10 Best Smart TV Under 15000 in India 2021 (LED TV)

With the emerging of technology, traditional TV with just limited screen quality and reasonable sound quality is now becoming quite conventional and almost outdates. Smart TV or Android TV are the kingpins of this new era which is offering the options which could totally change the viewing experience to a whole new level. 
Not only the incredible full HD resolution display and incredible Dolby sound quality but also connectivity features to access the external devices such as headphones, speakers, home theaters and even gaming consoles are also available in those TVs. Moreover, even in the mid-range category, one can get a ton of compelling features. 
However, having several options from different manufacturers that are offering similar specifications and almost similar claims, one would probably get confused. Therefore, we are providing the top-ranked Smart LED TVs ranked based on the specifications, features, highlighting tweaks and price as well.

Top 3 LED TV Brands


Established in 2010, Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational company which has now grown into a prominent competitor in the electronics market in a very short span. The company is most popular for its affordable range of smartphones and other electrical appliances such as television, routers, notebooks, and much more.

Why choose MI?

  • Mi products are known to have quite a modern design that can provide an interesting look to your room.
  • Televisions provided by Xiaomi are very energy efficient and has a great impact on reducing your electricity bills.
  • As a brand of increasing popularity, customers can easily get customer service while installing and wall mounting the television.


Vu Televisions was established in 2006 in the United States by Indian businessperson Devita Saraf. The company manufactures and markets LED televisions and is one of the most popular and largest-selling television brand when it comes to e-commerce platforms in India.

Why choose Vu?

  • Televisions manufactured by Vu supports Dolby Digital, thus ensuring best decoding of universal audio and better overall sound clarity and quality.
  • Being the largest seller of TV in Indian e-commerce platforms, Vu has a reliable customer care team that can provide effective yet speedy solutions to any queries or problems customers might be having.


Micromax Informatics is an Indian technology company which was established in 2000. The company initially manufactured and marketed smartphones and at a point was the largest seller of mobile phones in India. The company is a prominent manufacturer of smartphones, smart televisions as well as laptops.

Why choose Micromax?

  • Micromax is a reliable company whom millions of Indian trust with their electronic gadgets.
  • They provide a plethora of features and impressive specifications on surprisingly affordable products.
  • All the products manufactured by Micromax are durable and very long-lasting.

9 Best LED Smart Tv Under 15000

Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80cm (32) HD Ready Android TV 

A TV capable of the same incredible features as that of Android is surely a convenient choice and with renowned companies like Mi, the user experience gets far better. This 32” 4C PRO model of LED Android TV from Mi is packed with incredible features and some highlighting tweaks that increase the convenience and comfort to a whole new level. Starting from the most compelling Ultra-Bright HD Ready display to the Stereo speakers and support of Google Voice search it is made to make the viewing experience better and convenient as well.
Features: – 

  • Display: – Ultra Bright HD Ready display of the Mi 4C PRO 80 cm Android TV provides a brilliant clarity with vibrant colors and enhanced brightness is one of the most impressive features.
  • Sound Quality: – Stereo speakers with DTS-HD support and 20W of output provides a room-filling sound providing an immersive experience.
  • Content filling: – With 700,000 plus hours of content on patch wall and set-top box integration all favorite contents can be displayed on the home page readily.
  • Android Experience: – Every application supporting android which is related to entertainment and task accomplishing features are available in this TV with android version 8.0 Oreo.
  • Remote: – MI remote which is available with TV and also on Application on mobile can control various other appliances such as Air purifier, ACs and many more directly.

Besides all these incredible features that come along with this 4C PRO LED Android TV from Mi, one year of manufacturer warranty and many service centers all over India make it the Best TV under 15000. Moreover, Installment of TV is taken care of by professional associates and 15 days of a replacement policy is also available. 

Vu HD Ready 80cm Ultra Android LED TV

An all-in-one packed TV which can lead in every aspect of watching experience can be the best pick from the available options in the market. This HD Ready 80 cm Android LED TV from VU is one such TV packed with the most intriguing features. High-intensity pure prism panel, Google Android Pie (9.0) support, Dolby Audio quality, PC and Game mode are some of the features that make it enlisted in the best smart TV under 15000.
Features: – 

  • Display: – The high-intensity panel of the HD Ready 80cm Android LED TV from Vu provides accurate white balance and spreads brightness all across the edges efficiently thus enhancing the viewing experience to a whole new level. Adaptive contrast and digital MPEG Noise reduction to reduce the block noise and to provide perfect edge transitions are quite an appreciable addition.
  • Sound Quality: – Dolby Multi-Stream decoder in the TV provides the best means of decoding all universal audio content and also supports Dolby Digital and Dolby digital plus as well. Meanwhile, the Dolby DTS studio sound focuses on enhancing the immersive surround sound experience by boosting the frequency range to deliver clear dialogues even in harsh surround effects.
  • PC mode and Game mode: – With the high-end refresh rate support and high-resolution support, the gaming experience is enhanced to its full potential.
  • Connectivity: – Besides conventional options such as 2 USB ports, Built-in –Bluetooth and 2 HDMI ports, Google chrome cast is also built-in to easily cast any movies, photos or shows easily without searching for the remote.

The HD ready Android TV of 80cm from Vu comes with straight one year of manufacturer warranty which is also accompanied by 24/7 customer support. Meanwhile, installation and wall mounting is taken care of by Amazon Home services which makes it quite favorable to customers. 

Micromax 102cm(40 inches) Full HD LED TV 40R7227FHD (Black)

A sleek TV that provides an immersive and live viewing experience is the TV of dreams of almost everyone and this 102cm Full HD LED TV from Micromax is one such TV,  that will appreciate your expectations in a reliable way. It is infused with all advanced features such as large immersive FULL HD display, Ultra-low power consumption, wide connectivity options and some complementary features such as sleep timer as well. 
Moreover, its elegant design is so appealing that it will not only merge with the interior design of your room but also will create an impression on every visitor at first glance.
Features: – 

  • Display: – The large yet elegant looking 40 inches screen with the CLCP (Crystal Luminous Color Polarization) technology provides the high color quality with the crystal-clear pictures which is quite impressive. Moreover, 60Hz of refresh rate and full HD resolution is quite a complementary addition to the immersive screen.
  • Sound Quality: – Advanced digital signal processing techniques accompanied by the 20 watts output of class D Amplifier together makes a good pack of sound thus suiting any room environment in an efficient way.
  •  Connectivity: – 2 HDMI ports are available to connect to the set-top box or gaming console or else Blue Ray players while 2 USB ports to connect any USB devices and hard drives are also available.
  • Complimentary features: – Ultra-low power consumption, sleep timer to shut down the TV after a pre-set time are also available to enhance convenience.

Furthermore, one straight year of manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase is also provided with the most reliable customer services for installation, demo and wall mounting. If you are looking for a meaningful upgrade from your traditional model then this would be a great choice from the market.

LG 32” HD Ready LED Smart TV

A smart TV infused with advanced features and complimented with the latest technology is probably a smart pick in the mid-price range at the present market scenario. This 32” LED Smart TV from LG is one such smart features packed performer which will surely surpass the expectations in viewing experience from all aspects. 
Powered by Quad core processor with dynamic color enhancer and DTS Virtual X, this can provide a seamless audio and video quality in any environment. 
Moreover, the elegant design to suit any interior designs and a reliable content store in it to perform any operations as in Smart Phone makes it an impeccable deal.
Features: – 

  • Display: – A 32” of HD Ready LED display with IPS panel infused with the advanced Dynamic color enhancer provides color-rich images with natural texture in the Smart TV of LG and is probably the most highlighting feature as well.
  • Sound quality: – Flawless and multidimensional audio is provided by the DTS-X technology packed inside the built-in speakers to deliver sounds from all angles to provide a theatre type experience in any room.
  • Connectivity: – 2 HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles, Blue Ray, set-top box and 1 USB port to connect the hard drive and other USB drives are provided which makes the performance reliable.
  • Powerful processor: – Four power-packed Quad core processors are available to eliminate noise and also to enhance the dynamic range and contrast is provided. With this processor, even low-resolution images can also be sharpened and up-scaled to a whole new level.

Besides all these incredible features, a smart content store, an intuitive home dashboard is also provided to increase the convenience while supporting the multitasking features as well. Moreover, 1 year LF comprehensive warranty and additional 1-year panel warranty is also available thus making it a better deal.

Kodak 40” Full HD LED TV 40FHDX9005

An all in one Smart TV packed with the most advanced features should be the top pick from all the available options in the market in the budget-oriented price range. In this scenario, the 40” Full HD LED TV from Kodak is one of the best options with the most intriguing features such as magnificent picture quality, advanced connectivity features and sophisticated design. 
Moreover, a wide viewing angle and high-performance speakers are also some of the most compelling features that make it the best-LED TV under 15000. 
Features: – 

  • Display: – 40 inches screen with an ultra-thin bezel and Full HD resolution of the LED TV from Kodak is improvised with the dynamic picture enhancement which tends to dramatically enhance the color gamut and provides dynamic contrast thus improving the picture quality to its maximum potential.
  • Brightness: – 350 nits of brightness with the thin bezel screen provide an immersive viewing experience.
  • Sound quality: – Packed with the high-performance speakers that provide excellent quality audio and surreal sound enhances the viewing experience.
  • Connectivity: – 2 HDMI ports to connect with a set-top box, Blue-ray players and gaming console and 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices are provided.
  • Perfect Panel: – An excellent panel with the full blast picture quality with no dot is quite an appreciable addition to its compelling features.

If you are looking for a proper upgrade to enhance your viewing experience as far as it can go in the price range than this LED TV from Kodak can be your best pick. One year of manufacturer warranty also complements its quality and performance. 

LG 32 inches HD Ready LED TV 

The 32LK526BPTA model of 32” LED TV from LG is packed with probably the best panel in the industry which can provide the life-like color and blur-free images and is complemented with the wider viewing angle as well.
 Moreover, one can never go wrong with its sleek and ultimately elegant design that comes with a Flexi mount to merge with any tabletop easily. 
Features like Live zoom, Bollywood mode, cricket mode, and hassle-free connectivity makes it easy to use and experience the perfect viewing angles.
 Features: – 

  • Display: –  The 32 inches of LG IPS panel which is known to be the best in the industry also possesses the refresh rate of 50Hz thus being the highlighting feature and the best reason to prefer the 32 inches LED TV from LG.
  • Sound quality: – 20 W powerful Dolby digital plus and DTS support are available for the ultimate sound experience that one can never regret to appreciate. External home theatres and speakers can be connected to the TV easily for a better sound experience with the audio out and headphone out options. RCA Analog out or digital optical audio out is also provided in many models.
  • Connectivity: – 2 HDMI ports to connect with Blue Ray players, set-top box and gaming console with one USB out port are provided to get access to external devices. 
  • Enhancing features: – Bollywood mode/ smart sound mode and cricket mode are available on TV to provide an immersive experience.

Besides all these incredible features, the 32” HD Ready LED TV from LG comes with 2 straight years of manufacturer warranty which is the best deal as there are many service centers in many regions and are known for providing the most reliable customer services.

Kevin 32 inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kevin provides one of the best ranges of LED TV with the highest picture quality and this 32” of HD ready LED Smart TV is one of this best range as well. 
Packed with the best and high graded features such as outstanding picture quality, ultimate gaming mode, Cinema Zoom, Android features, and smart options and powerful Audio, this is by far one of the best TV in the market. 
Moreover, some advanced features like M-Cast and certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards and Bureau of Energy Efficiency make it the best 32 inches led TV under 15000.
Features: – 

  • Display: – One of the best display quality is made possible with the advanced HRDD technology of Kevin which is also complemented with the clear motion rate and Vibrant colors. 
  • Sound quality: – Two powerful speakers with excellent sound quality is in-built on the TV which can also be connected to all the home entertainment systems feasibly. 
  • Connectivity: – Besides 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 1 VGA port, M-Cast is also provided to watch the favorite music, program, movies, games and also to share the TV screen with both Android or IOS mobile. Screen mirroring is also possible with the Built-in Wi-Fi and Web-touch remote is also featured. 
  • Extensive features: – Wide viewing angle to relish the shows from the edge of the screen which is enhanced by the A+ grade panel enhances the picture quality to the whole new level.

This can be a reasonable upgrade if you are coming from the conventional Android TV with limited features as it is packed with advanced features and compelling options. One year of standard manufacturer warranty also complements its unmatched streak.

Sanyo 32” Kaizen Series HD Ready Smart Certified Android TV

A renowned model of Smart TV can be a better choice due to its concrete reputation but when certified by Google itself, it can be the best choice. This 32” Kaizen series HD ready Android TV is Google certified and is packed with the latest operating system Android 9.0. 
Original Android Experience is probably guaranteed by this TV with access to unlimited apps. However, superior features such as built-in chrome cast, stunning display screen, outstanding sound quality and sleek design make it preferable. 
Features: – 

  • Display: – Superior IPS display with excellent color reproduction, impressive color accuracy, and wider viewing angles makes the 32” kaizen series HD Ready TV from Sanyo the best in the display field. Moreover, bezel-less display and sleek design accompanied by the better sunlight visibility turns out to be a compelling feature.
  • Sound quality: – Dolby digital sound with the HDMI sound feature provides an immersive audio experience justifying the original quality of the audio and videos. Furthermore, the HDMI sound output feature lets to connect with external home theatre for a seamless experience.
  • Connectivity: – 2 dedicated HDMI ports and 2 USB ports enable true multitasking functionality without the need for switching the cables. Bluetooth 5.0 is also available to connect with headphones, keyboards, game controllers and mouse.
  • Compelling features: – Certified by Google, all apps starting from the games with the incredible refresh rate to the entertainment-focused apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video etc can also be reliably played on the TV.

With all these superior features, the 32” kaizen series HD Ready TV from Sanyo can surely the best choice to prefer from the top lists of TV. However, when accompanied by the 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and induced trust factor from Google it turns out to be the best deal in this price range.

TCL 32 inches HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV

The Smart LED TV from TCL is one of the power-packed performers with the best ever display and accurate reproduction of light and dark shades that everyone looks out for. Moreover, the accurate color field control, micro dimming, AI features and ultra-smooth performance due to the Quad-core processor and dual-core GPU makes it reliable to use. 
The best thing is it comes with the built-in App Store to get access to tons of applications and is also powered by Google 8.0 version (Oreo) which enhances the operating system to its maximum level. 
Features: – 

  • Display: – A full HD panel that ensures the clear, color-rich and detailed picture quality provides a crisp picture experience that is best so far. HDR 10 supported quality with the best precision color field control and brightness field control provides the best viewing experience.
  • Sound quality: – Ultimate sound quality with the rich, clear and powerful audio output a smart sound feature to automatically detect the type of TV program makes it an ultimate choice in sound quality. Dolby decoder also tends to optimize the sound to its maximum potential.
  • Connectivity: – 2 HDMI ports to connect the set-top boxes and Blu Ray Players and 2 USB ports to get access to other USB devices are provided. Built-in chrome cast is also provided to share the movies, shows, music and sports on the TV screen to enhance the experience.
  • Performance and features: – Powered by the Quad core processor CPU and Dual-core GPU ultra-smooth experience is provided on every operation. On the other hand, extreme AI features and support to all applications in the play store make it a superior choice among others.

The Smart LED TV from TCL can be the best upgrade as it is infused with the pack of all collective advanced features that can enhance your viewing experience. 1.5 year of manufacturer warranty and installment services makes it a compelling choice in the market. 

LED TV Buying Guide

A smart LED TV is probably the smart and best choice while buying a TV as it is infused with all the advanced features such as great display, modern connectivity features, and extensive support to many apps and devices as well. However, while having such intriguing features that enhance the level of convenience and viewing experience to a whole new level; it will also have a suitable price as well. 
Therefore, one would surely consider the key factors to select the best model from the list of options. Some of such essential factors that one must consider while preferring a smart LED TV is

Screen Size and Display: – 

When it comes to investing on a mid-range TV, one would surely go for the full HD resolution display accompanied by the perfect color enhancing features. Almost all the latest models available at present are equipped with the HD display so one should never compromise on it. 
On the other hand, while picking out and Android TV, one should always lookout for a good refresh rate, 60 to 90Hz displays are considered reasonable in this price range. A minimum of 32” to the maximum of 43” should only be considered in the screen sizes.

Features of the Smart TV: – 

Being a smart TV, one should always look out for the support of the latest Android version which may be either Oreo or Pie. On the other hand, the TV should be featuring access to a wide range of applications available in the dedicated app store. Supporting the widely used apps such as YouTube, prime video, Netflix etc is also equally essential and productive when it comes to an efficient Smart Android TV.

Connectivity: – 

After considering the features as per the specifications available on the list, one should lookout for the best connectivity features such as support to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth besides the USB and HDMI ports. Built-in casting support can also be a reliable touch of the feature while comparing the connectivity with other available options in the market.

Sound Quality: – 

Viewing experience on such smart TVs can be enhanced to its maximum potential only when accompanied by the best ever speakers and immersive output as well. Having the support of Dolby output and also features to connect all external audio devices can make a reliable device suiting your expectations.

Design: – 

Design also plays a major role when it comes to preferring a mid-range Smart LED TV as it should suit the tabletop or the wall of the room having some intriguing design. A sleek design with an elegant built and flexible stand can be a good choice. However one can surely compare manufacturers to get the best design.
Apart from all these features, one should also never back down on comparing with the available options in the market. This comparison can either create or crack the best deal in the market that also includes a good price range as well as the best-packed features within the considered budget to invest on the TV on either seasonal offers or on any normal market days.

Final Words

Buying a smart LED TV with intriguing features is surely a good choice when compared to the traditional options featuring TVs available in the market. These modern TVs are equipped with the latest technology which tends to not only provide the best viewing experience but also can complement the best sound quality, connectivity options with other devices and many more.  Such options can be way more productive when compared to traditional ones. However, when it comes to price, one should always go for online shopping over retail shopping to make use of compare and buy and go through several options to crack the best deal. 

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