The 10 Best Ceiling Fans in India (2021)

From across the world, ceiling fans have been gaining a lot of attention as one of the ideal appliances providing a solution for home comfort. Their popularity will increase endlessly because of the charming supplement for making the breathless cooling effect in summers.
The amazing feature that makes the ceiling fans different and unique from others is their cooling capacity that can re-circulate the warm air rising in the room that gets trapped by it, and also can be used for home heating in winters.  All you need is to just turn it ON in the reverse direction.

Top 3 Ceiling Fans Brands


Atomberg Gorilla is a household appliance company which is based in India. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of IIT-IIM graduates and their first-ever product was Gorilla ceiling fans which were received with impressive customer satisfaction. Henceforth, they have expanded their area of expertise from just fans and now strives to provide smart and energy-efficient household appliances. 

Why choose Gorilla?

  • They are the winner of United Nations GCIP 2016 which makes them one of the best choices to get energy-saving products from.
  • The BLDC motor in the Gorilla fans further helps to reduce energy consumption.
  • They give an impressive warranty on their products, especially the ceiling fans which have a warranty of 3 years.


Trusted by millions of Indian families, Havells is one of the best choices if you want to buy electrical equipment for your home. Be it kitchen appliances like mixers and grinders or personal products like hairdryers and straighteners, or, home appliances such as ceiling fans and lighting systems, Havells have been manufacturing them since 1958.

Why choose Havells?

  • They deliver durable, long-lasting products.
  • Their customer service is consistent and makes sure that their customers are never unhappy with their products.
  • Havells is a reputed company when it comes to high-quality home appliances.


Established in 1878, Crompton Greaves is an Indian company that is mainly concerned with generating, transmitting, and distributing power by manufacturing products related to them. They have their own range of motors, ceiling fans, geysers, and other such household appliances and have been one of the most dominant competitors since the last 20 years. 

Why choose Crompton?

  • The products of Crompton are uniquely designed which can enhance the interior decor of any house.
  • Their ceiling fans give a super-silent performance.
  • They deliver affordable products without compromising the quality.

10 Best Ceiling Fans in India

1. Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 3 Blade
Gorilla Ceiling Fan is India’s most energy efficient fan powered by energy efficient BLDC motor. This product is designed and manufactured by IIT Bombay Alumni.  Their smart motor turning algorithms lower the heat loss and provide ultimate results to the users.
Why choose Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Ceiling Fan?
Gorilla Ceiling Fan Runs 3 times longer on inverter than ordinary fans with better output performance (RPM and air delivery spread).  Additionally, its power consumption is full speed at 28w which reduces power consumption by 65%. Winner of United Nations GCIP 2016 in energy efficiency category becomes one of the major reasons behind choosing this product over others.

  • Super energy efficient BLDC Motor
  • Easy speed control using smart remote
  • No humming noise
  • Consistent performance even at low voltage and power
  • 3 years of limited warranty


  • Runs swimmingly at wide voltage vary of 110-285V
  • Zero heating of motor results in enhanced fan-life
  • Noiseless operations
  • Smart Remote-Controlled
  • Sleep Mode
  • Increases comfort level


  • High price

Bottom Line: Bring home this Gorilla 3 Blade Ceiling fan and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in your room, even during the scorching summers.

2. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan
This fan comes to you with metallic paint that keeps on shining and lasts long. This ceiling fan remains just like new for years. With Decorative trims on motor cover and blades with a stunning color combination, it enhances the look of your home ceiling.
Why choose Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist and Copper)?
This product is Available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm sweeps and is made from materials that offer easy cleaning and lasting use. It is a very powerful device, which delivers cool breeze with maximum comfort and minimum of power consumption which makes it a perfect choice to buy.

  • No. of Blades: 3 Blades
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Sweep/Fan Size: 1200 mm
  • Speed: 350 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 72 W


  • High-speed delivery
  • It is Gold Mist copper
  • High range of rotations per minute, almost 350 RPM
  • Can be used in large rooms, offices as well as small rooms
  • Easy to maintain on a regular basis
  • Ensures that no corner of the room is left untouched by air.

High price
Bottom line: Give a new and complete look to your room by adding a stylish ceiling fan with stunning color combination available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400 mm sweeps from their wide range. These ceiling fans are sure to impress you by their quality.

3. Crompton HS Power Saver Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Ceiling Fan
Crompton HS Plus comes with Motor Speed 320 RPM and Blade Sweep 1200 mm. Crompton’s range of ceiling fans supply the correct balance of aesthetics and utility and facilitate to create certain that you stay cool, despite what the weather.
Why choose Crompton HS Plus 48-inch 53-Watt Ceiling Fan?
Crompton offers easily adjustable speeds, and a range of options to fit any kind of aesthetic setting.

  • Sweep/Fan Size (in mm):1200
  • Silent performance
  • Power Consumption (in Watts): 53
  • Number of Blades: 3


  • Super quiet, calm and safe
  • Competitive prices
  • Greater reliability and higher air delivery
  • Running Speed of a Fan


  • Warranty of the product is only one month

Bottom line: One of the direct benefits of Power Saver Ceiling Fan is cutting down of electricity bills which can save on your utility costs, and provide a great deal over time.

4. Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan
This energy saving ceiling fan with a sweep of 1200mm ensures that air gets circulated in every corner of your room in a uniform manner.  Even if there is a voltage fluctuation, the ceiling fan still delivers superb performance. It is the Best Ceiling Fan for Bedrooms that can complement most interior decor schemes.
Why choose Havells ES-50 Five Star Fan?
With a proven track record and extremely reliable performance, the Havells ES 50 ceiling fan is a nice choice. This product’s durable paint finish ensures that the fan lasts long without causing any hassles and this is the reason behind why people should choose this product.

  • Type: Ceiling Fan
  • Motor Speed: 350 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 50 W
  • Number of Speed Settings: 4
  • Double ball bearing system
  • Durable paint finish


  • Quality of ceiling fan
  • It’s an extremely reliable performer
  • Save on your power bills


  • The price is on the higher end

Bottom line: This is a useful choice to keep you cool and comfortable during warm summer months.  Also ensures a better cooling experience to the users.

5. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan
Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan emulates the designer shape with its sleek silhouette; it makes a modern statement in any space. The Azure blue color given to this ceiling fan allows this model to be custom tailored to your home setting. The blade and the body are built to complement the motor to provide seamless integration of the blades and machinery. An additional feature is a silent motor because of which you will hardly notice the sound of this ceiling fan.
Why choose Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan?
Orient Electric Wendy ceiling fan sports a 21st-century design and technology to create a ceiling fan of unmatched quality. Using the finest materials, this product is sure to fit in nicely with most decor and furnishings so it’s time to buy this product for a wonderful experience

  • Blade Sweep: 1200 mm
  • Type: Ceiling
  • Provided with down rod cover
  • Stylish blade trims
  • Metallic finishes of dual color combination
  • Wide blades for high air thrust


  • High air thrust and delivery
  • Less power consumption
  • Comes in different shades of azure blue
  • Longer color coating life


  • Warranty of the product is very less

Bottom line: Cool off and keep the air circulating in your space with this ceiling fan. The fan is a sure shot buy if you are looking for convenient cooling options for your home.

6. Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm Ceiling Fan
Usha Striker dust ceiling fan comes with hydrophobic feature (water resistant) and oleo phobic property (oil resistant ) which attracts lesser dust. Its Lacquer metallic paint on the body imparts superior finish and unparalleled appearance to the product.
The fan is provided with V2 grade ball bearing sophisticatedly designed to reduce friction and power loss, thereby generating a whisper quiet operation with remarkably reduced noise.
Why choose Usha Striker Galaxy 1200mm Ceiling Fan?
This product is easy to clean and requires less frequent cleaning.  It improves overall hygiene that provides a new look to the fan with every clean and is an ultimate choice to buy.
Moreover, the superior grade electrical steel lamination used in the development of the stator coil bestows long life and durability to the fan.

  • Dust resistant coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Aerodynamically designed blades with high elevate lift angle for wider air unfold
  • Speed: 385 rpm, air sweep: 1200 mm
  • Superior grade electrical steel lamination for long life


  • Performs well at low voltage
  • Beautifully crafted for modern décor
  • Less pressure to clean


  • Warranty of the product is its major drawback which does not ensure quality among the costumers.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a silent fan for your ceiling, it’s an ultimate choice to buy because of its whisper-quiet operation and durability.

7. Orient Electric Joan 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Joan 1200mm Ceiling Fan
Orient Electric is a part of the CK Birla Group with a history of lasting connections with well-known global companies.  They operate in three industry sectors: technology and automotive, home and building, and healthcare and education
Orient Electric Joan Ceiling Fan includes a three-layered canopy and wood finish blades that add elegance to the exceptional looks.  The blades are fashioned to be wide to create a higher air thrust and powerful air delivery. This fan is smooth and modern, with a flat, very contemporary look formed by wood finish blades to complement a rustic wood cabin appearance.
Why choose Orient Electric Joan 1200mm Ceiling Fan?
Homage to modern day design, inventive minds crafted this Orient electric ceiling fan to make perfect airflow settings pair with absolute style.

  • It has a 1200 mm sweep
  • Fan size of 14 inches
  • The maximum speed of 320 RPM
  • An air displacement of 4000C PM (Cubic feet Per Minute)
  • Color: pine wood metallic brown


  • Fashioned with flat looks
  • Stylish chrome finishes nuts
  • Adds elegance to its already premium looks


  • High price

Bottom line: The Orient Electric Joan ceiling fan consumes just about 51 Watts of electricity, presenting you with an economical choice that will help you conserve electricity consumption in the long run of its usage.

8. SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fan

SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fan comes with a 9-key remote that has 6 keys for controlling the speed of Superfan and two keys for fine control of speed, and a pattern key for simulating a natural breeze.
With electrical consumption of only thirty-five Watts, Superfan is India’s most energy-efficient ceiling fan.
Why choose SUPERFAN Super X1 Ceiling Fan?
Effective Service value of more than 6, more air per watt, no heat generated by the fan motor, cool operation, and no extra noise during operation from inverter supply that makes you feel relax are few of the reasons to buy this product.

  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Indication for remote operation
  • Feather touch keys
  • Powder coating
  • Green producing (recycled cardboard box, ROHS electronics, VOC free paint)
  • World-class ball bearings
  • Parts from reputed sources


  • Lower electricity bill
  • Energy savings
  • High speed,
  • The high volume of air
  • Consistent speed in low voltage and varying voltage


  • Price is quite exhorbitant

Bottom line: It is the perfect ceiling fan for places where quietness is appreciated such as  – classrooms, libraries, offices, hospitals, bedrooms etc.

9. Bajaj Harrier 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Harrier 1200mm Ceiling Fan
Bajaj Harrier Ceiling Fan is a premium quality Ceiling Fan from Bajaj with Fan Sweep: 1200 mm. This product is manufactured by using quality assured material and advanced techniques, which make them up to the standard in this highly challenging field.
Why choose Bajaj Harrier 1200mm Ceiling Fan?
Bajaj products are widely acknowledged in the market for their high quality. The company is dedicatedly involved in providing an excellent quality array of Bajaj Ceiling Fans.

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Excellent performance at low voltage
  • Full Aluminum Body
  • Number of Blades: 3 Blades
  • Blade Type: Metal
  • Motor speed: 380 RPM
  • No. of Speed Settings: 5
  • Power Consumption: 66 Watts


  • High Air Delivery
  • High Speed
  • Metallic Finish
  • Energy efficient performance


  • Less warranty period comes with the product

Bottom line:
Designed keeping in mind style, energy efficiency, and cooling, these ceiling fans are sure to impress you. After performing detailed market surveys, it is chosen as the most reliable and official Ceiling Fan.
The above in the list are the oldest and for a decade now.  Check them carefully and bring them into your home for quality air and for a modern look.

10. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High-Speed Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt fan is a durable and affordable product which has a simple design. The fan has 3 blades whose design has been optimised to be aerodynamic and are thus wider in appearance. This design gives them better strength and results in more efficient air thrust. The motor of this ceiling fan is powerful when it comes to high rotation speed and is bigger in size to facilitate better heat dissipation. 

Why Choose a Luminous Dhoom High-Speed Ceiling Fan?

Products by Luminous are known to be highly durable and power efficient. With an ergonomic design, this ceiling fan is a complete package with an elegant design, impressive air delivery, and energy-efficient motor. 


  • It has a 1200 mm sweep
  • It has a high maximum speed of 380 rotations per minute. 
  • Given the performance, the consumption of energy is very low.
  • It has an eye-catching design that spruces up any space.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Very high speed
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price range


  • Can be a bit noisy

Bottom Line: It is a good product for people living in a hotter climate and is in need of fast and efficient cooling.

What Are the Different Types of Ceiling Fans?

Even before the air conditioners came into being, ceiling fans were man’s best friend when it came to relief from the hot summer seasons. Over the years these ceiling fans have undergone a lot of changes in design and functioning. The following are the different types of ceiling fans that you can find today.

  • The chandelier ceiling fans: A chandelier ceiling fan like the namesake is the combination of a ceiling fan with a chandelier. The design is essentially that of a ceiling fan with light fixtures present in it. In certain models, the blades of the ceiling fan are encased within the lighting fixture while in other cases the manufacturer attaches separate blade extensions for the fan. The model is ideal if you wish to use a compact ceiling space for both the lights and a fan.

  • Decorative ceiling fans: These models are essentially ceiling fans which are designed as per a certain theme. This theme can be anything from sports to pop culture. These ceiling fans are ideal for a kid’s room or in instances when the owner wants to add an innovative touch to the interiors.

  • Modern ceiling fans: Modern ceiling fans are designed with a minimalistic design. This is deliberately done so that the fan blends seamlessly with the décor of the room. Additionally, you can get lighting fixtures incorporated within some of the models.

  • Outdoor ceiling fans: Outdoor ceiling fans are best suited for places with a lot of extra moisture. Hence these models are the ideal ones if you want the fan in a damp place or a place with a lot of additional moisture in the air. Different designs are also available for these ceiling fans to allow them seamlessly blend with the exterior decorations.

  • Dual ceiling fans: Dual ceiling fans are models with multiple heads. These models are ideal for rooms with a tall ceiling since the air will be directed at all corners of the room instead of only directly below the fan.

  • Large ceiling fans: These ceiling fans are ideal to cool a large space. The fans have a blade span of 29 to 54-inches and up to 80-inches in some cases. The large ceiling fans are not ideal for a home since its heavy nature will not cool the rooms properly.   

Best and Innovative Features of a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can stand out and perform efficient cooling of your room by just a few features. These are the features that the manufacturer incorporates when designing the fan and which makes it stand out from the rest in the market. When selecting a ceiling fan, you need to keep an eye out for these features. Some of these features are as follows.

  • Every different model of ceiling fans has different motor and blade pitch. These are the two primary factors that define the efficiency of the mode. A motor dictates the fan’s performance, which makes it essential for you to choose a premium one when buying a ceiling fan. The blade pitch of a ceiling fan is directly proportional to the amount of air the fan will move. The ideal blade pitch depends on the nature of the cooling space and how the fan will be used.

  • Ceiling fans have recently received a lot of innovative designs. These can be subtle enough to blend seamlessly with the interior of your house. These designs can also be eye-candy ones that attract the attention of the guests immediately. 

  • Ceiling fans can have a lot of innovative features that make it easier for the owner to handle it. These features include remote control, lighting kits, a variety of touches to the motor and the blades. 

  • One of the most innovative features in the case of a ceiling fan in the incorporated lighting fixtures. These allow the user to use a compact ceiling space for both the fan and lights easily. Many new models of ceiling fans use this design to appeal to a larger customer base. 

  • A ceiling fan certainly saves more money and energy than that of an air conditioner. Installing a ceiling fan in your house can be a great investment on your part as it will allow you to get the necessary cooling in the hot seasons with lesser energy consumption.

How to Choose Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Before buying the right Ceiling Fan for your home, consider the important points including- style and function.  A connected concern is that the quality of ceiling fans has a variety of costs out there and the price defines the standard of the product.
Now, you might ponder which ceiling fan will be the correct one for you.  There is an assortment of various options with regards to ceiling fans that makes it a daunting task to choose the one that is best for you and your home.  In case if you are planning to buy ceiling fans sooner or later, there are numerous things you have to consider.
Here are a couple of tips considered to choose ideal ceiling fan for your home.  
To choose a perfect fan for your space, consider the factors like fan size, noise, motor type, price, energy-efficiency, blade, and its design.
Moreover, what’s your style should also be duly considered such as what sort of fashion you like the most. Ceiling fan designs of square measure typically sorted into standard, modern, and artistic abodes. Another thing to pay heed is- Will the fan be indoors or outdoors? Outdoor fans are pretty hard to come. These kinds of fans are of square measure designed with the high temperatures, low temperatures, dirt, dryness, and wetness of outside conditions in mind. That is why an interior fan ought to never be put in outside conditions.
Make sure you buy the correct fan for the correct conditions .To cool or not to cool? Make sure you buy a devotee that may blow within the downwardly direction throughout heat weather and upwards in atmospheric condition.
Lighting is also a major factor when tends to be usually ignored by the customers. Most of the ceiling fans on the market nowadays can enable you to feature lighting to that if you’d like. Actually, loads of fans can accompany the lighting kits as a part of the acquisition. If light-weight is required within the terribly core of your setting, in addition to the fan, you can choose to buy the fan and lighting kits separately or as one whole package.
Another consideration is support for the ceiling fan which is one of the foremost necessary aspects to put in your ceiling fan. A full assembly fan weighs a lot.  Actually, even the small ones weigh a lot .Most ceiling fan makers have normal directions packaged for mounting the fan to an explicit variety of mounting item higher than the junction item. This will be your best bet.
These are some of the tips that will help you in choose the best ceiling fan for you
No doubt choosing the best ceiling fan is very important for you and these tips can help in the best possible way.  If you want to Buy Online Best Ceiling Fans for your home, try to search online and compare products on the basis of their ratings and customer reviews.

Best Ceiling Fan – Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should We Install a Ceiling Fan for Better Performance?

The ideal place to install a ceiling fan depends solely on the user. Based on the space that needs to be cooled different types of ceiling fan designs are present in the market. For example for a large room you can opt for a dual ceiling fan and an exterior space, you can go for an exterior ceiling fan.

To circulate the best airflow, most experts advise that the blades of the ceiling fan be placed 10 to 12-inches from the ceiling. Otherwise, the blades will not get enough space to circulate the air throughout the room. Additionally, it is advised that the blades of the ceiling fan be present at least 9 to 10-feet above the floor. As far as position is concerned a ceiling fan can be installed in the middle of the room to circulate the air throughout the room.

Should We Install a 3-Blade Ceiling Fan or a 4-Blade One?

A blade is one of the most important parts of a ceiling fan. These blades work using the motor of the fan. Normally the number of blades is proportional to the quality of airflow. But more blades might also lead to the fan facing an increased air resistance.

A 3-blade model will work smoothly since it faces less air resistance and hence will produce lesser noise. Additionally, the load on the motor will be significantly reduced since the fan has only 3 blades. On the other hand, a 4-blade ceiling fan will produce more airflow. But the increased load on the motor will be a potential risk on the lifespan of the ceiling fan.

What Is a Good RPM for a Ceiling Fan?

The RPM (Rotations per Minute) for a ceiling fan is the measure of how fast the blades of the fan can circulates the airflow around the room at a given speed. The RPM is directly associated with the motor speed of the fan. An ideal ceiling fan for you would be one that has six different speed settings from the lowest one to the highest. 

A standard ceiling fan that is best suited for a living room runs at an RPM value of 300 to 350. In the case of a high-speed model, the RPM value is a bit higher. These ceiling fans work at the RPM value of 380 to 390. When buying a ceiling fan, you must check the RPM value mentioned in the packaging.   


Ceiling fans have continuously been India’s go-to solution to beat the warmth.
Above are the best ceiling fans in 2021 with a cost-effective air circulator system. Modern high-speed ceiling fans not only help to keep your home cool and breezy but can also add style to your room.
Your full residence with best ceiling fan can considerably decrease this problem because it takes in the fresh air and weakens stale, contaminated air.

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