The 10 Best Note Counting Machine In India (2021)

Counting currency notes can be often hectic and prone to errors when you are in a field where large transactions with stacks of notes take place. Banks, hotels, jewelry stores, construction fields, etc comes into this category. In this scenario, a currency counting machine can be quite helpful not only in providing accurate count of the notes in a stack or lose notes but also ensures fake note detection as well.
New currencies are often hard to recognize these days which is why fake notes can be easily merged in the stack and thus can be a perfect application for the currency counting machine. 
However in order to get a convenient and effortless way to count machines and detect fake notes, one also needs to pay an inch of money. and in order to get the best value for money one needs to crack the best deal from market. Therefore we are providing you the top 10 currency counting machine in India which are ranked based on specification, detection technology, capacity, and price as well.

Top Note Counting Machines


Ooze provides some of the best money counting machines in the current market. The company strives to manufacture innovative machines that can easily and accurately detect any possible fake notes thus reinforcing safety. 
Why choose Ooze?

  • Money counting machines that are manufactured by Ooze have various features other than its sole purpose of counting money.
  • From finding out a fake note to recognising broken and narrow notes, their machines use a series of different sensors including ultraviolet, watermark, and magnetic detection sensors to do so.
  • Their machines are long lasting and the exterior of their machines are quite durable.


Established in 2015, SToK manufactures a range of electronic products which includes Air Purifier, Air Fryer, Coffee Maker, Currency Counting Machine, Paper Shredder Machine, Laminating Machine and many more. Their products are known for being strong yet compact in size.
Why choose SToK?

  • The currency counting machines from SToK can count as many as 1000 notes per minute which is quite a great speed.
  • The counting machines have many features including an efficient LED screen that keeps track of the note counts.
  • Their machines also include accurate sensors to detect any fake notes.


Established in 2001, brand GOBBLER is a part of the LEO Telecom & CCTV Systems company. The company specialises in manufacturing a range of products including GSM Phone, Call Center Headset and Fixed Wireless Cellular Terminal, Money counting machines, and many more. The money counting machines provided by these companies are known for being fast, efficient, and long lasting.
Why choose GOBBLER?

  • The money counting machines which are manufactured by GOBBLER have the latest and smartest technology integrated in it which can detect even the most real-looking fake notes.
  • Their products come at quite a good price range.
  • The products by this company have an appealing exterior to them.

Best Note / Currency Counting Machine In India 

Ooze Currency Counting Machine

An advanced currency counting machine that can not only count the notes reliably and fast but also detect the fake notes flawlessly is probably the best choice. This currency counting machine from Ooze is one such advanced machine which can reduce your efforts to a maximum extent with its insane speed of counting 1000 notes per minute. Moreover ultraviolet, watermark, and magnetic detection sensors are also infused in it to detect fake notes, narrow notes, and broken notes instantly.
On the other hand a user-friendly built is provided with automatic start and batch adding functions accompanied by the examination functions as well. 
All these incredible features of this counting machine prove it to be the best currency counting machine over all other competitors at this price range. Furthermore, one year of manufacturer warranty and support facilities are also provided which is quite compelling besides the efficient performance and detection features. 

SToK Note counting machine and fake currency detector

The ST-MC05 model of Note counting machine from SToK is a versatile machine that can simplify your efforts with its impeccable feature. Besides having compact and stylish design it also delivers a reliable performance by counting 1000 notes per minute. Moreover, it is also infused with the most favorable sensors such as UV, Magnetic and IR which can detect the fake notes instantly while the rapid count is going on.
On the other hand, you can continuously count a stack of notes with the capacity of 130pcs in both hopper and stacker as well.  
Besides all these conventional yet effective features, it also provides 6 modes which include Count. Add, Batch, reset, auto and clear to enhance reliability. It also comes with a large LED display to keep a track of note counts and a display for the client to show the same number. Additionally, one year of manufacturing defect offsite warranty is also available thus making it the best note counting machine. 

GOBBLER GB5388 Note Counting Machine with fake note detector

If you are in a financial sector where lots of transactions are made from many peoples having the need for detecting the fake notes then this GB5388 Counting machine from Gobbler is made just for you.
Besides providing the most accurate counting results for INR 10, 50, 200, 500 and 2000 it has the smartest fake notes recognition technology inbuilt. The advanced detection technology uses many types of sensors such as UV, IR, MG, and MT so that no notes can escape from its radar making it the Best currency counting machine with fake note detector.
Apart from the intelligent detection, it performs significantly in its main purpose section as well with dedicated key for manual and auto function accompanied by the advanced color changing LCD display. Moreover, a display to show the count to client is also provided with good aspect ratio. 
Additionally, these incredible features also bring in the one straight year of manufacturing defects warranty which is quite compelling at this price point. 

Swaggers Latest Updated Money Counting Machine

The update money counting machine from Swaggers is focused on the new denomination of currencies such as 500 and 2000 with its incredible performance of detection and counting. It has an insane counting speed of 1000 notes per minute which also uses fake detection for the new notes perfectly and instantly.
With the use of latest UV, MG and IR sensors, it can perform really well in finding any kind of narrow, shorten and watermark defects including double, chained and half notes as well. 
Furthermore, the LCD screen turns red on detection of the fake notes every time which makes it reliable to use. However, when it comes to favorable features, it has auto and manual modes to switch between and also some appreciable features such as the number pad which tends to simplify the batch and sensitivity settings.
With all these impressive features it also comes with one straight year of manufacturer warranty except physically damaged issues which is quite beneficial for new notes detection at this price point.

STROB ST-5000 Acu-count Fully Automatic counter machine

If you prefer a fully automatic yet compatible and efficient currency counter machine then the ST-5000 model from STROB can probably the best choice for you. It is infused with the most advanced setup of hardware and software which can together provide the accurate counting range.
A fully techy design accompanied by the well-engineered built makes it durable and efficient. It comes a screen for client to see the counting range and is also incredibly efficient in note detection as well. All you have to do is insert the stack of notes in it and it will perform the tasks for you with any further efforts.
The large LED screen along with several keys to switch between modes provides a user-friendly interface for the beginners. Like any other flagship-grade counting machine, detection is done while counting a stack of notes instantly which is quite reliable. 
 It is perfect for financial institutions which just need to count the notes in an accurate manner without any efforts needed. 

Ooze Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

Coming from the renowned brand Ooze, this currency counting machine is capable of every flagship range features. Besides having the counting speed of 1000 pcs per minute, it has compatible with all new notes such as IN 500 and 2000. This makes it reliable in detection too as it also features automatic detection for both new and old notes with advanced MG and UV sensors in it.
With the favorable features for beginners such as auto start, stop and clear, it is also capable of performing batching, adding and self-examination functions.
 The smart detection technology infused in it also has IR detection system which can work accurately in detecting double notes as well as half notes. The LCD display is crystal clear in showing the counting range and the keys to start, stop and rest are also provided beside the display which also includes switch function to switch between automatic and manual modes.
Apart from all these features, it is also energy efficient which consumes power of just 76W and has the warranty if bought from the manufacturers which are quite appealing in this price range. 

PARAS Currency Counting Machine With Fake Note Detection

The currency counting machine from PARAS is effectively made compatible with the new Indian currencies which also favors effective note detection features as well. This can be the best pick among all other options as most people use the new currencies nowadays.
Automatic fake detection feature works incredibly well with the UV, MG and IR sensors which can altogether detect half notes, double notes, and chained notes. Furthermore, it has the capacity of 200 to 300 notes in hopper as well as stacker which reduces the continuous efforts of replacing the stacks into the machine.
With the compatible size and lightweight design, it is also energy efficient with the power consumption of just 80 watts which is comparatively less than the similar options in the market. 
The large LCD display which can display the 4 counting digits and 3 batching digits also change its color to red while fake notes detection. Apart from all those features for new currency it also comes with the 1-year manufacturer warranty in case of defects. 

Metis Mix Note Counting Machine And Fake Note Detection

A currency counting machine which is efficient in displaying accurate counts, as well as detection of both old and new notes, is quite a beneficial choice in the present day scenario. This Note counting machine from Metis comes with all those favorable requirements which are also complemented with the advanced fake note detection technology as well.
The most compelling feature of this counting machine is that it can count total number of counts besides total number of notes per denomination as well as total value for all denomination.  
All these features can be quite favorable and beneficial for hotels, banks, restaurants, builders, diamond merchants, and builders, etc. Besides these, the conventional features of any counting machine such as counting 1000 notes per minute and the hopper capacity of 300 notes are also enhanced to peak of its potential.
Additionally, it provides software updates for new currencies and also has the one year warranty that makes it the best note counting machine in the market.

Kross advanced currency counting machine with fake note detection

The advanced currency counting machine from Kross brings the most accurate counting capabilities for both new and old currencies in India such as INR 500 and 2000.
Besides, the advanced counterfeit detection technology is also infused into it which also favors the new currencies and works most accurately and instantly in the time of counting. Fake detection of this counting machine also supports double note detection too. 
The detection features use the UV, MG, IR and MT sensors which makes it most reliable and trustworthy. It also has a robust design with options for manual counting, adding and batching as well.
Furthermore a feather touches numeric keypad is also provided beside the LCD display which favors tracking the note recognition self-diagnostic modes etc. Heavy-duty motor accompanied by the most precise fake detection technology makes it the most compelling model from counting machine department among other options being an all in one featured machine.

ZERINA Currency Counting Machine with fake note detector

A genuine currency counting machine with proven accuracy is definitely a safer choice and this counting machine from ZERINA is one such trustworthy device that will meet all your expectations.
Apart from reliable and efficient counting, it also possesses the most advanced auto-scan technology which can detect the fake notes instantly without fail at ease. Moreover, it also possesses auto start, stops and clearing features which tends to reduce the extra efforts to a great extent.
Add function and batch function can also work automatically by keeping on adding and batching the counted notes from 1 to 999 notes.
Besides all has an incredible capacity of 300 pieces for hopper and 200 pieces of stacker as well. It is suitable for many currencies in the world and the detection system that uses Infrared and magnetic systems can merge with the set currencies as well. A manufacturer warranty is also provided besides its compelling feature.

Buying Guide

Currency counting machine is the most favorable way of counting stacks of notes which keeps incoming in places like banks, hotels, jewelry stores, construction fields, etc. Moreover, most of them are also able to detect fake notes which can often be hectic when done manually in the middle of hectic working schedules. However, with decreasing efforts price increases and thus most of them are available in market above 5k. Therefore, one needs to find the best deal from the market by considering some essential factors such as 

  • Counting speed: – For effortless and reliable usage of a currency counter, it is crucial to have the faster counting speed which not only reduces the manual efforts but also reduces time consumption to a great extent. However, machine also needs to be accurate besides being faster to provide a better outcome. Other factors like fake currency detection should also be considered while comparing the counting speed. One should always prefer a machine which is having a speed of 1000 notes per minute which is quite remarkable in the present day.
  • Size and type of Hopper: – For having the required speed in the counter, hopper size also matters a lot as the small-sized hoppers with less capacity can’t hold more notes and thus increases the time consumption. A hopper with more capacity will reduce the time to passé and loading time of notes and thus will be faster. Counting machine that has a hopper which can hold both loose notes and stack notes is a smart preference.
  • Counterfeit detection: – A perfect currency counting machine is often accompanied by the best fake note detection technology. Several sensors such as Ultraviolet, Magnetic and IR sensors are used for better counterfeit detection capabilities of a counting machine which can detect the notes at the same time of counting.
  • Sorters and bill counters

Preferring a currency counter which can precisely count stacks of mixed bills and sort them makes the work quite reliable and convenient to a great extent. This also prevents wrong denomination in a stack which is essential for places like banks. 

  • Batching feature

Most currency counting machines these days have the additional batching feature which can be manually switched by using dedicated keys. This feature helps in counting the stack of notes to a set number after which you can easily separate the batch from others. 
Apart from all those factors, one should also consider the quality of displays and look for another display to face towards the client too. The price of such machines varies with the quality of counter, capacity of hopper and stackers and the detection systems used.
Final words
A best currency counting machine can be probably bought in the best possible deal after considering those key features. However, it is also equally important to look for a currency counter which supports counting and detection of the new currencies such as INR 500 and 2000. This is highly essential as most people use those new currencies while transaction or for any large transactions. Preferring online stores when compared to the retail stores can be quite beneficial as one can get the added feature of comparison of specifications with other companies at ease. Customer reviews can also be directly gone through to ensure the best deal cracked from the market.

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