The 14 Best Mattress in India (2022) For Lower Back Pain

After the whole day of works, busy schedules, and daylong stress, one would certainly need a restful sleep at nights which requires a peaceful environment and a comfortable and cozy mattress. A proper mattress not only provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night time but also lowers the back pain too by acting on the pressure points.

However, acquiring such a mattress needs to consider several factors like material construction, thickness, firmness levels, etc. Choosing the mattress with best features also requires a matching financial investment, which is why one should always look out for the best possible deal in the market.

We provide you a list of the best mattresses after considering the necessary factors which can reduce your efforts in searching the most suitable mattress with the best price possible on this date. Hence, choosing the right mattress, in this case, becomes crucial. In this post, you will know the top 12 best mattresses in India to enjoy comfort.

Top 3 Mattress Brands


Emma Mattress is a German company that was founded in 2015. The company has quickly spread to over 17 countries located in 3 different continents. The company is popular for their recycling regulations and strong commitment to the environment. They have been providing high-quality mattresses since their establishment.

Why choose Emma?

  • They have a patented technology which improves spine alignment with their mattresses.
  • They support local communities by sourcing their products locally and thus leaving a good impact on the local economy.
  • They facilitate easy returns if the customer is somehow unsatisfied with the products and charges no extra cost to the customer.

Sunday Ortho

Established in 2015, Sunday is an online retailer of durable and quality mattresses and pillows. Their products are designed by a Japanese designer named Hiroko Shiratori and their raw materials are sourced from various countries. Their products are known to improve comfort and provide therapeutic support while sleeping.

Why choose Sunday Ortho?

  • Their products are designed by a critically acclaimed designer which ensures the best mattresses.
  • Their soft memory foam provides suitable support and relieves customers from back pain as well as neck pain.
  • They have been consistent with their product quality which has yielded good customer reviews.


Wakefit has been devoted to delivering quality mattresses to their customers since their establishment in 2016. They have a significant range of mattresses, pillows and bedsheets that gives you the ultimate comfort and helps you fall in a deep sleep. Apart from high-quality mattresses, they also offer bed sheets made of 100% cotton.

Why choose Wakefit?

  • Before manufacturing their mattresses, they go through a process of extensive research to find out the perfect design for their mattresses.
  • With a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years, you can rest assured that you get authentic and long lasting products.
  • The fabric cover that comes with the mattress is easily removable and washable.

Top 3 Best Mattress of 2022



  • Material:  Memory Foam
  • 5 Star Amazon Ratings
  • Warranty: 10 years

Sunday Ortho

  • Most Natural Mattress in The Market
  • Uncompressed Mattress
  •  Warranty: 10 Years



  • Feel : Medium Firm & Medium Soft
  • Usable on both sides
  • Warranty : 3 Years

14 Best Mattress in India (2022)

1. Emma Memory Foam Mattress


Mattresses having memory foam is considered the most preferable one but when it is accompanied by the incredible German -build quality and Airgocell-layers it, by all means, the perfect option.

This comfort king size model from Emma mattress is also one such compelling version of a mattress that provides the incredible body adaptability through the combination of decompressing breathable Airgocell-layer with the high-quality memory foam.

Moreover, perfect density of layers, optimum air circulation, thermal regulation and 3 layers and 7 zones spine support features make it the perfect sleep companion for every household.

Key Points

  • Incredible body adaptability is provided due to the optimized combination of decompressing breathable Airgocell layer in Emma mattress which makes it unmatchable in the industry of mattresses.
  • The unique design ensured by the German build quality with the perfect density of layers fits every sleep style.
  • The mattress is portable because it is vacuum-sealed and rolled in the box and with simply unwrapping, it can expand into the normal size within a few hours.
  • A special climate fiber that is covered on the top of the mattress while the dark grey side cover ensures optimal air circulation is removable and machine washable.
  • 3 layer and 7 zone spine support structure of the mattress enhances pressure distribution and supports lower back to provide a  better sleep position with a perfect spinal support.

Comfortable for all kinds of sleepers and having incredible features, this mattress can be a perfect choice for your sleeping needs with its compelling price range.

2. Sunday Ortho Plus Mattress

[amazon box=”B07M7DNJNY”]

A mattress plays a significant role in every lifestyle to rest after daylong stress and hectic working schedules. Thus your choice of the bed should be the perfect option with all features meeting your requirements. We bring you Sunday Ortho Mattress, the mattress which leads inconvenience levels and ticks of every required quality.

This Sunday, Mattress possesses a three-zone design with 2” of Latex, 1” of Memory foam, and 5” of HR foam for incredible co
mfort and therapeutic support. Besides, extreme isolation features zero disturbance of the partner even in rapid moments.

Some of the most compelling features that make it the best choice for all kinds of users includes

  • Impressive design: – Sunday Ortho Mattress is designed by Hiroko Shiratori, an acclaimed Japanese Designer. The firmness level of 6 from 10, which is considered middle-ground and has a little sink.
  • Back and Neck Pain Relief: – Softer foam is used under the shoulders that provide adequate relief from neck and back pain.
  • Certification and assurance: – Sunday comes with LGA and Euro Latex Certification on Latex and Oeko Tex certificate for a fabric having 100% pure and organic cotton top cover. The absence of all kinds of chemicals on the mattress makes it the best companion for asthma and allergies.

If you are looking for a latex mattress with a superior comfort level for all kinds of seasons, then Summer Ortho Mattress is undoubtedly the best choice among all other options. From price to design to organic cotton, it leads in every aspect from all perspectives.

3. The Sleep Company Smart Grid Mattress


The Sleep Company amazed us with their product – we had never seen any mattress with such a technology. Smart Grid is unlike memory foam or spring or latex – it is made from hyper elastic polymer.

What is great – It really understands the shape of your body to give support where needed and comfort where you would love it. The Smart Grid mattress stays firm under your back to keep spine straight and is soft under other body parts like hips and shoulders to give cushioning and plush feeling. So best of both World’s – Health and Comfort!

Not only that the mattress is one of the coolest mattress we tested given its grid structure allows free air flow and they use Organic cotton viscose quilted cover.

And we did do the egg test ourselves – we were amazed how it cuddles those raw eggs as it distributes weight to ensure the eggs don’t get any pressure – we super confident that it will give you the best comfort and support like never before. This is really one of the most advanced sleep technology and launch we have seen in the sleeping products industry.

Key points

  • World’s most advanced sleep technology: The Sleep Company has launched Asia’s 1st Smart Grid mattress which provides 2X more support than an orthopaedic mattress and ultimate comfort and plush like a hotel mattress.
  • Free air flow and no sweating: Smart grid is very unique and has lot of space for air to move around (unlike foam) and hence it keeps you cool and comfy.. The grid has more than 2500 air channels that ensure they absorb your body heat and make it neutral so you feel cool.
  • Non Toxic and Hypoallergenic: Smart grid is made from a food grade material and is completely safe even for your baby.
  • 100 Night Trial and 10 years warranty: the mattress comes with 100 nights trial or full refund if you don’t love the smart grid mattress. Additionally, they also provide you 10 years warranty in which if the mattress gets any defect in this period, the company will repair it or replace it with an equal quality piece

4. SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam Mattress


SleepyCat-Gel Memory Foam mattress is backed with cooling crystal technique which helps you to regulate the temperature of your body while sleeping on the mattress.

Mattress also provides ample comfort in order to give you quality sleep to you. SleepyCat- Gel Memory Foam designed in a way which stops the transfer motion and heat produces by the body.

Key points

  • Removable and washable cover: The zipper of this mattress cover makes it easy to uncover for washing purpose.
  • Zero disturbances without using any harmful chemicals: To make you feel undisturbed while sleeping with a partner mattress has no motion transfer feature which allows you to sleep soundly. At the same time, each element used in a mattress doesn’t have any kind of harmful chemicals which can create any type of skin problems.
  • Free trial and ten years warranty: SleepyCat is quite confident on their product they provide you 30 nights free trial in which you can get your money back after 30 nights if you are not satisfied.

Additionally, they also provide you 10 years warranty in which if the mattress gets any defect in this period, the company will repair it or replace it with an equal quality piece.

5. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


Orthopedic is one of those mattress companies which are continuously developing the quality of their product. Wakefit is no exception.

The company has recruited some of the world class designers and scientists to make this product unique and highly favourable of those who are rest seekers.

Memory foam mattress supported with all the things which one wants to see in his mattress including extra comfort and durability.

Key Points

  • Size: Mattress comes in the dimensions 78*60*6 which is the best fit for the most type of beds.
  • Material Type: This mattress has a high-density foam and memory foam of high quality which ensures the best no motion transfer.
  • Warranty: There is a 20 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Excellent Cover: Mattress comes with premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover which is easily removable and washable.

6. Dreamzee Orthopedic Care Memory Foam Mattress


When it comes to getting the comfort in a real manner from the mattress of your bed, there is no match of the Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Euro top mattress in India.

The mattress has the additional feature which provides support at the edges to prevent it from sagging at the cor
ners. Its large size makes it best fit for the queen mattress in India.

Key Points

  • Comfort Level: This mattress is soft at the top and medium firm at the bottom. This dual side feature ensures a high level of comfort.
  • Cushioning: The memory foam enables it to get the shape of the body quickly. This regulates the body pressure and maintains the temperature to give you restful sleep.
  • Support: Bottom of the mattress has the High-Resilience foam which ensures you good support from head-to-toe so that you can wake up refreshed and recharged.
  • Fabric: In the mattress there is latest introduced High GSM Quilted Knitted Breathable Fabric is used with Hexagon design to give it an elegant look.
  • Warranty: This ISO certified manufacturer gives you 5 years warranty.

7. Springtek Orthopedic Pocket Mattress


Indefinite spine support offered by the mattress makes it the best mattress in India for back pain. This mattress comes with world-class High tenacity non woven fabric which enables you to start your day with a new freshness.

Despite being rigid mattress offers you full flexibility and right support for your back to give it needed comfort in the case of pain.

Key Points

  • Size and Material: The product is the best for the queen-sized bed. Pocket Spring and High Density (HD) foam are used in the mattress which is perfect for people who have back problems.
  • Comfort Level: High-class fabric and latest technology provide you with the medium-firm level of comfort. Besides this, you can use it from both sides.
  • Warranty: In case of any manufacturing defect company provides you 6 years warranty. In addition to that, the company provides post-sales service to ensure the fitting of the mattress.

8. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress is a perfect one because of its balanced amount of firmness, bounce and density. The mattress has everything perfectly balanced which ensures you the best quality sleep and above than average level of comfort. This is the only mattress which provides comfort to almost all body types including children, young and old.

Even this is also best for pregnant women as well because of its bounce balancing technique.

Key Points

  • Size and material: This mattress is the best fit for those who want comfort on the queen size bed. High-quality foam is used in this mattress to increase its comfort level.
  • Layers: This mattress has multi-layers of pressure relieving memory foam with orthopedic support which enables the mattress to provide enough ease to the person going through the back pain.
  • Warranty and trial:  The manufacturing company provides the 10 Year Warranty and 100 nights money back trial to the customers.

9. Springtek Dual Comfort Queen Size Foam Mattress


Springtek is one of the most trustable mattress brands in terms of lifespan and comfort. Its quality backed with advanced features makes it must choose a brand. A mattress designed after thorough research on the sleeping styles of numerous people including the age and different continents of India.

Key Points

  • Size and material: Made up of high-density foam and latest breathable fabric which allows air pass can be fitted at any standard sized bed.
  • Comfort level: Due to the use of well-balanced technologies, the mattress offers an excellent level of comfort and also makes it perfect for every type of sleeping habit including side sleeping, back or stomach sleeping.
  • Warranty: The product ensures you 6 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect and also the post-sale service within two weeks of delivery.

10. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress


In India , Wakefit provides world-class quality in the mattress and as well as other products related to the luxury. What makes this mattress to stand out from the crowd in the market is the versatility that enables it to provide the real leisure of sleeping regardless of the season or the sleeping style.

This is not only its marketing campaign which makes it the most popular but also the research which was conducted by the company.

Before the creation of the mattress company gathered their data, complaints and much other material which can be used in an in-depth analysis.

After this hard work finally they created this unique and all in one solution for providing a high degree of rest while sleeping.

Key Points

  • Size and material: The high quality of foam is used in this mattress in order to soak the motion and maintains the temperature. When it comes to the extent, then the mattress is crafted in a way where despite the size of the bed it can give you the same level of comfort.
  • Comfort level: Supported with advanced technology and made up of modern fabric which is not only smooth but also rustproof promises you to comfort at such extent where you can complete your need of sleep in a luxurious style.
  • Warranty: Wakefit provides 10 years manufacturer warranty in any area of India without the cost of shipping.

11. Urban Ladder DreamLite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress


Light in weight and enough space for passing the air are some of its advanced features. This motion resistant mattress allows the partner to sleep without getting disturbed from the tossing turns of the partner.

Indian people also trust the Urban ladder because it is luxurious multinational furniture providing company but also for the compa
ny concerns for making the furniture health friendly.

Dreamlite is no exception in this category. Constructed after in-depth research, this mattress provides a level of comfort which one can’t expect in this budget.

Key Points

  • Size and material: This product of the company comes into various sizes, and they are also planning to add variety in colour as well.  If we talk the material which is used in this mattress is high-density foam and extra smooth fabric.
  • Comfort level: The urban ladder used all the new and advanced techniques to make it the leisure-friendly and increases the level of comfort at this low price.
  • Warranty: Comes with 5-year warranty for any type of defect including manufacturing defect.

12. Wake Up Orthopedic Memory Foam King Size Mattress


The mattress is designed in a way that ensures the extraordinary quality and increased the life span of the mattress. Regardless of the season and the circumstances which can decrease the age of the mattress, it is powered with anti-rusting and motion resistant features.

Mattress comes with the multi-layers of memory foam which can adjust itself according to the shape and weight of the body.

As the name suggests, the memory foam remembers the weight and pressure of the particular body and can adjust just in no time.

The bottom layering of the mattress provides incredible support to the upper layers and increases the ease while sleeping. Weight is also not high, and one can clean it at home just by uncovering the cover.

Key Points

  • Size and the material: This mattress is designed for the queen size bed but can also be used in the other standard sizes of the bed because of its flexibility. Foam and fabric used in the mattress are of high quality.
  • Comfort level: As mentioned efforts of the Wake Up the comfort level of the mattress is higher than the expected. This is the best mattress in India for the health as well.
  • Warranty: The company provides the 10-year manufacturer warranty which proves the confidant of the manufacturer on his efforts.

13. Comforto Pocket Spring Mattress


Pocket Spring from the comforto company is also one of the best mattress in India to buy for getting the high quality at reasonable prices.

Comforto deals in the luxurious bedding. This is an Indian company which provides the class which can give enough competition to international companies.

The springs in the mattress are engineered in a way that prevents the partner from the disturbance due to the motion. Comforto has its unit of manufacturing and engineering the raw materials which ensure you no compromise in the quality.

Key Points

  • Size and material: The mattress has ideal size for the many standard sized beds. You can order it as per your requirement. A high-class raw material is used in the mattress including the cover of the mattress which also ensures you a smooth and soft feel.
  • Comfort level: Manufactured in India, the mattress provides the above than average comfort level. The balanced arrangement of the springs ensures an undisturbed sleep.
  • Warranty: 11 years of manufacturing warranty is the highest one in this list provided by this company

14. Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic Cooling Foam Mattress

The Sleepyhead sense mattress is specially designed for people that often suffer from back pain and stiff necks after waking up. It comes with Phase-change cooling or PCM technology, which essentially absorbs and redistributes body heat to make sure that you sleep peacefully throughout the night at the most optimum temperature. Moreover, the mattress comes with a zipper cover for easy removal and cleaning of the mattress cover.

Key Points

Size and material:  It comes with three layers of foam for added support. The three layers are memory foam, cooling foam, and another added layer for support.

Comfort level: The memory foam of this mattress gives you a unique experience as it adjusts to your body shape and cushions your body. The cooling foam is essential for keeping your body constantly and is perfect for customers who live in hot and humid climatic conditions.

Warranty: It comes with 10 Years Manufacturing Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Things To Consider When Buying Mattress

One of the major concerns which you must consider about having a sound sleep is the right mattress as per your need. Choosing the right mattress depends on various factors. Below are the guidelines which help you in buying the best mattress 2022 in India.

Size of Mattress

Choosing the wrong size of the mattress can affect your sleep. As you know if one is feeling disturbed while sleeping he develops many disorders including fear, arrogance and ends up with losing control on his emotions. This happens in the subconscious mind while sleeping because only our conscious brain takes rest while sleeping.

Below are the size variations of the bed

Twin Mattress ( 39” X 75” )

Also known as “single mattresses” have the accommodation capacity of one sleeper or child. The mattress of this dimension can’t be fit for a tall adult.

Twin XL Mattress (39” X 80”)

This is the upgraded version of single beds which has the length of 80 inches. On this bed, a taller adult can have the rest, and these are perfect for the dorm rooms and guest bedrooms.

Full Mattress (54” X 75”)

This mattress is the perfect suit for those who need a wider space for having a sleep. Sharing such beds is not so bad but at the same time not comfortable as well.

Queen Mattress (60” X 80”)

One of the most popular sizes is for those couples who want sleeping closer to each other. It will be one of the most popular mattresses in India in 2022 as well.

King Mattress (76” X 80”)

These size mattresses for those couples or growing adults who want their own space while sleeping. This is also the best size for those pet owners who share their bed with pets.

California King Mattress (72” X 84”)

California king mattresses are king mattresses from which 4 inches are taken from its length and added to its width. It is an ideal choice for people who need maximum sleeping space.

Some Other Factors To Consider While Buying The Mattress


This is what a person buys a mattress for. You must check the level of comfort which the company promises and also check the fact whether it is matching the rates or not.

Quality of the Mattress

The quality of the mattress depends on various factors including the layering, quality of foam
used in the mattress and also the kind of fabric. The engineering of these materials also determines whether a mattress can give you comfort or not.

Sleeping Style

You must consider the style of the sleeper because many mattresses are meant for a specific style of sleeping. You need to check whether the sleeper is side sleeper or back or stomach sleeper.

What Type Of Mattress Suits To Your Sleep?

Having a bed isn’t just everything that you need in your bedroom. You need the accessories in order to make sure that your peaceful nights aren’t disturbed by any chance. And one of these major bed accessories is the bed mattress. With a particular type of filling and a fabric cover, the mattress is said to be the most essential components you would need to have on the bed panel. When you visit a store for buying one, you easily get confused between the various types of bed mattresses. This is why here we have explained the most common types of mattresses you can find in any shop.

Gel Mattress

First made in 2006, the gel infused mattresses were included in the popularity list since 2011. The gel foam is actually a modified form of the synthetic visco-elastic foam mixed with small gel beads. So, yes, this mattress was the first deviation from the traditional foam mattresses which usually had plant materials in the insides.


  • It provides support to the entire body, thus relieving the pressure points distributed all across your body
  • Provides a straight alignment to the spine which in turns helps you to stay clear of any sore back
  • The fabric and the gel foam- both are anti-allergic


  • The cooling sensation won’t last for too long
  • They are usually more expensive than normal memory foam mattresses
  • Might feel grainy to some people while sleeping on it

Memory Foam

Memory foam is said to be the most popular mattress type amongst all others. Inside, you will find a thick layer of visco-elastic foaming material, one which is said to mold itself according to the shape of the surface contact. So, when you are sleeping on it sideways, the surface of the mattress will mold into the shape to accommodate your body structure.


  • Relieves back pain and also the pressure points
  • Provides proper alignment to the body, including the spine
  • Most of the memory foam mattresses are anti-allergic in nature


  • They are too heavy to lift alone
  • Air cannot circulate properly and hence the surface gets heated up too quickly
  • The foam surface is not waterproof
  • Sometimes, the foam discharges bad odors

Innerspring Mattress 

Just by the name, you can understand that the mattress is made from inner springs having tight coiled structure. They are placed on the base woolen layer. It is said that with more number of coils in the springs, the core of the mattress becomes more comfortable. To cover the mattress, an upholstery fabric is draped all around the mattress.


  • They are indeed cheap than the foam mattresses
  • More durable and can last long
  • Allows the proper air circulation and hence doesn’t get heated up too quickly


  • The springs can become tight and hence disrupt the bounce back feature
  • Are prone to the infestation of dust mites

Air Bed Mattress

These are inflatable mattress and are usually made from high quality poly-vinyl chloride or other forms of polymers. It is the most basic solution for patients and for those who are looking for a temporary mattress arrangement.


  • The firmness and softness of the aero bed can be changed as per your need
  • Provides a relief to back pain and other forms of joint pains
  • There is no sagging of the bed after using it for months


  • Pumps can cause a huge problem, starting with noise to frequent replacements
  • Takes too much time to assemble the mattress

Pillow Topped Mattress

Pillow topped mattress has a usual structure of a coiled or innerspring mattress. However, there is an extra padding layer placed over the base mattress. The thickness of the pad actually provides more comfort than the traditional mattresses.


  • Cheap and affordable and hence can be bought by normal people
  • The extra padding relieves the pressure points and also help to lessen the soreness
  • They don’t produce any allergens or bad odor


  • Not durable and can easily wear out
  • Not very much effective for heavy weighted people
  • They usually have a tendency to sag after sometime of use

Water Bed Mattress

Instead of having comfort materials as the filling, the waterbed mattresses are filled with water and the base is that of spring or foam layer.


  • Helps in relaxing the muscles and also relieves the pressure points
  • Perfect for patients who have mobility problems since the bed avoids bedsores
  • Reduces the chances of dust mite infestations


  • Heating up the water bed can prove to be quite costly
  • The fabric cover is not breathable and hence can prove to be discomforting
  • Leakage is one of the main issues with the water beds

Worried About Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Mattress?

Just Check This Out

Cleaning and maintaining the mattresses is a growing concern amongst the population. Many people aren’t even aware of the proper ways to take care of the mattress which result in mite infestation, sagging, dust accumulation and also the loss of durability. This is why we have mentioned here some of the ways in which you can let your mattress live for longer days.

Using A Mattress Protector Increases The Longevity Of The Mattress

Most of the mattresses aren’t waterproof or stain proof. This is why you have to buy a mattress protector to make sure that the inner materials of the mattress aren’t getting spoiled too soon. There are different forms of mattress protectors like some are waterproof while some are anti-allergic in nature. Make sure you get the proper protective covering at the beginning only to reduce the wear and tear of the mattress.

Regularly Clean The Bed Linens Or Change Them

If you are using the bed linens, change them regularly. And if it’s not possible, change the linens every two to three days and don’t forget to wash them properly. This will reduce the chances of infestations and also will allow the pores of the mat
tress upholstery to remain open, thus letting the air to flow properly.

Rotating The Mattress Evens Out The Rate Of Wear And Tear

When you are sleeping on the mattress, the upper parts suffer the maximum level of wear and tear. If the mattress remains in the same position, then the wear and tear becomes localized which actually lessens the lifetime of the mattress. So, rotate the mattress often, like every two or three days in a week to distribute the pressure on the surface evenly.

Use Disinfectant To Fight Off The Bed Bugs Or Mites

There are disinfectants in the market which help a lot in warding off the bed bugs as well as the mites. These organisms actually eat away the mattress and degrade the quality earlier than expected. So, get such a disinfectant and spray them on the upholstery fabric frequently.

It’s not very difficult to maintain the mattress and clean them, provided you are following the proper instructions mentioned by the manufacturer and also this cleaning guide.


We hope that now you know everything you need to know for buying the best mattress in India for you or your family members. All the mattresses mentioned above are from the world known brands and used the latest technologies. Buy which one suits in terms of size, quality and budget.

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