp life in eco-mode.

     Because of the projector’s easy to use sliding Horizontal Keystone Adjuster, corrections on screen can be done quickly, easily and accurately, even in a limited space. The auto power ON function, projection starts automatically once it detects a projection signal via VGA or USB cable, which offers smooth and hassle-free presentations.


Another Multi Screen LED LCD home projector by the company BRAND EGATE offers high-end home theatre experience with mirroring, which boasts of native HD screen resolution and 16k plus colour options.
This high-quality LCD panel is unparalleled in the industry to give a crystal clear image and detailing. It has a pre-designed and installed picture and movie mode to choose from, which can be customized per your choice. It’s screening mirroring comes in three variants i.e. Miracast / Allcast / Airplay. 
The powerful processor and wifi provided by the i9 make it simple and easy for all most all the Android and iOS devices to connect and display on your i9 without wires. This is possible in many other ways through DLNA and/or through Miracast or any other casting application. 

  • The projector has multi-screen and streaming option via. Miracast, Airplay and DLNA with Light Output of 0-2000 Lumens. 
  • 30,000 hours lifelong LED lamp
  • Full HD 1920x 1080 Support and 800x 480 Native Resolution 
  • 1000:1 High Contrast Ratio and 120” large screen display.
  • 1500 lumen / 120 ANSI; Direct play from USB feature.
  • Multiple Interface- HDMI / VGA / USB / SD Card / Audio Out / Audio In.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase is provided by the manufacturer.

   EGATE i9 has 5 piece glass which promises to give years of crystal clear clarity. This feature throws a short focal length which gives larger images from a shorter distance and a brighter one too due to less loss of light. The best projector for home hosts the most input-output ports, which connects virtually to any media device, which is backed by the inbuilt powerful e-core engine to do full justice to it.

6. EGATE i9 LED HD Projector

Simply an unmatchable projector for a home in India, this European designed EGate i9 projector offers true colour, clear HD images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio, which offers maximum enjoyment. This projector is easy to install, which provides the largest possible pictures inside homes with an additional feature of producing even smaller images which can take the place of a television.
You just have to plug in your USB pen drive or HDD of up to 1 TB and enjoy playing by streaming directly. This EGate projector boasts of native HD screen resolution and 16k plus colour options.
The high-quality LCD panel is unparalleled in the industry to give a crystal clear image and detailing. It has a pre-designed and installed picture and movie mode to choose from, which can be customized per your choice. 

  • A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.
  • 30,000 hours lifelong LED lamp
  • Full HD 1920x 1080 Support and 800x 480 Native Resolution 
  • 1000:1 High Contrast Ratio and 120” large screen display.
  • 1500 lumen / 120 ANSI; Direct play from USB feature. One of the USB ports is only for charging.
  • Multiple Interface- HDMI / VGA / USB / SD Card / Audio Out / Audio In.
  • Home theatre projection from the set top box, DVD, blue ray and pendrive.

     Almost all devices, whether wired or wireless are compatible with this intelligent projector. Most of the input-output ports that is possible for you to connect to the i9 projector has been added to it. Through a wire, you can connect your gaming device, laptop, media player etc.

7. AUN VIVABRIGHT C80 Mini HD Projector

The AUN Vivibright C80 LED projector is best suitable for video entertainment and home theatre. With the comfort and leisure of your home, you can enjoy movies, series, videos, pictures and many more things on this projector which supports 1080P.
Undoubtedly, this projector provides a better watching and entertainment experience. It is also suitable for office use too since it offers a perfect PPT wireless view, which makes it your best partner both for fun and work.
As a home theatre, this LCD projector produces a clearer and more vivid image. It also has built-in speakers to give you the chills and thrills of a multiplex at your home. The portable projector has an auto keystone correction feature which is aimed to provide a seamless watching experience to viewers.

  • It comes with 1280 x 720 pixels native resolution and supports 1080P which lets you enjoy HD movie.
  •  2,200 lumens with 2000:1 contrast ratio maximize the use of LED luminous efficiency. Provides more than 20,000 hours of LED lamp lifespan. 
  • The image size is 180 inches which provide wonderful projection experience. It supports +/-15 degree keystone correction. 
  • Compatibility with USB, HD, VGA, TF and AV inputs makes this product the best projector for your home, India.
  • It has deployed 4.0” Liquid Crystal display technology.
  • Its throw ratio is 1.38:1 and projection distance id 1.07 – 4.8 m.

     The projector adopts LED as the light source. With multi support connection like PC, laptop, USB flash disk, TF Card, etc., offers you a wide range of choice for playing videos, games, etc.

8. Epson EB-X05 XGA LCD Projector

Create the big screen experience by this Epson LCD projector, which can be used for both entertainment and business presentation purposes. It throws equally high white and colour light with 3,300 lumens output. This XGA projector is surely not be missed because of its affordability and high-tech quality. 

  • Its Projection System offers 3 LCD technology and RGB liquid crystal shutter.
  • It has a resolution of XGA, 1024 x 768, 4:3 Lamp: UHE, 210 W; 6000 hours durability in general and 10,000 hours durability when in economy mode. 
  • It throws image size between 30-300 inches. 
  • Its USB display function is 2 in 1 : Image / Mouse, 
  • It has multi-interfaces like USB, VGA, HDMI, Composite, Cinch in, etc.

     This portable projector is easy to set up and easy to position with keystone slider. It offers dual projection screen options i.e. one on the wall and the other on the ceiling.

9. Jicson J33 Portable Wifi Projector

 Jicson J33 Wifi projector is the one which best suits your fun, entertainment and gaming needs. It is a perfect product for everyone of different generations and ages because it can be connected with smartphone, DTH and HD setup box, which enables you to watch all your favourite TV shows, movies at the leisure of your home. 

  • Jicson J33 is compatible with both Android and iOS software phones, which enables you to enjoy your favourite videos or memories on a big screen. 
  • It can be connected with DTH and HD setup box which makes binge-watching your favourite series and movies possible on your couch.
  • It is compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, AUX, VGA, SD Card, Wifi display.
  • The image size can be increased up to 120 inches.
  • Its in-built speakers have the ability to give the thrilling watch that you will definitely enjoy.

     This Jicson J33 Wifi projector is favourable for children too as they can connect their gaming devices (both wired and non-wired) to the projector and experience playing on the big screen.


Another best projector for home, QAWACHHA has to offer a European styled LED, LCD home projector which displays true colour, clear HD images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio to give you the ultimate multiplex entertainment. This projector is sure to change your home ambience once you start watching videos, movies, images on it.
Easy to install and operate, Qawachha’s LED HD projector shows images in the largest possible size and in best quality. 

  • The led lamp has a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours.
  • The projection size is 34 to 130 inches, Power 55w Max, Output 3.5 mm earphones, Lens f=125.
  • The projector supports HDMI and VGA.
  • It also supports orthographic projection, rear projection and hoisting. 
  • The wireless projection supports all kinds of PC, laptop, smartphone, USB, etc.

     This projector is sure to provide the maximum entertainment and thrills with no compromise on the picture quality and sound. The LED lights add more colour and contrast to the images or videos and offer an uninterrupted show in a one time charge. The 2 years warranty makes the projector even more compelling for the buyers to buy.
best budget projector in india

What Makes the Best Projector?

A projector which makes an image up to 36 times larger than a 50” class HDTV enables its user to scrutinize every inch of what is being projected through it. While making a projector main emphasis is given to image quality and high contrast, with deep blacks and rich colour saturation.
Projectors work best in a dedicated room which is cooled and where you can control the amount of light entering the room. But this ambient light can be substituted by choosing a projector which has high brightness and a high reflective screen, which improves the quality of the image shown in a partially or fully lit room.
So, now we should delve into the areas which needs to be researched about while purchasing the best projectors for the home, which are as follows:

Light Sources: 

Projectors are powered by one of the three light sources i.e. Standard lamp, Laser lamp or LED lamp. 

Standard Lamp: 

Bulbs last for 3,000 to 4,000 hours (5,000 hours when in eco mode). It is the most affordable option with the bright light output.

Laser Lamp: 

Energy efficient lamps which need no replacement and considerably brighter than other light sources.


Bulbs which lasts up to 20,000 hours, has a better colour control than standard lamps and has been widely used in Pico projectors.


Measured by lumens, the higher the lumens, the brighter will be the projector at a given distance. The brightness is determined by two measurements i.e.
White brightness which indicates the total amount of light emitted by the projector, without measurement of the colour, and
Colour brightness which measures the brightness of the projected colours of red, blue, and yellow.

Contrast Ratio:

The difference between the darkest and brightest areas of a picture is known as the contrast ratio. A projector which has a high contrast allows seeing clearly defined shadow details and deep black levels, which adds a sense of dimension and depth to the picture.


A projector’s native resolution is defined by the total number of pixels which it is capable of displaying. The more pixels a display has, the crisper and detailed the images will appear. Resolutions range between 480p to 720p and 10809 for HD viewing, and up to 4k ultra HD for impressive sharp movies and shows.

Throw Ratio: 

Throw ratio shows how the image would appear when the projector is placed at a certain distance from the screen. For example, a 1.8:1 throw ratio will show a 5-foot wide image on the screen. If you plan to permanently mount the projector then calculating the throw ratio is of utmost importance.

Lens Zoom: 

Lens zoom is used to adjust the image size when the portable projectors are used at different places where you won’t have control over the screen size and placement of the projector. The greater the zoom ratio, the larger can be the image.
Keystone Correction and Lens Shift: A keystone correction allows you to correct the distortion in the placement of the projector by digitally adjusting the image such that the image on the screen comes as a perfect square on the screen or the wall. 

Top 3 Projectors Brands


Egate was established in 2011 and specialises in manufacturing and marketing projectors. It is one of the leading suppliers of LED projectors in India. The company is adept in providing a range of projectors with different features, different sizes, diameters, and body construction. Egate also allows their customers to purchase customized projectors with specifications as required by the customer.

Why choose Egate?

  • Egate manufactures projectors that are widely acclaimed for their excellent video quality and sharp pictures.
  • Egate offers a variety of products, each having lamp life for as long as 20 years.
  • They have a great customer support team.It provides a number for customers with queries to call and has a 69% response rate.


 Sony is a Japanese conglomerate corporation, which was founded in 1946, and has a huge collection of electronic products. Sony is among the largest manufacturers of electronic products, video game consoles, and other such products.

Why choose Sony?

  • Products, including their range of projectors, manufactured by Sony are durable and have a considerable longevity period.
  • Their projectors have smooth functionings and are efficient.
  • Products by Sony are quite easy to use and they come with easy to understand instructions.


Epson, or Seiko Epson Corporation, is a Japanese electronics company that was established back in 1942. Epson is widely popular for their range of printers and is, in fact, one of the world’s largest marketer and manufacturer of printers and other imaging related products. Their home theatre projectors are widely acclaimed as well due to their convenience in usage and elegant styles.

Why choose Epson?

  • Being a world-renowned company, you can easily get all your problems solved and queries answered.
  • They provide products which have the latest technologies integrated into them.
  • Their projectors are known to replicate exact colours and thus produce excellent image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Brightness Level for Using My Projector?

The ideal brightness level for your projector depends solely on you. The brightness of projectors come in Lumen ratings. LCD projectors have a maximum rating of 3000 while the DLP ones have that of 28000.

If you are using the projector across various rooms with unpredictable ambient light it is advised that you go for a projector with a brightness rating around 4000 lumens. Similarly, if you are intent on producing a larger image, the brightness of the projector should be higher. Similarly, the content projected on the screen also has some effect on the brightness level. If you want to project bold words choose for a higher lumen rating.

Can Blu-Ray Players Be Connected to the Projector? If Yes Then How?

You can easily connect a Blu-ray player or any DVD player with a projector. For that, follow the following steps.

  • Plug-in the power cable of the projector to a power source.
  • Plug-in the Blue-ray player as well. Keep both devices switched off.
  • Use RCA cable to connect the Blu-ray player and the projector. Connect the ports accordingly. If you want you can even connect the speakers.
  • Power on the projectors fasts followed by the Blu-ray player.
  • If you face any issues, try checking the connection. Also, you can use the “Source” option and select “Video”.
  • When all is done, you have successfully connected the Blu-ray device with your projector. 

How to Extend the Lamp Life of a Projector?

Properly maintaining the projector can increase the lamp life of the projector. To increase the lamp life operate your projector in a clean and dust-free environment. Also, try to avoid frequent switching on and off the projector. This takes a toll on the durability of the device.

Furthermore, clean the air filters once every 3-months for efficient working of the lamp. Also, wait for the projector fan to stop working before you switch off the main switch. To be accurate, a 20% decrease in the brightness of the projector increases its lamp life by 50%. Additionally, avoid your projector to get overheated to increase its lamp life.

Which One Is Better: Electric Projector Screen or Manual Projector Screen?

Whether a manual projector screen or an electric projector screen will be ideal for you depends solely on your preference. When it comes to cost, a manual projector screen costs lesser than an electric one. An electric projector screen is also heavier than a manual one.

If you plan to frequently use your projector, a manual projector screen is the ideal one for you. The rolling mechanism of this screen helps improve its durability despite its frequent use. An electric projector screen, on the other hand, can be a bit difficult to set up but can be set up at any place you want. Based on these features assess your requirements to decide which projector screen is ideal for you.

Are the Mini Projectors Worth It?

A mini projector is best used as a personal projector. These projectors are relatively less expensive than the others and are very portable to use. To be fair, these projectors are ideal if you want to host a small movie-watching experience for your family or a presentation for a small group of people.

The popular users of a mini projector are those who travel for work. Most of these devices come with an HDMI port while a few even have a USB output. Most of these projectors operate using batteries but some of them can be plugged into a power source. Some models even have built-in speakers as well. Based on the features, you can judge whether a mini projector will be worth your money or not.

How Bright Should a Projector Be?

Both the LCD and DLP projectors have their brightness measured in lumens. An LCD projector has a maximum lumen rating of 3000 while a DLP one has that of 28000. Apart from this, certain factors dictate how bright a projector should be.

If you are using the projector across various projection spaces, it is advisable to use a projector of a brightness rating of about 4000 lumens. To project a larger image or a crisp display of the content a higher lumen rating is ideal for the projector. The ideal brightness of your projector solely depends on the comfort of your eyes.

Final Words

Lens shift allows you to mechanically adjust the angle of the lens by shifting it up, downwards, or sideways. Lens shift retains 100% of the resolution in the projected image, which makes it a better way to correct distortion than keystone correction.
Now, that you have complete knowledge about the projectors which are best suitable for the home environment, it should not be a problem for you in deciding which one would be the best for your type of home. This complete article which teaches you about the 10 best home projectors and what to look for at the time of buying must be followed when you plan to buy any. 

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