The 10 Best Laptop Under 30000 in India

Computers are required for everything nowadays as they reduce the efforts of accomplishing heavy work by replacing the manual methods. Every house in these days surely has a desktop or laptop for sure for either students or employees. However, laptops are considered the best choice over desktops due to several factors such as compatibility, mobility, etc.

Being a student or an employee you need to carry the system with you wherever you go, which may be an office or home too. However, with the increasing demand for laptops, manufacturing companies are also grown rapidly which is best as the price reduces to sustain the competition in the market.

On the other hand, the availability of more options in the same category also creates confusion with similar claims, price ranges, and specifications from the company.

Therefore we are providing you the best laptops in India under 30000 as most of the best deals to be cracked in the laptop category are available in this range. All the mentioned laptops are either used or are ranked based on their specification, performance, reliability, and price as well considering display, size and several other features too.

Top 3 Laptop Brands


Established in 1984, Lenovo is one of the most widely acclaimed multinational technology companies which is based in China. The company specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing, and then marketing several gadgets and devices such as laptops, personal computers, smartphones, electronic storage devices, smart televisions and much more. Lenovo is the largest vendor of personal computers in the world and sells its products in over 180 countries.

Why choose Lenovo?

  • Lenovo laptops are easy to carry and are quite light in weight.
  • Their products are durable and are known for their longevity.
  • With sleek designs, their laptops are both efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing.


The Hewlett Packard Company which is more commonly known as HP is an American multinational company. This informational technology company was established in 1939 and specialises in manufacturing and developing a variety of software and hardware components.

Why choose HP?

  • HP is a popular company worldwide and operates in more than 170 countries. Thus, you can be assured that you get the best customer service from them and resolve all your problems that you might have with their products.
  • HP laptops are fast and efficient and can easily handle multitasking.
  • Their laptops are famous for their unique design and thin body.


Avita is a brand that deals with lifestyle tech and is owned as well as operated by the Hong Kong based company, Nexstgo. Although they make quite a few accessories, they are best known for their extensive range and collection of laptops. 

Why choose Avita?

  • Laptops from Avita are popular among the youth for their innovative and colourful designs. 
  • Their products are designed to give a modern look as opposed to the plain old designs which are usually found on most laptop models. 

10 Best Laptop Under 30000 in India (2021)

Lenovo Idea Pad S145 7th Generation Core i3 Laptop

Lenovo is the most renowned brand in India when it comes to mid-range laptops due to its flawless performance at a cost-effective price. The S145 model of Lenovo Idea pad also certainly meets the expectations of a laptop with some incredible tweaks in it. Moreover, the sleek design accompanied by the intriguing specs like the i3 7th generation processor is some of the most preferred requirements which make it the best laptop under 30000.

Features: – 

  • The weight of 1.85 kg followed by the thickness of 19.9mm of the S145 model of Lenovo Idea pad is by far the best means of the laptop to carry while traveling.
  • Narrow bezel and black textured body together give a premium finish to the laptop which will surely turn the eyes around you.
  • 15.6-inch screen supporting full HD resolution video and being capable of displaying more than a million pixels is the best addition to a mid-range laptop.
  • Anti-glare technology is also implemented on the screen so that you can enjoy high res video without any kind of inconvenience.
  • Intel Core i3 processor tends to deliver powerful processing speeds ranging upto 2.3 GHz having 2 cores with 4Gb ram and 3mb cache memory which is more than enough for multitasking.

Pros: – 

  • Sleek design matching the flagship range laptops with full HD resolution.
  • 1×1 AC W-fi connectivity provides faster browsing speeds.
  • Crystal clear sound is enabled with the presence of 1.5W dual speakers.
  • Comes with windows 10

Cons: – 

  • The trackpad seems a bit glitchy and produces a sound too. 

I have used this laptop myself and trust me it can be the best companion for travelers from all aspects providing flawless performance. Moreover, it also comes with 1 year of onsite warranty which is the best deal to date.

HP 14 Pentium Gold 14-inch laptop

If you prefer a light and thin laptop with a power-packed performance for moderate to heavy usages while travel then this HP 14 Pentium Gold version is made for you. No matter what specs you consider, starting from long-lasting battery to the fast booting time, it leads in every feature with its ultra model specifications. 

Features: –

  • The HP 14 Pentium Gold laptop comes with the massive storage of 256 GB SSD accompanied by the 4gb ram and Intel Pentium 4417U processor enhances its speed for internet browsing, streaming online videos, watching movies, etc.
  • SSD drives are 17 times faster than other traditional laptops of below 25k price range which improves the boot-up time to a great extent.
  • With the weight of 1.47 kg and a compelling texture, it can be the best prop while traveling.
  • HD display accompanied by the vibrancy of 2 million pixels and 14” bright view HD screen it provides a crystal clear video quality.

Pros: – 

  • The Intel Pentium 4417U processor which is 2.3 GHz based is an appreciable complement for the mid-price range.
  • Thin and light.
  • Long-lasting battery which lasts upto 7 hours.
  • One year domestic warranty.
  • Pre-installed Genuine Windows 10.

Cons: – 

  • Good for light to moderate users but not for heavy usages such as gaming.
  • The plastic body tends to scuffs if used roughly.

The HP 14 Pentium Gold is surely a better deal with price ranging below 25k as it is packed with a good processor and faster speed too.  If you are a college student or an employee wanting a system for typing and using the internet then this can turn out to be a fair deal.

Avita Liber NS13A1INO48P Laptop

Avita Liber brings you the most powerful processor in NS13A1INO48P laptop with all modern equipped system in it. Powered by 1.2 GHz Intel Core i5 processor which is the modern chipset for laptop in this decade with the most efficient performance, it can be the best pick for your moderate usages. Moreover, the 13.3-inch screen with full HD IPS bezel-less display is all in for the most compelling viewing experience no matter whether you are streaming online videos or watching movies.

Features: – 

  • The latest 7th generation i5 processor from the Intel core accompanied by the DDR3 memory technology
    is probably the most intriguing feature of the NS13A1INO48P model of Avita Liber.
  • DDR3 memory technology that is complemented with the powerful processor enables multi-tasking with a flawless performance.
  • Crystal clear Full HD bezel-less display promotes the best viewing experience from all angles both in streaming online videos as well as watching movies.
  • A well-engineered body with ultra-slim and lightweight design gives it a cool and modern look to the laptop.
  • A large trackpad with diamond cut beveling allows flawless gesture controls.

Pros: – 

  • Bezel-less IPS display looks great while watching movies.
  • I5 processor complemented with DDR memory technology provides a good performance.
  • It comes with Windows 10.
  • Long-lasting battery that lasts upto 10 hours.
  • Faster SSD provides faster performance.

Cons: –

  • No fingerprint scanner

Best laptop under 30000 with i5 processor if you are looking for a fluid performance while doing a lot of multi-tasking. But if you are so into heavy usage then you can increase your budget a bit more to get hands-on the latest i5 processors with more compelling features too. 

ASUS Vivobook X507UA-Ej838T Laptop

Vivo books from ASUS are well known for their most compelling and impressive combination of ultra-smooth performance and looks. This X507UA-Ej838T model of Asus Vivobook laptop is one of the most intriguing models and by far the best and most preferred one in the list of Best laptops in India under 30000. Incredible screen to body ratio complemented with the massive ram and storage space is the reason for its preference over many other laptops in the race.

Features: – 

  • Intel Core i3-7020U 2.3 GHz, 7th generation processor in the X507 model of Asus Vivo book is the topmost highlighting feature from its rack of features.
  • Faster performance is delivered with the massive 8Gb of ram and the massive storage space of 1Tb 5400 rpm hard drive.
  • The 15.6-inch FHD display with 45% NTSC and the anti-glare panel is one of the most compelling features for a laptop under 30k.
  • A professional-grade codec for precise audio encoding and decoding is also complemented with large speakers and resonance chambers.
  • Incredible battery life is provided with 3 times more lifespan than the normal lithium-ion batteries and it can be charged to 60% in just 49 minutes.

Pros: – 

  • Has a fingerprint scanner for faster logins.
  • ASUS fast charging technology charges from low battery to 60 in just 49 minutes.
  • Lightweight laptop with 1.58kg weight.

Cons: –

  • VGA camera quality is average at this price point.
  • It contains a bloatware application in default.

If you are looking for a top-class model of laptop with high-end features such as fingerprint and stylish design then the X507 model of Asus Vivobook can be your top pick. Besides, it is also having one straight year of manufacturer warranty which is good due to many service centers in several regions.

HP 14q-cs0014TU Thin and Light laptop

The M.2 slot to enable dual storage upgrade, a thin and light design and a bright view HD screen are some of the compelling specs which make it enlisted in the most preferred laptops. The 14q-cs0014TU model of HP laptop comes with 14 core i3 7th gen processor which is quite a powerful processor and is also optimized well to provide 38 percent more battery life than any other laptops in this price point.

Features: – 

  • Availability of M.2 slot in the laptop is probably the most highlighting feature of HP 14q-cs0014TU Laptop which helps in upgrading your storage from a traditional mechanical hard drive to SSD storage.
  • SSD drive is 17x faster than any other traditional drives and thus delivers ultra-speed performance.
  • The i3 7th generation processor with 14 cores provides a good battery life lasting 7 hours which is 38 percent more than the previous generation laptops.
  • The sleek and stylish build of the laptop is clearly the most appealing one having just 1.59 kg weight which makes it perfect for travel.

Pros: – 

  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Supports fast charging which can recharge the battery upto 50 percent in just 45 minutes.
  • Powerful dual speakers that provide a good bass and crystal clear voice.
  • It comes with Microsoft office.
  • Support high-speed Wi-fi.

Cons: – 

  • Screen quality is a bit average.

All the incredible features of HP 14q-cs0014TU Laptop such as 1Tb of storage and sleek design make it the best carry while traveling. If you are looking for a professional laptop with all the required features that enable fast processing speed then this turns out to be the Best hp laptop under 30000 with 1 year of onsite warranty.

Dell Vostro 3478 Intel Core i3 8th gen 14-inch laptop

Dell laptops are known for long-lasting and flawless performance and this Vostro 3478 follows the same trend thus maintaining its reputation upto the mark. Having a 14 inch HD display and having Intel core i3 8th generation, this is probably the best option in the market. Moreover, dell service centers are also available everywhere in the country which justifies the 1-year onsite domestic warranty upto a great extent.

Features: – 

  • The 14 inch HD display of 1366×768 accompanied by the classic design is the topmost feature of the 3478 model of Dell Vostro laptops.
  • Intel Core i3 8th generation processor with 4GB DDR4 Ram provides a good processing speed and optimization for the battery too.
  • Weight of 2.25 kg is a fair amount of weight which will be perfect to carry in the bag like any other dell laptops.
  • It contains 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI and 2 Audio out ports with a CD-Drive. 

Pros: – 

  • 14 inch HD display.
  • Fair battery life.
  • One year of onsite service warranty and availability of service center to resolve and backup any issues.

Cons: – 

  • No fingerprint scanner.
  • No pre-installed operating system.
  • No pre-installed MS office.

If you want a classic laptop which can withhold every requirement with a fair speed and performance but having a long-lasting performance then Dell Vostro can be the Best dell laptop under 30000

Acer Aspire ES 15 NX.GDOSI.012 laptop

Preferring an all-in-one that can accomplish all the essential tasks of yours is surely a smart choice and this Aspire ES 15 NX.GDOSI.012 from Acer is one such laptop. Starting from premium design to a powerful processor to complete any task, Acer has taken care of all basic requirements in this cost-effective price range.  

Features: – 

  • A beautiful design with a premium finish on the Aspire ES 15 NX.GDOSI.012 model of Acer laptop is probably the topmost feature.
  • The 15.6” high definition screen provides a better viewing experience for digital entertainment and opening multiple windows as well.
  • Powered by Intel Core i3 6006U processor it provides flawless yet most efficient performance for light to moderate users from all aspects.
  • 4GB DDR3 ram and 1TB 3400rpm hard drive provide faster performance with massive storage space which also supports multitasking.

Pros: – 

  • Comes with Windows 10 64 bit Operating system in default.
  • in
  • Long-lasting battery life with 6.5 hours.
  • 15.6-inch screen display favors the best viewing experience.

Cons: – 

  • No fingerprint scanner.
  • Not favor
    able for gamers.

If you are looking for all-round performance in the mid-range segment which supports your moderate usages then Acer Aspire ES 15 NX.GDOSI.012 laptop is surely the best choice from every perspective. 

Asus Thin and Light Core i3 7th Generation Laptop

Asus is known for providing the best displays in laptop and this X507UA-EJ836T model from the company is in the same journal with 15.6 fHD display that provides incredible viewing experience. Not only this, the impeccable ice-cool technology infused in it provides faster performance even in heavy usages. 

Features: – 

  • The incredible 15.6-inch display with an anti-glare panel and 60HZ refresh rate is by far the most compelling feature of the Asus X507UA-EJ836T model laptop.
  • Powered by Intel Core i3 7020U 7th generation processor this laptop provides an insane performance even in heavy usages by having the massive storage of 1TB 5400 rpm hard drive.
  • Having a weight of 1.68 kg this laptop is perfect to carry it while traveling.
  • It also features a fingerprint scanner for easy login procedure.
  • ASUS ice-cool technology provides smooth and faster performance by using smart fan control and smart design.

Pros: –

  • ASUS ice-cool technology keeps the processor cool even in heavy usages.
  • 6 hours of battery life.
  • Has a fingerprint scanner.
  • Lightweight

Cons: – 

  • Games can be played only in low graphics settings.

If you are a professional having the need for a laptop every day for moderate to heavy usage followed by a little gaming this can be the best choice from the market due to the incredible cool technology and efficient processor.

Lenovo Ideapad 330 7th Gen Intel Core Laptop

A simple setup with a powerful processor to accomplish any kind of task and handle multitasking to some extent is surely a good choice from the price point of view. But the 81DCOIA1IN model of Lenovo Idea pad will surely surpass your expectations with some incredible tweaks of it. Starting from a flawless performance by the 7th geni3 processor to the lighting fast responsiveness it turns out to be the Best laptop under 30000 with windows 10. 

Features: – 

  • The 81DCOIA1IN model of Lenovo Idea pad is powered by the 7th generation Intel I3-7020U processor which is the latest processor known for its butter smooth performance.
  • Full HD display with 15.6-inch screen accompanied by the anti-glare technology provides the best watching experience from every angle
  • 4GB of Ram complemented with the 1TB of HDD provides incredible performance in heavy usages and multi-tasking as well.
  • Lightweight built with just 2.2 kg and 180-degree hinge makes it best for travel.

Pros: – 

  • FHD display with a 15.6-inch screen looks compelling.
  • The 7th gen i3 processor provides good performance.
  • Battery life lasting over 5 hours.
  • It comes with a one-year on-site warranty.

Cons: – 

  • No fingerprint scanner.
  • The processing speed is quite average.

If you are a college student and can be in a convenient place like home or college with a charging facility then this could be a good prop to accomplish your daily task. The 7th gen i3 processor is not a bad one but when it comes to heavy usages it lags behind a step which is quite reasonable for the price below 30000. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Laptop

Preferring a laptop over a desktop is quite a smart choice even if you are looking for a prop to accomplish daily tasks without any kind of inconvenience. Moreover, buying a laptop would need an inch of money to invest in it which is surely expensive than a desktop.

Being in the modern generation, looking out for a desktop is not a good idea unless you are a heavy gamer or you are into blogging, rendering videos, etc. However, if you are decided to buy a laptop then there are a few key factors that should be considered to crack the best deal from the market with high-end specifications and cost-effective pricing as well.


Before you hop onto the retail stores or online stores to analyze the laptops in order to find the best one, make sure what you are upto and what your requirements are. If you are an office employee having a lot of software works with separate IDE or heavy software like AutoCAD, then you should probably go with more sized ram and large storage space. On the other hand, being a traveler, battery plays a major role. Size matters if you are a college student when you want it to be compatible so that it can fit your bag and desk as well.

Screen Size and Screen Quality

The screen size of the laptop totally depends upon your preferences and requirements. The screen size of the modern laptops starts at 11.6 inches and ends up at 15.6 inches which is quite comfortable for every user. However, if you are more into watching movies and streaming online videos then screen quality surely matters. You should select between HD or FHD based on the pixels count and refresh rates to get the best viewing experience from all angles.


Weight matters a lot while using a laptop as the place of its usage influences its body size as well as weight.  A heavyweight conventional laptop may have a massive storage and fast processor but can’t be used anywhere conveniently. This is why one should always prefer a lightweight laptop over the heavyweight models to get the most of it anywhere. However, if you can get a faster processor followed by a large screen and lightweight body then it could be the best deal probably.


The processor is the topmost considerable feature while buying a laptop in the market besides looks and weight as in the end; it’s the only prop that will accomplish your task. Never go for the older processor even if it is powered by a massive battery and having a good storage space as they won’t suit the latest usage criteria. High graphics settings and multitasking features are supporting only the i3 and i5 processor of the third to the seventh generation and they should only be preferred.

Connectivity, Trackpad, and Accessories

The latest models of laptops probably have high-end accessories and seamless connectivity features but one should prefer a device with most of them. USB 3.0 ports, HDMI ports, USB 2.0 ports, a good speaker and reliable trackpads are some of the features of high-end models. High-speed Wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity are also the features that should be cross-checked while going through the specifications.

Final Words

Besides considering all the features and going through several models of Laptops from several companies, it is also necessary to go through their price ranges as well. It is always better to look out for seasonal offers, rate cutters, and coupon codes while buying a laptop. In this scenario, preferring the online stores could be even more beneficial as you can compare the specifications as well as prices with many other companies in the showcase. On the other hand, if you are about to choose a company for a laptop, a renowned company with a reputed streak in their past are considered always the best even while offer seasons are running on.  

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