10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000

Earphones are probably the best companion for the people doing exercises and working day long as a stamina booster. Thus, finding the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000 is not an easy task nowadays, but the options available with a similar price range is stressful and dilemmatic.  

In the same way, an earphone that is easy to reach and controllable at fingertips is perfect for relaxing your mind and soul with soothing music.

In this scenario, a wireless earphone that can be stuck with you always without bothering about the wires can be an excellent choice of convenience. However, being high on demand, Bluetooth earphones are completely ruling the market at a lower price range which creates confusion.

This is why we are providing the top 10 Bluetooth earphones in this price range which leads to every feature. 


Bluetooth earphones are considered perfect when the earbuds fit perfectly to the ears delivering the outstanding High definition quality sound. The JOGGERZ WCZ10 model of Bluetooth earphones from WeCool is one such device that can match your expectations.

The HD sound delivered from the earphones of WeCool supports all kinds of activities that may be the gym or traveling outside or performing hyper activities. Ergonomic design accompanied by the dust-resistant features makes it best for all kinds of environment.

High bass support plus advanced noise cancellation technology that delivers crystal clear audio makes it the best Bluetooth headset under 1000. Moreover, you can also attend your calls without any distraction in complete clarity audio

Features: – 

  • Ultra stylish design: – JOGGERZ ECZ10 model of Bluetooth earphones from WeCool comes with a cool looking design that can complement your fashion sense to a great extent. 
  • Excellent music experience: – Well balanced listening experience with a high degree of comfort due to a good bass and lightweight is quite impressive from all aspects.
  • Thumping Bass: – Active Noise Cancellation Technology with the high bass reproduction delivers outstanding crystal clear sound that you can never regret.
  • Long-lasting battery: – All the incredible features accompanied by a good sound quality gets a step up in comfort levels when it comes to battery life. The WeCool Bluetooth earphone comes with 100mAH Lithium-Ion battery which can provide 6 to 8 hours of music or talk time and has about 180 hours of standby time.

If you are looking for an earphone with ultimate design and amazing features stuffed in it then the JOGGERZ ECZ10 model of Bluetooth earphones from WeCool is surely the smart choice with 6 months of warranty.


Wireless Bluetooth neckbands are probably the most convenient way to connect with your mobile for music, call or responses. When all these features get complemented with essential and advanced features then you should surely go for it. 

This Wireless Bluetooth headphone from pTron is one such incredible device that is packed with all incredible features like hi-fi stereo music, most conveniently built and flawless connectivity. 

Furthermore, insane battery performance and most reliable and large speaker drivers are also provided in this Tangent Evo model from pTron that makes it the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000. 

Features: – 

  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound: – Accompanied by the best noise reduction capabilities, Hi-Fi Stereo sound is probably the topmost highlighting feature of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from pTron which makes it a great choice for athletes and sportspersons.
  • Sweat proof technology: – With this latest technology, you can enjoy high-quality audio performance even when you are in tense sweat while workouts or cardio sessions. 
  • Convenient design: – The In-Ear design of the earphone is not only ergonomic but also a perfect fit for every kind of ears thus providing a better experience. With the most comfortable built, it is also lightweight which makes it perfect for hyperactive works.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology: – An advanced chipset accompanied by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology in the pTron Tangent Evo provides faster pairing as well stable connection throughout the usage.

With all these incredible features of the pTron Tangent Evo Bluetooth Neckband earphones, in-line remote control, and magnetic earbuds are also provided which is convenient for everyone. Besides one year of manufacturer warranty ensures its long-lasting performance.


An all-in-one earphone packed with the most favorable features is surely a smart choice among all other available options in the market. This Footloose X4 Stereo Bluetooth Earphone from ADL Music is one such power-packed device that can be a smart pick from all perspectives.

Every incredible tweak that is essential for a high-quality earphone like crystal clear stereo sound, efficient dynamic driver and detailed sound output are infused in this device. All these features accompanied by the CVC Noise reduction technology make it a perfect one.

Bluetooth 5.0 support and some unique features like controlling the selfie shutter button turn it to be the best earphones under 1000.

Features: – 

  • Stereo sound output: – Best and probably the most preferred feature of the Bluetooth earphone from ADL Music is its excellent stereo sound output that provides a high range of immersive experience.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity: – Advanced Bluetooth connectivity feature makes it a flawless performer with instant pairing and stable connections throughout the usage.
  • Design: – The most elegant and Ultra-lightweight design with universal fit earbuds accompanied by the IPX4 water resistance makes it compatible in any conditions like in sweaty workouts.
  • Advanced feature: – Besides lifting the call and controlling the music playlists, you can also control the camera’s selfie shutter button too with the keys which make it quite handy.

With all these overwhelming features and tweaks in the hardware, 6 months of manufacturer warranty in ADL Footloose Bluetooth earphones makes it a reliable device that can complement your choice and expectations in the best possible way. 


Dynamic full range music with incredible noise reduction features is what all music lovers’ desire. This in-Ear Sport Bluetooth Earphone from Flybot is one such specially designed earphone that is packed with everything that music lovers desire for.

Starting from the super bass 70mm driver to the incredible battery that provides a standby time of over 70 hours, this sport Bluetooth Earphone has everything essential for an immersive listening experience.

Besides, most reliable multi-function keys and an incredible in-ear design to fit every ear make it the best wireless earphones under 1000. 

Features: – 

  • Super bass and noise reduction: – Super bass 70mm driver with HD clarity and reliable noise reduction features are the most preferred features in the Flybot wave in-Ear Sport Bluetooth Earphone. You can adjust the mic to deliver only your voice and also to mute too.
  • Incredible standby time: – More than 70 hours of standby time with over 5 hours of playing time with music or calls provides a hassle-free experience.
  • IPX-4 Rating: – Besides being convenient to use and elegant in design, sweat-proof technology with IPX-4 rating makes it quite reliable anywhere.
  • Connectivity: – Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and effective transmission range of 10 meters is provided in this earphones which is quite appreciable.,
  • Charging time: – The charging time from 0 to 100 takes just 2 hours which is quite efficient.

If you are looking for an earphone that not only lasts long but also stays efficient throughout the usage then this can be the smart choice without any compromises. 

With every preferred feature of music enthusiasts infused in the Flybot Wave in-ear sports earphone, one year of manufacturer warranty makes it the best deal. 


Mi is one of the most renowned companies in India for its products that offer proper value for the money. This Sports Bluetooth Earphones from Mi is also one such device that will surely standby your trust with the money invested in it. 

Starting from a custom-built with an adjustable hook to complement the interest of music lovers to the multifunctional buttons to control most of the functions, every advanced feature is packed in these earphones.

On the other hand, lightweight design with long-lasting battery life as well as an efficient 10mm sound driver makes it a smart choice among all other available options in the market.

Features: – 

  • Built: – Mi sports Bluetooth Earphones has the most favorable and convenient build with the lightweight design and stylish look that can surely enhance your taste for fashion from all aspects.
  • Sound quality: – 10mm sound driver accompanied by the extremely efficient noise cancellation technology provides an immersive stereo sound experience that you will surely feel compelling.
  • Comfort levels: – Adjustable ear hook and customizable built are some of the tweaks that can enhance your comfort to a whole new level thus letting you perform any activity at ease.
  •  Battery life: – Up to 9 hours of flawless music experience and talking time is provided with this incredible device that one can never regret.
  • Call handling: – MI earphones are complemented with Durable MEMS silicon microphones which can provide crystal clear quality of voice in calls.

Besides all these stunning features, the MI Bluetooth earphones also support voice assistants which makes it compatible to use. 6 months of manufacturer warranty is also provided thus proving it’s efficient in the long run.


Level U Bluetooth Earphones from Syl Plus are popular these days trending in social media platforms as one of the best devices out there. Incredible features like compact built, elegant design, top-notch HD audio output with good noise cancellation enlists it in top models.

Being lightweight and having a perfect size that causes almost negligible ear canal fatigue even after continuous usages. Moreover, incredible Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity technology accompanied by the reliable functionality regulator switch makes it flawless.

Built-in play, stop, forward and backward buttons are provided in the earphones from Syl Plus by which you can control any functionality easily with tactility. 

Features: – 

  • Size and adjustments: – One of the best and probably the most preferred features of Syl plus Level U Bluetooth earphones is its adjustable size which can merge with any individual neck size.
  • Design: – When it comes to design. Ergonomically these earphones are best with the high comfort level and magnetic earplugs which can leave you unbothered in any adverse conditions.
  • Connectivity: – Bluetooth 4.1 technology accompanied with such an elegant design and perfect size makes it a flawless device from all aspects.
  • Battery life: – Upto 11 hours of talking time and over 500 hours of standby time in these earphones make it reliable in travel or while watching movies.

If you prefer an elegant Bluetooth earphone that plays safe in every featured option and is popular among the users, then this Level U Bluetooth from SYL Plus will never disappoint you. 


Bluetooth earphones which perfectly fits any ear providing utmost comfort levels and looking stylish is always in demand. FREESOLO 565 Sports Bluetooth earphone is one such earphone that is specially designed to fulfill the needs of music lovers and sportspersons. 

Whether it is about the design that fits firmly in the ear or the anti fall out feature, the 565 models of Bluetooth earphone tops in every enhancement needed to be done for customers. With these features infused in it, you can do every activity at ease.

With the stunning design and excellent built, long-lasting battery life, high fidelity sound, noise-canceling feature and tons of many special features, these earphones from FREESOLO certainly deserve to be in the list of best wireless headphones under 1000.

Features: – 

  • Ultimate design: – Designed to fit firm on the ear the 565 sports Bluetooth earphone from FREESOLO is one of the most convenient earphones which can be plugged-in while doing any kind of activity.
  • Sound quality: – You can experience high definition sound with powerful stereo highs. Moreover, when this output is complemented with efficient noise cancellation and APTX technology, it turns out to be a clear and immersive listening experience with this earphone.
  • Long-lasting battery:-  Providing up to 100 hours of standby time and 5 to 6 hours of standby time, this device is quite impressive from a battery perspective.
  • Hands-free calling: – This Bluetooth feature enables the users to make calls and manage music easily with the multi-function button and volume controller. All kinds of functions starting from mic calling, handling the calls and skipping the tracks can be done with the buttons.

Being compatible and stylish, the 565 Bluetooth earphones from FREESOLO is a great option in the market in this price range which is followed by straight 6 months of manufacturer warranty. 


People who prefer to listen to music while workouts at the gym or even while working surely need a pair of earphones with extra bass. Wings are one such popular brand that provides top-level bass quality in the wireless earphones which are quite compelling in this price range. 

Besides the impeccable bass quality, earphones from Wings are also known for the compact design and easy to wear built which is desired by every music lover. With this incredible build quality, you can do any activity such as hiking, running, cycling, etc.

Being IPX & water-resistant and having the sleek metallic finish with universal compatibility, the earphones from Wings are probably the most comfortable and stylish out there.

Features: – 

  • Design: – Sleek finish with the elegant look of the Wings Bluetooth earphone is probably the most preferable ones in the market right now which will be liked by everyone.
  • Sound output: – High definition bass from the Neodymium drivers also brings in clean and clear vocals which are perfect for acoustic songs, Rock and EDM, etc.
  • Battery life: – Up to 6 hours of playtime is provided with the Wings Ultimo Bluetooth earphones which are quite incredible with the sound output. Moreover, it takes only 1.5 hours to charge the earphone from 0 to 100.
  • Connectivity: – Supports the seamless connectivity feature of Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with all kinds of devices such as android, ios, windows, and all mobiles and laptops.

IPX67 rating for water resistance and one year of brand warranty is also ensured with the Wings Ultimo Bluetooth earphone which makes it a complete package of desirable features.


A neckband Bluetooth earphone with ergonomic design is preferred by every athlete and people doing hyper activities often. This Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphones from NOYMI is the best choice for such users in this price range with some compelling features.

The most comfortable neck behind the design with lightweight built and easy button control makes it completely easy and reliable to use in any adverse conditions. If you exercise often, then the ultimate audio quality of these earphones will boost your stamina every second.

Not only build and design, some incredible features and special tweaks are also added to the earphones from NOYMI such as Hands-free calling. Long-lasting battery life that complements all other features makes it the best wireless earphones under 1000.

Features: – 

  • Drivers: – Triple drivers provided in the wireless earphones from NOYMI can deliver high-quality music experience with deep bass with appreciable noise cancellation technology.
  • Build: – Lightweight build and flexible design of the earphones enhance the convenience to a whole new level. Besides, it can be easily carried in the bag or pocket thus providing you enough storage for all other accessories.
  • Battery life: – The 130MAh LI-polymer battery can provide up to 10 hours of call time or 8 hours of music play while the standby time is over 120 hours which is mind-boggling.
  • High frequency and hands-free calling: – Both music and call can now be effortless as the earphones can handle both of them easily with the top-notch quality in all aspects.

The Sport Bluetooth Wireless earphones from NOYMI are one of the best choices for athletes due to the incredible build and sound quality. Moreover, one year of manufacturer warranty is also provided making it a better deal.


Flybot Jazz Neckband in-ear Wireless Earphones are taking the convenience level of the Bluetooth earphones to a whole new era. Being light in design and having a sleek and sturdy build, this earphone is probably one of the latest options featuring earphones that one can buy.

 Whether it is compatibility or Bluetooth connectivity or feasibility to access the multi-functions of the connected device, the earphones lead in every unit with flying colors. Bluetooth 5.0 version is supported in this device which ensures a stable connection.

Besides, the earphones are so light that you won’t even feel that it is around your neck all the time. However, feedback from the neckband and easy to reach functional keys are surely reliable from every sense.

Features: – 

  • Built: – Flybot Jazz Neckband in-ear wireless earphones have a sturdy build with aesthetic magnetic earpieces which makes it feel comfortable no matter how much time you wear it.
  • Jazz sound: – Although being light in design the insanely efficient sound pumps out from the earbuds with high and crisp quality that provides a superior music experience.
  • Connectivity: – Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, this earphone from Flybot is one of the most preferred earphones with stable output through the music play and talking time.
  • Battery life: – With 1 to 2 days of standby time it can run up to 8 hours straight providing the best music listening and talking experience.

The Neckband in-ear wireless earphones from Flybot are packed with all essential features with a decent battery life which is perfect for all users. Apart from this, one year of manufacturer warranty ensures the efficiency of every feature throughout the time of usage. 

Top 3 Earphones Brands


WeCool is a considerably new company, established just a few years ago in 2017. However, the import and trading company quickly became popular in the domain of earphones. WeCool specialise in manufacturing and marketing Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth earbuds, and wired earphones. They also have a range of several mobile accessories.

Why choose WeCool?

  • They provide high-quality earphones at really affordable prices.
  • Their Bluetooth range of earphones has a long-lasting battery life with up to 8 house of music and 180 hours of standby time after a full charge.
  • The design of their earphones are rather stylish and complements any kind of fashion sense.


pTron is a brand owned by Palred Retail Private Limited., which is a subsidiary of Palred Technologies Ltd that was established in 2004. pTron started manufacturing headphones, earphones, speakers, and numerous other mobile accessories from the year 2014. It has since made a prominent mark in the Indian electronics market and has spread to other countries like Hong Kong, USA, and Israel.

Why choose pTron?

  • The company offers headphones with Hi-Fi Stereo sound at very low prices. Audio equipment with Hi-Fi sound tends to be more on the expensive side.
  • The Bluetooth headphones from pTron have the latest 5.0 technology facilitating better connection and stability.


Established in 2011, ADL is an Indian company that manufactures and markets audio equipment. They have quite an extensive range of speakers, wired as well as Bluetooth headphones and earphones. 

Why choose ADL?

  • ADL has a great customer care team that caters to queries of their every customer and provides speedy solutions.
  • Their products, especially their headphones, are light in weight. Thus, they won’t feel bulky and heavy when you wear them.
  • The earphones by ADL are waterproof. They can really come in handy during sweaty workouts and runs.

Best Buying Guide To Choose Bluetooth Earphones

With the emergence of the ultra-convenient Bluetooth earphones in the market, the wired headphone jacks have now become almost outdated. The reason for this is the comfort levels provided by the Bluetooth models being handy, lightweight, and compatible with every device.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth earphones of different range of models are now being launched with quite compelling features and stylish looks that everyone desires for. Moreover, the earphones company is being competitive that the price is getting cheaper day by day.

Increase of competition in the market with many companies providing similar specifications in the Bluetooth earphones with some minor tweaks the whole market has turned confusing. In this scenario, one must go through the essential features and compare it with others to get the best deals.

Availability of advanced features, most compelling specs, and protective measures such as water resistance certification also comes into those arrays of essential features. However, some of the key factors that one must consider before buying Bluetooth earphones are 

Type of Earphones

Preferring the type of earphone depends on the needs of the users. If you want a Bluetooth earphone while playing sports then it must be sturdy around your neck. Collar or neckband earphones are the best choices in this case.

If you prefer listening to music while working in the office or accomplishing daily tasks then normal in-ear earphones with some good bass are the best choice. These earphones can surely provide incredible music experience but can’t be ensured of being sturdy in hyper activities.

You have to go through the types like closed-back setups, ear setups, earbuds, Bluetooth earphones, noise-canceling earphones, and so on.


Being wireless, the users must always have the earphones with them. Therefore the earbuds should be comfortable enough for your ears without giving any feeling of fatigue or pain once in a while. An earphone with variable ear tips is probably a good choice in this case. 

The earbud types are more portable, pleasurable, and affordable when compared to some other setups. There is some flat earbud setup that will sit on the tip of the ear. Again, you will get the in-ear canal earbuds. The models like noise isolating earbuds will give good functionality.

Sound Quality 

Most people prefer high definition stereo sound which delivers the most immersive experience whether it is movie or music or in calls. Preferring an efficient driver with good music quality that may be stereo or high bass can work well depending on your interest. 

Sound quality consideration should become a vital thing. You should see to it that you can hear the words clearly when listening to the audio-books or the podcast. Only if you get the Sonic experience while listening to the music, you can rest assured that it is the best one.

Noise Cancellation

This is one of the features that one should never miss to judge while buying a Bluetooth earphone from the market. If an earphone doesn’t support noise cancellation then the output will be unbearable, mainly while performing exercises or while running.

It is always better to check the noise cancellation feature before buying the earphones as many companies claim to provide this feature but lack proper technology that complements it in the best way. 

Driver Type (Open-air vs Closed setup) 

The feature indicates the style of the earphone. The open-air earphones will come with the Ultra high-end small speakers that are closer to the ears. In this setup, you will not find the sound isolation. Open-air ones are superior because they do not create muffled sound when compared to some other setups.

Water and Dust Resistance 

Most people use Bluetooth earphones while traveling and while doing cardio sessions or gym workouts which need to go outdoors. Amidst such activities, the earphones should withstand all kinds of adverse conditions which is why a certified earphone is the best choice.

Apart from all these essential and considerable features, one must make sure that the specifications reflect well in the device. The best way to buy the earphones is from online where you can not only go through all specifications but also compare it with other models as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the mic on my earphones creating random problems?

Oftentimes, the dust or dirt on the sockets of the device becomes the common cause of distorting the working of the mic. Again, when the port of the system you are connecting the earphone with is filled with dirt or lint, it might create jamming. Problems in the internal circuit of your device also are responsible for the prevention of a clear sound to be transmitted.

Will higher Hz deliver better sound?

Frequency response refers to the range of bass, mids, and treble. The earphones with wider ranges like 5 to 30,000 Hz may be pleasant at times. But, indeed, better frequency response always does not mean better sound quality. When it goes below 20Hz, you will get more feeling than hearing. Again, the frequency that is over 20000 hertz is inaudible.

Are higher DB better for my earphones?

Experts always recommend that the sound levels around 60 and 85 decibels will reduce the chances of damaging the ears. In case you are listening to music throughout the day and cross 100dB, it will cause a serious threat to your ears. You should restrict the usage of 100dB or above within 15 minutes of use.

Is Noise Cancelling factor dreadful for ears?

It’s a well-known fact that the Bluetooth earphones come with the noise-canceling factors. When compared to cell phones, the noise-canceling earphones will never have low-level radiation emission for posing threat to your ears.  Indeed, loud noises usually damage hearing. The noise-reducing factor is worth the price when you want to reduce the background noise. But, when you are on the roads will recommend you turn off the noise-canceling factor.

Why can’t I get enough sound with my Bluetooth earphones?

While using the earphones, you should take care that the audio source is on. Even when the volume button is high, you might see that the sound isn’t good enough. Always you should firmly plug into the correct audio jack. If you see that even the several sliders for controlling the volume don’t work, you should consult an expert for professional help.

Do the cheap Bluetooth earphones pose danger to the ears?

High-end earphones and have good functionalities that make them better than cheap earphones. They lack final details that eventually become noise-induced hearing threats. Often our body tends to withstand the high sound pressures without understanding that the ears are getting harmed. Prolonged sound exposure from cheap earphones can make you deaf.

Final Words

With the Bluetooth wireless earphones ruling the entire earphone manufacturing industry, the selection for a perfect pair of earphones has become quite tough. However, if you are clear about your requirements and limitations to be compromised, then a better choice can be made for sure. 

Mi earphones known for the compact design can be best suitable for the people who often take the call and listen to music throughout the working time. The reason for this is its efficiency in battery performance as well as sound quality that is customizable to a great extent.

On the other hand, if you prefer comfortable yet efficient Bluetooth earphones with some advanced features then earphones from FREESOLO with its flexible build and ultimate sound quality can probably be the best choice that can reach your expectations. 

The cheaper yet best deals in the limited price range can be acquired only from these companies that provide long term warranty which depicts the quality and long-lasting performance of the devices. 

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