10 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India (2022)

A washing machine now becomes a common home appliance in order to reduce human efforts as well as time in washing clothes. Front loading washing machine is quite a beneficial deal while buying a washing machine as they provide better performance than other models.  
Buying a front loading washing machine could be a difficult task in the present day scenario as there are a number of companies emerged which are providing similar features varying in price, features, performance, etc. Therefore we provide you the list of the best front loading washing machine in 2019 which are enlisted based on every key factor to be taken into count while buying a washing machine

Best Front Load Washing Machine In India

LG 8kg Fully Automated Front loading Washing Machine

Preferring an advanced washing machine which possesses every feature and specification required is kind of obvious in 2019. The front loading washing machine from LG of 8kg is the top class model in this preference with quite a reasonable price. Some upgraded features such as Smart ThinQ Wi-fi, heater, 6 motion technology, and Turbo Wash, etc makes it enlisted in the best Front loading Washing Machine for home. This would be the perfect choice for every buyer who wants to upgrade their conventional washing machine at the home.
Features: –

  • The 6 motion direct drive technology in the 8kg Washing machine of Bosch is probably the best for employee households.
  • The motor is attached directly which means no unwanted noise and vibration.
  • Incredible performance by the steam wash which sterilizes the bacteria and removes allergens from clothes is quite an impressive addition.
  • Smart ThinQ Wi-fi feature lets you take control of the machine from the Smartphone.
  • Heater, Smart diagnosis, Water Proof touch panel, and child lock features are also some advanced addition which makes it preferable.

The 8kg front loading washing machine also comes with 2 years of warranty on the product as well as 10 years on the motor which makes it trustworthy from all aspects. With a good reasonable price, those appealing offerings in a washing machine are quite beneficial.

Bosch 8kg front loading Washing Machine- WAT2446IN

Faster and efficient performance with the good build quality is a need of every buyer of the washing machine. Bosch does this in the best way with top class intriguing features packed in a single machine. The 8kg model of front-loading washing machine from Bosch is undoubtedly the best in the Indian market with the incredible features as well as attractive specifications in it. Moreover being fully automated and German manufactured, it is a trustworthy device for the expensive clothes accompanied with the faster performance with pristine cleaning in just 60 minutes.
Features: –

  • The 60 minutes faster express wash saves a lot of time of households.
  • Active water plus technology in Bosch Washing machine automatically senses the laundry weight.
  • Eco silence drive motor, low water pressure, Reload function, Vario Drum and Anti-vibration design make it perfectly suited for every lifestyle in India.
  • Keys can also be locked by the child lock technology which restricts any further changes by the child.

12 years of motor warranty and 2 years of comprehensive warranty which makes it quite a compelling offer from the price point of view. All the features packed in a reasonably priced device and the overwhelming offers from the company surely makes it the best front loading washing machine for India.

Samsung 8kg fully automated front loading washing machine

Great optimization by saving energy as well as providing incredible performance is done best by Samsung. Being a world-renowned brand, Samsung offers the powerful 8kg front loading washing machine which possesses Eco bubble technology and intensive stain removal technology which enhances the washing experience form core.
Besides those attractive features, durability and design of the machine is also a high class which is most preferred by people of classic lifestyle. Moreover, gentle fabric care is also provided as a compliment to all the intensive performance-based features which makes it all in one package.
Features: –

  • The Eco bubble technology is the topmost quality of this 8kg washing machine from Samsung which makes it advanced and special too. This provides instant stain removal by penetrating deep inside the fabrics and cleaning dirt totally.
  • The transparent crystal glass door of the washing machine gives an elegant as well as the decent look which can merge with the interiors of every house.
  • Chemical free drum sanitization feature is also one of the best features the Samsung model washing machine which most people are fond of.

Besides offering exceptional features, easy maintenance is also provided included easy troubleshooting and moreover, it comes with 2 years of product warranty and 10 years of motor warranty which will surely be justified with the incredible customer service of Samsung thus making it the best front loading washing machine.

IFB 8kg Fully Automatic Front loading washing machine

People often bother about the quality of washing machine they buy to wash their expensive and delicate clothes whether it provides gentle care and good wash at a time, but with IFB there will no worries about your clothes.
The 8kg fully automated front loading washing machine is an incredible performer with some impeccable features such as Aqua energy, Ball Valve technology, 3D wash system and high low voltage protection system, etc. 
Features: –

  • The front loading washing machine has an amazing feature called Air Bubble Wash where the created bubbles are released to the water flow which activates the detergent particles to enhance the cleaning performance.
  • Cradle wash is also highly appreciable feature for the delicate clothes like chiffons, satins, silks, and laces.
  • Ball valve technology is helpful in helping the detergents to penetrate inside the fabrics by letting the water out and thus prevents wastage too.
  • Crescent moon drum provides gentle water cushion which protects the clothes from damage.

All these features of IFB front loading washing machine complimented with the 3D wash system and auto balance system come with the 4 years of comprehensive warranty on the product which makes it most trustworthy and dedicated washing machine of the year.

IFB 7 kg fully automated front loading washing machine

Craving for the perfectly packed features in a washing machine is surely a good thing when you have tons of options in the market to choose from. Well, with the 7kg front loading washing machine, you can get every needed feature in a single package. Extreme level performance with the gentle care of the delicate and expensive clothes is also promoted with the Aqua energy technology which provides filter treatment for both hard water and cradle wash with care.
Features: –

  • The fully automated front loading washing machine from IFB comes with cradle wash technology which provides an ideal cleaning job for delicate clothes like satin, chiffon, and silks.
  • Softer wash is promoted with the Aqua energy which can dissolve the detergent better to enhance the softer washing capabilities.
  • Soaking and cleaner wash is controlled with the 2D wash system with less power consumption.
  • Crescent moon drum, Ball valve technology, and high low voltage protection are some of the most compelling features.
  • The best thing about the 7kg front loading washing machine is that it comes with the long term 100% warranty on the product for 4 years and 10 years for the parts.

The best thing about the 7kg front loading washing machine of IFB which makes it most appealing is that it comes with the long term 100% warranty on the product for 4 years and 10 years for the parts.

Bosch 7kg fully Automatic front loading Washing Machine

A smart, as well as compatible front loading washing machine, is surely a good choice by every household as besides occupying less space it can provide some exceptional performance from its features.
The 7kg Automatic front loading Washing machine is one such kind which will surely meet your expectation if you are either looking for a new washing machine or else wanting to upgrade the older ones too.  By varying the modes provided, one can vary the speed of the machine without compromising in the quality of wash from any aspects.
Features: –

  • Faster cleaning with the very own active water technology is one of the best features of the Bosch 7kg front loading washing machine.
  • variorum controls the wash quality as well as provides gentle care to the fabrics with the smart distribution of water and detergent based on the quality of the fabrics.
  • The most efficient performance of the washing machine is also carried on with low water pressure.
  • Low noise level and reload function with child lock features for every key are also some attractive pieces of specifications.

Bosch 7kg front loading washing machine also has some astonishing features such as volt check and drum clean which makes it easy to maintain. This would be a perfect choice for middle class holds with the beneficial 2 years of warranty.

LG 6.5 kg Inverter fully Automated front loading washing machine

LG brings you the all new advanced and updated features which make it the most preferred and liked front loading washing machine in the Indian market. The 6.5 kg inverter fully loaded washing machine comes with the 6 motion direct drive technology which can remove tough stains easily and faster too by moving in multiple directions and getting the clothes ultra clean. Inverter direct drive and steam wash are also the high-end features of this model.
Features: –

  • 6 motion direct drive technology is one of the most beneficial features of the LG 7kg front loading washing machine which moves the wash drums in multiple directions and cleans tougher stains without any traces on the cloth.
  • Steam wash is also an advanced feature which clears the germs and allergens from hard fabrics to the delicate clothes easily.
  • Heater attached to the washing machine of LG can heat the drum up to 60 degrees which can remove stubborn stains as well as allergens permanently.
  • Smart diagnosis and Smart ThinQ NFC enables to control and maintain the device in any adverse conditions.

2 straight years of product warranty and 10 years of the motor having 1000 rpm torque are some overwhelming offerings from LG that one can never regret.

IFB 8.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This front-load washing machine by IFB has a 5-star energy rating ensuring your water and energy savings to the fullest. It has a generous 8.5kg which is ideal for large families. Unlike, most front-loading machines that come at this price range, this one provides a very high spin speed of 1400 rpm which facilitates fast and optimum drying.

Apart from its lucrative features and specifications, the washing machine comes with a stylish exterior design that can blend seamlessly with the interior decor of your house. Based on the number of features it comes with and its overall performance, this washing machine is one of the best in the market right now.


  • It comes with a Ball Valve Technology which lets you drain the water out while retaining the detergent for the next wash cycle thus preventing wastage. 
  • This washing machine has a Laundry Add Option which lets you pause the washing cycle to add more laundry.
  • It gives you a choice from 9 drum movements to adjust to the type of clothing you want to wash.
  • This model by IFB comes with an in-built heater which allows customers who do not have access to hot water to use it while washing clothes.
  • If you have kids and elderly at home, the Anti Allergen feature makes sure that your clothes are free of allergens as well as other germs to keep your family’s allergies at bay.

Along with numerous attractive features and energy-saving attributes, the washing machine also comes with a warranty of 4 years on both the product as well as the motor.


LG 6.5 kg fully automatic front loading washing machine

The fully automatic front loading washing machine from LG is the most efficient washing machine at present in the market with the perfect required capacity of 6.5 kg and some extravagant features too. With the most advanced 6, motion control technology can wash away tougher to tougher stains instantly. Steam wash also promotes allergen and bacteria wash without leaving any traces of pollutants in any kind of fabrics. Delicate or expensive clothes can be preserved as well as cleaned perfectly with the steam wash and 6 motion control technology which makes it the best front loading washing machine incompatible size from LG Company.
Features: –

  • The most advanced 6 motion direct drive technology is the best in the washing department which can wash away every kind of stains and pollutants from the core. By selecting a program, the drum moves in several multiple directions which enhances the performance of the washing machine.
  • Noiseless washing is improved with the help of inverter direct drive technology.
  • Extra gentle care for delicate and expensive clothes is also promoted besides easy to maintain and smart diagnosis features of the front loading washing machine of LG.

LG 6.5 fully automatic front loading washing machine is probably the most compatible as well as powerful means of washing clothes in an efficient way which is complemented with 2 years of product warranty as well as 10 years on motor warranty.

Bosch 6.5 kg fully automated front loading washing machine

Some impeccable features such as Active water plus, Anti-crease cycle and Anti-vibration design makes the Bosch 6.5 kg front loading washing machine. All those exceptional features are also accompanied by the drum interior light, duo ironic and build of easy iron which can promote gentle care to delicate and expensive clothes.
Features: –

  • A perfect hygienic wash is assured with the ECARF certification which makes the Bosch 6.5 kg front loading washing machine a sole device in the market.
  • Active water plus technology can adjust the water level by sensing the amount of load and equally taking the water required for a load of clothes loaded in the drum.
  • The Anti-crease cycle can separate the clothes based on their types and delicacy which eventually promotes the smoothening of the garments in just an hour.
  • Eco perfect to reduce the power consumption, eco projection to set the program as per your requirement, eco silence drive to ensure high energy efficiency and low power consumption and low heat as per the selected garment are quite appreciable features.

Besides providing some incredible features, 10 years of warranty on the 1000 rpm motor makes it totally affordable from every point of view.

LG 6kg inverter fully automatic front loading washing machine

With the compatible size, energy efficient and incredible performance, LG is probably leading the market in India. The 6kg front loading washing machine from LG is also one of the smart choices in this aspect as the 6 motion direct drive technology in this price point of view is quite an amazing deal that one should never leave. Smart diagnosis and locking features are also some complimenting features of this washing machine which makes it lead the market with faster cleaning and incredible support.
Features: –

  • Being the fully automated technology, the washing machine from LG provides the best wash quality as well as energy and water efficient.
  • The 6kg capacity of the washing machine is perfectly suited for couples and small families.
  • Some impeccable features such as noiseless wash, intense stainless cleaning, waterproof touch panel, Auto restart button, Heater makes it the best choice in the real-time applications.
  • Smart diagnosis is also quite compelling features that one could surely swear on for incredible performance.

The small size capacity with the same features as that of expensive front loading washing machine makes it the perfect choice for the middle-class persons and middle-class families in India.

Samsung 6kg fully automated front loading washing machine

The compatible size and medium capacity of front-loading washing machine seem to be quite low in performance but Samsung optimizes the features to peaks thus ensuring the best outcomes from all aspects possible. Advanced bubble soak technology to remove stubborn stains by soaking the clothes with the active detergent makes the washing more efficient. Ceramic heater and diamond drum features enhance the gentle fabric care from all points thus providing an energy efficient and powerful performance.
Features: –

  • The digital motor delivers impeccable energy efficiency with minimal noise and long-lasting performance makes the Samsung 6kg fully automates front loading washing machine a high-end choice for the buyers.
  • Quick wash technology accompanied with the Bubble soak, ceramic heater, and a wide range of sensors makes the washing machine an incredible performer in the adverse conditions too.
  • Superior energy efficiency is provided with the digital inverter with ideal performance as well as minimal noise.
  • Voltage control protects the washing machine by stabilizing the voltage fluctuations and automatically restarts in all kinds of trips.

Samsung’s 6kg front loading washing machine can be a perfect choice for middle-class people with the 3 years of warranty on the product as well as 10 years of warranty on the digital inverter motor.

3 Front Loading Washing Machines Brands


Founded in 1958, the LG front load washers are the best performers and come with hi-tech front-loading systems. If you want something that will be sleek in terms of look while also giving you a range of functionalities, then it’s worth considering the LG front load washer. 

Why choose LG?

  • They come with customized options, front load washing machines often come with wi-fi connectivity because it will be washing the laundry in another way. 
  • Whenever there is any case of an unbalanced load being detected in the washer, it starts adjusting the load. 
  • The turbo wash officially introduced in the system helps in offering quick and soaking time.


German multinational engineering, as well as technology company founded in 1886 and headquartered in Harlingen, is one of the well-known companies for its mobility solutions, consumer goods, as well as industrial technology. Later on, the company started with the large-scale facility of side load washing machines. 

Why choose Bosch?

  • The front-load washing machines are available as free-standing or built-in solutions. 
  • You will get the range of the automatic front load washing machine setup that comes with the customized designs to draw movements. 
  • You can also wash the fabric of the clothes in the way you want.


Founded in 1938, Samsung is a leading brand. You can get the fully automatic front loading washing machines with hygienics steam cycle. When you purchase it from Samsung, you can rest assured each of them come with the ecobubble technology and Fabric care. The energy-saving units are great enough for maintaining the hygienic cleaning of your clothes. 

Why choose Samsung?

  • The Samsung front load washing machines come with the speciality of using less water and prove to be gentle on the clothes. 
  • The front-load washing machines are fitted perfectly under workshops. 
  • The testing of the Samsung washing machines exhibits excellent cleaning availability with high-end fabric care performance.

Buying Guide: Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading washing machines are considered a smart choice over the top loader ones because they are more water and energy efficient than all other models. Although it comes with a bit more price than the top loader ones, one can be ensured of high end as well as long-lasting performance if a proper and best model of the front-loading washing machine is chosen. The best way to go with the decision is to prefer online stores considering some key factors before buying them. Some of the key factors are

Motor: – 

When it comes to preference of the front loading washing machine, the motor is given the topmost priority as the entire performance of the machine totally depends upon the motor. The torque and efficiency of motors vary from one company to other but the priority should be given to the washing machines which possess more torque than others. The best motor is one which is energy efficient as well as possessing more power too.

High end advanced features: – 

With the emerging of technology there are lots of advanced features emerged such as steam, heater, anti-allergens, and bubble soak, etc. The best washing machine, in this case, would be the one with more features packages in one machine. One should always prefer the washing machine with updated features at best deal to get a good value for money.

Energy and water efficiency: – 

There are lots of front loading washing machines which consumes more electricity besides providing good performance to the users. Using the heavy duty motor and some advanced electronics attached to it will consume much electricity resulting in more electricity bills. Thus one should always choose an efficient washer with a proper star rating embraced on the washing machine.

Gentle care: – 

Besides providing instant removal of stubborn stains, it is also equally important to protect the clothes from tears and damages. Intricate designer clothes, as well as expensive attires such as chiffon sarees and silk sarees, are prone to damages often which should be washed gently so that the dirt and allergens are removed as well as the fabric is also protected. For this, bubbles soak and steam technology involved in the front loading washing machine will be highly beneficial. These will make the active detergents penetrate inside the fabrics and clean it from the core.

Final Words

Preferring a front loading washing machine is way better than the top loading models even if they have high-speed motors because the vertical rotation enhances the wash quality to a great extent. Although some factors such as price, specifications, and features should be considered before buying any model, going through the brief analyzes of buying guide reduce your efforts. Online shopping would rather be even easier which provides comparison and lots of offers than the retail stores.

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