The 11 Best Air Purifiers in India (Delhi)

It is quite a well-known fact that everything that is used in these days contains chemicals and those can also cause infections as well as airborne diseases too. Moreover, the increase in air pollution in every place is common no matter whether you live in a village or a developed city. There are unlimited reasons which cause air pollution and almost all of them are irresistible.  

One and the only way to get protection from this pollution is to keep an air purifier and moreover the best air purifier that can assure you to provide completely purified air in your living place or working place.

Choosing the best one that suits your lifestyle has also become quite a difficult task and thus we are simplifying your efforts by ranking the list which are ranked based on the specification, features, performance as well as price including the perfect person who is right for its usage.

Top 3 Air Purifier Brands


Founded in 1989, Coway is a South Korean company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing air purifiers, water purifying and filtration systems, water softeners, food waste and water treatment systems and other such products. They first started producing air purifiers in 1995.

Why choose Coway?

  • Their air filters have a three-stage filtration process including a multilayered HEPA filter for enhanced air purification and a longer lifetime of the filter itself.
  • Coway has been consistently manufacturing high-quality products that have successfully yielded impressive customer satisfaction.
  • Their products have a unique design that will spruce up any boring room in your house.


When it comes to home appliances that you can rely on to be durable as well as have an efficient usage, Philips is one of the best brands you can consider. Founded in 1891, it has been around for a long time to improve their products that range from light bulbs to air purifiers to various other electrical appliances.

Why choose Philips?

  • Philips has a great reputation in terms of providing speedy and effective customer care service.
  • Their air purifiers come with the latest technology for careful purification.
  • Allergen mode in Philips’ air purifiers cleans harmful allergens from the air and improves air quality.


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company that was established in 2010 and invests mainly in manufacturing smartphones, laptops and a range of home appliances. They are relatively new in the market and have started producing air filters since only a few years. However, they have quickly gained popularity with their high-quality and durable products.

Why choose Mi?

  • Mi products, including their range of air purifiers, are very energy-efficient and have a considerably low power consumption.
  • They deliver long-lasting electrical products with suitable warranties to back them up.
  • They have several service centres in India to promote customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers in India (Reviews)

1. Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier

Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier

With the increase in air pollution in surroundings mainly if you are living in an industrial area or beside the main road of the city then you can be prone to several airborne diseases easily. Children in the house get affected by those airborne diseases quickly which is why you need the best air purifier for a home. One of such air purifiers is provided by Coway, the company which has grabbed the attention of many people due to the most subtle and suitable features provided in every product. The Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air purifier is a perfect device for home having good optimization features that can merge with any air quality in the room.

Key Features

  • The sleek and instinctive design of the Coway sleek Pro Air purifier is quite appealing and can merge with any interiors with good compatibility and reliability.
  • Three stage filtration processes involved in the purification which is Prefilter, Urethane carbon filter, and Multilayered HEPA filter provides impeccable optimization in the purification process ensuring the most secure environment for children in the home.
  • Superior flow path design provides a good speed with maximum airflow resulting in efficient performance anywhere in the home or at working place.
  • A HEPA filter with the longest lifetime of approximately 8500 hours makes it more efficient than any other competitors at the same price range.
  • High-quality products which are imported from Korea for incredible durability makes it long lasting even in adverse conditions.

Coway is ambitious towards providing good customer service throughout India and one can find their services from any region of India easily. Sleek pro air purifier from Coway has a warranty of 3 years on the motor with the 1-year warranty on the electrical parts which makes it highly convenient air purifier for home usage.

2. Phillips 2000 Series AeraSense Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series Air Purifier

Most advanced features like pre-settings for varying between 3 different modes namely General, Allergen and Bacteria & Virus modes makes the 2000 series air purifier of Phillips enlisted in the best air purifiers in India 2021. Those modes can regulate the performance of the air purifier with increasing efficiency as well as affectivity. Even auto mode in the purifier can merge to any surroundings providing the required purification level to the air and ensuring the safe and peaceful sleep at nights. Switching to sleep mode also provides low noise which will be as soft as a whisper.

Key Features

  • Three different modes namely general, allergen and bacteria modes can enhance its performance for perfect performance in every environment.
  • The general mode can purify the air from any airborne particles and dust with the incredible filtration technology provided in it.
  • Allergen mode can clear harmful collagens such as formaldehyde and bad odor from the air and provides the odorless and purified air.
  • Bacteria & Virus mode is specially designed to enhance the performance of the purifier to a superior level which can detect and clean harmful microparticles such as bacteria and virus effectively.
  • Latest AeraSense technology is used in the air purifier of Phillips that can detect every dine particles which are even smaller than PM 2.5 and clears them without any traces left behind.
  • CADR of 200 m^3 per hour is also quite a good addition to this purifier.

In addition to those features, Phillips 2000 series air purifier also has some exciting offers like refund within 10 days if any flaws are detected including 2 straight years of warranty too.All these offers within its cost-effective price range seem to be the best deal mainly if you want a latest and highly efficient air purifier.

3. Mi Air Pur
ifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

Mi Air Purifier 2S

One should probably need to sustain heavy pollution if living in busy cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata, etc. Mi, which has captured the whole market soon after its release of phones now, brings you the most efficient air purifier capable of filtering any kind of air to odor free and allergen-free air. Moreover, some incredible features like OLED display provided in the Air purifier 3 of Mi help you in keeping track of the pollutant in the air with temperature and humidity levels. Apart from that, the most reliable feature of this air purifier is that you can control it from your Smartphone through MI Home application. Every single feature of the purifier can be controlled from your phone conveniently.

Key Features

  • Mi Air Purifier 3 supports 3 layer filtration processes by which it can remove large particles such as hair and dust, micron-sized particles such as bacteria, formaldehyde as well as harmful substances and their odors, etc.
  • Laser particle sensor, advanced OLED display, and the powerful CADR can detect every single pollutant particle in your room, display their present levels and cleans the entire room in just 10 minutes.
  • OLED display comes with the ambient sensor that can adjust the brightness according to the ambient light in the surroundings.
  • Laser particle sensor has the capability to detect the particles of size 0.3um easily.
  • By switching the auto mode on the MI Air purifier, you can get the entire filter status and the quality of air in your MI Home application.
  • The CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 310m^3/hr can purify the entire room in just 10 minutes without leaving any single pollutant in the air.

With all these incredible features and specifications, Mi Air purifier 3 is surely the best air purifier 2021. If you are looking out for a perfect air purifier with the most reliable controls, good performance, and less energy consumption, then it will be a perfect and affordable choice from all aspects.

4. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier with Hepa Technology

KENT Aura Room Air Purifier

Being the reputed manufacturers of home appliances, Kent provides insane productivity in all of its productivity and this Aura Room purifier is also one such purifier that can meet the mark of your expectations at ease.

Powered by the advanced HEPA Technology that is incredible in removing all kinds of hazardous pollutants from the indoor air, it can ensure that you are breathing healthy and safe air with the three-stage mechanism. 

Apart from this, the inbuilt ionizer infused in the purifier releases negative ions that have the capability to freshen up the indoor air from any adverse condition. 

Key Features

  • Advanced HEPA technology which is tested and proven to remove all kinds of hazardous pollutants from the indoor air is the topmost highlighting feature of the Kent Aura Room purifier.
  • The sleek design of the purifier enhances the look of the room with the touch of elegance.
  • Inbuilt ionizer packed inside the purifier releases negative ions to freshen up the indoor air by forcing every tiny particle to stick to the walls or other surfaces in the room to make the breathing air free from pollutants.
  • Both PM 2.5 and SPM from the indoor air can be removed with the specially designed activated carbon filter which is also capable of absorbing foul smell from the indoor air effectively.

The Kent Aura Room purifier comes with the one year of manufacturer warranty which complements well to the user-friendly design and incredible performance making it an ideal choice for the families with utmost air pollution in their indoor environment.

5. Sharp Air Purifier For Home

Sharp Air Purifier

An air purifier packed with the most advanced features is surely the most preferable choice in the market as all the needs of the present-day household with the air quality can be fulfilled easily.

The Air purifier from Sharp is also one such advanced option featuring a device that can provide incredible air purifying efficiency of cleaning the air five times faster than any normal air purifier.

Besides, it is certified as the number one air purifier by Euro monitor international limited as the most effective purifier that reduces all kinds of toxins and pollutants that are harmful to health. 

Key Features

  • The dual purification mode accompanied by the Plasma cluster technology that is certified by 31 global labs with three passive filters makes the Sharp Air purifier unmatched in terms of efficiency and performance.
  • Using highest grade materials such as a thermoplastic polymer that is designed in Japan ensure the immersive look and feel of the design that completely merges with the interiors of the room.
  • Special Haze function which releases high-density plasma cluster ions with variable speed can be effective when the pollutant level is high.
  • Top grade dust and Odor sensors are also equipped with this air purifier which senses the pollutant level accurately and notifies with different LED lights. 
  • Three different modes are provided in the air purifier names high, moderate and low from which one can choose the best mode as per the size of the room and thus control the noise levels for a peaceful sleep.

With all these incredible features, sharp also claims to supply all spare parts and consumables of the air purifier, so that you can be ensured of good service works in case of any repairs making it the best deal in this price range.

6. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Purifier

An all-round performer which gives a perfect value for money is needed by almost everyone and this challenge to make the best all-round air purifier is accepted by Honey well Move pure car air purifier. Being a car air purifier, compatibility including the efficiency is proven from all features provided in it. Portable sized purifier with the option to change the fan mode as well as filter replacement reminder makes it authentic product to be preferred from all aspects. Besides this, multi-layer filtration, high grade HEPA filter makes it incredible machine which has all-round benefits even in car.

Key Features

  • Multi-layered HEPA filter is an impressive feature of Honeywell Move which can provide an efficient performance by detecting ultrafine particles and clearing them easily.
  • Double layer active carbon filter can trace any bacteria and virus and purify the air effectively and al
    so instantly.
  • The high-grade HEPA filter is capable to remove up to PM 2.5 and can also fight external pollutants that are harmful to health.
  • CADR of 3 cubic meters is quite an advanced technology which is rarely seen in any purifiers in the market.
  • Any bad odor released in the air with pollutants containing in it can be eradicated easily with the filtration technology involved in it.

Honeywell move should be given the topmost preference if you are looking for a perfect car purifier with good performance capacity and a good level of CADR. One year of warranty with such advanced features is quite a good addition.

7. Phillips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Having a perfect air purifier that can detect and clean every pollutant in any place is preferred by everyone and Phillips does this the best. Being the most popular and renowned company in India, Phillips always focuses on maintaining their reputation to provide the best product for their customers and this 1000 series air purifier is no exception to it. With ultimate grade sensing capabilities, night sensing mode and Vita Shield IPS, it is undoubtedly the best air purifier in India till date. It is number one in India not only because it is capable of delivering excellent performance but does suit the environment of India perfectly.

Key Features

  • Advanced night sense auto mode in 1000 series Air purifier of Phillips can monitor as well as purify the air automatically without any inconvenience such as disturbing sounds while sleep.
  • Ultimate clean air delivery rate of 270 m^3 per hour with the high-quality aerodynamic design of VitaShield IPS makes it the perfect choice for any households or working places by filtering gases such as TVOC and formaldehyde.
  • With the superior purification efficiency of Nanoprotect HEPA, you can be assured of lifetime protection against all airborne particles.
  • Auto purification mode provided in the 1000 series of Phillips air purifier can detect PM 2.5 levels from the air of both outdoor and indoor and can regulate the speed of purifier as per the pollutant level in the surroundings.
  • The Healthy Air protect alert and child lock can make sure of convenient maintenance of the purifier.

If you are desperately looking for an ensuring air purifier that gives quality performance including the complete accurate report of the air quality then with the real-time feedback from the dashboard and the color denotations, this is surely for your preference. Apart from this 2 years warranty from Phillips means that you can get much faster and reliable customer service from the service centers located in every region of India.

8. Phillips 3000 Series Air purifier

Philips 3000 Series Air Purifier

The need for highly efficient and effective purifiers is increasing day by day due to the increase of pollution resulting in an increase of pollutants, harmful bacteria that causes airborne diseases. Therefore Phillips brings the most powerful AeraSense air purifier that has incredible capabilities of detecting the ultrafine particles up to the size of 0.02 micrometers with the efficiency of 99.97% to protect from airborne allergens over a long time period. This efficiency is also approved by IUTA Germany, thus proving its productivity and capability over all other available purifiers in the market. 3000 series is the latest version of the Phillips air purifier which has been upgraded to the latest technology in order to maintain its place in the list of top air purifiers in India.

Key Features

  • All round protection with the advanced Nanoprotect filter can remove allergen and many harmful ultrafine particles effectively within less time.
  • Lifetime protection is guaranteed by the Nanoprotect HEPA filter against many airborne particles.
  • Phillips 3000 series air purifier possess a specially designed Allergen mode which enhances the purification speed, detects ultrafine particles and reacts to the slightest change in air quality to change its speed for better responsiveness. Switching to allergen mode also boosts the cleaning performance that can clear the air within less than 5 minutes in the bedroom or living room.
  • In addition to the Nanoprotect HEPA filter, VitaShield IPS proved the CADR of 393 m^3 per hour which is undoubtedly the first in the market.
  • The real-time feedback provided with the color ring denotation makes it the most trusted air purifier.

Apart from these features, sleep mode, extra powerful AeraSense Technology and 2 years of product warranty take the Phillips 3000 series air purifier to the topmost preference. Irrespective of the price, this is the probably the most powerful, most efficient and top end quality air purifier till date. The price of this range is probably not for the middle-class people but the features and performance surely give value for your money.

9. Honeywell 53-Watt Room Air purifier

Honeywell Room Air Purifier

Air purifiers have gained the attention of users all over the world, but the best model and design comes with an expensive rate too. There are very few companies that provide high-end specifications and features at a reasonable price and one of them is Honeywell.

The HAC25M1201W model provides advanced features like 3d air flow, ultra-fast cleaning of room certified by renowned academies in India. Moreover, low power consumption and high filter life with excellent features make it the best one. Apart from this, the installation process and easy to maintain features makes it the best compatible air purifier for home and office usage in countries like India.

Key Features

  • The 3D Airflow technology involved in this air purifier is literally awesome from every aspect. Air vents on both sides and the bottom of the body enhances the suction power and makes the purified reach every corner of the room even to the farthest corner too.
  • Hyper-fast cleaning by using the CADR of 250 m^3 makes it quite feasible with the purification range of up to 323 sq.ft within just 10 minutes.
  • High CADR regulation can be used in living rooms and bedrooms effectively within the specified time.
  • Indian Medical Academy certifies the Honey well water purifier as the perfect one for home.
  • Low consumption of electricity and the high filter life of the purifier is also some exciting features to be taken into count.]

Honey well Air purifier is the one-stop solution for home mainly in living rooms and bedrooms with all required features such as child lock features, advanced alert system and a long term warranty of one year. The reliable and faster customer service on the whole production makes a good addition to its cheaper price range.

10. Blueair Blue 211 Air Purifier

Blueair Blue air purifier

When it comes to the most advanced technology used in air purifiers, Blueair leads the race with the latest HEPA Silent Technology that combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration technologies to deliver pure air.

Blueair is the first company to use and succeed in this technology with a long line up of users all around India. This technology has the ability to provide 99.97% efficiency of providing protection from the air pollution ranging from PM 10 to PM 25 which also includes ultrafine particles as well as allergens, bacteria, and viruses all at one shot.

Moreover, the most powerful 360-degree air intake features and energy efficient performance makes it the top most preference by middle class people.

Key Features

  • A most efficient HEPA filter with the silent technology makes it the perfect air purifier for home.
  • Highest CADR rate of 376 cubic meters per hour makes it the most powerful purifier till date.
  • Real-time feedback with the color ranges provided on it provides the exact level of pollutants and ultrafine particles present in the air.
  • Specially designed Allergen mode and the silent sleep mode provide just a whisper sound that gives a peaceful sleep without any kinds of disturbances in the night.
  • Blueair Air purifier consumes less amount of electricity with the capacity of just 60W.

All those extravagant features come with the 2 years of warranty and are also eligible for the refund within 10 days if any defects are detected.  Blueair purifier is perfectly suitable for the spacious rooms as the Nanoprotect S3 HEPA filters and activated carbon filters become more effective in a spacious room. It can detect and clean any kind of harmful pollutants or particles from air just in few minutes.

11. Blue Star BS-AP490LAN 915 CMH 88-Watt Air Purifier

If you are looking for a powerful, innovative and an ergonomic air filter with the latest technologies and features embedded in it, then this is the product for you. Starting with its sleek and modern design, this air filter is the embodiment of sophistication with its simple exterior and effective LED display. With its 7 stages of the purification process, the air filter provides clean and healthy hair free from odour, microbes, and dust particles. 

The true HEPA filter of this purifier traps fine dust particulate matters up to PM10 and PM2.5. Blue Star uses SensAir Technology which has the most advanced and intelligent Auto Sensor. The sensor picks up on any harmful pollutant that might be present in the air around it and adjusts its speed and performance according to the quality and quantity of pollutants.

Kew Features:

  • It comes with a cold catalyst filter and formaldehyde removal filter to remove odour, formaldehyde smoke, benzene, TVOCs and VOCs.
  • The Microbe Sterilize Technology of this air purifier absorbs harmful microorganisms such as pollen, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.
  • It has a coverage area of approximately 800 sq ft. 
  • The air purifier has an alarm to indicate the user when it is time to clean the filters. 

The Blue Star air filter comes packed with numerous efficient feature at an affordable price range. It can completely purify and improve the air quality of any small to medium-sized room or office space.

Points To Consider While Buying An Air Purifier

Air purifiers have become most essential in these days due to various reasons such as increase of traffic; an increase of industries and also due to the reduction of tree counts in the surroundings which is mostly seen in cities.

In this scenario, protection from harmful chemicals and ultrafine particles such as bacteria and viruses has become most essential. A normal air purifier can probably provide good protection to a normal household but if you want a total value for your money spent on it then there are some tips to follow before buying air purifiers. This has become necessary because there are a number of companies providing different models of air purifiers varying in designs, specification as well as price.

Type Of Filter Used

Although many companies claim to provide the best air purifiers with the most underrating features when compared to its price, the type of filter used in it reveals the reality for sure. There are several kinds of filters which target different air components like bacteria and viruses or allergens or ultrafine particles etc. It’s better to go for a HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) filter which is renowned for its incredible performance and efficiency of clearing all types of pollutants from any air quality in the surroundings.

Performance: – Performance is the first thing to consider when you are using any electronic appliances and the same follows for air purifiers too. Purifiers having high CADR are considered as the best ever purifier and you can pay any amount of money for that. You can also look out in the specification about whether it can clean the PM of 10 to 25.


Although most filters provide a certification included in their package, some standard specifications such as AHAM and China are most productive.  Purifiers certified by those are considered highly effective in performance as well as durability too. Real-time feedbacks which are provided in many air purifiers are also approved by those inspection institutes before certifying the company which makes it more feasible to use.

Services and Maintenance

Making sure of the service provided by the company and the efforts required for the maintenance of those purifiers could be beneficial. Some companies give a good warranty period with their purifiers but lack service centers in every region which enhances your efforts to take it to the service centers. Even the ease of maintenance should be considered for better performance and ease of use even in adverse conditions.

Noise Levels

The suction motors included in air purifiers makes a lot of noise in general if you are going for a cheap quality purifier. There are chances of getting a good purifier at less price possibly but opting all features in them is near to impossible thus make sure to check the lowest noise level purifier for your convenience.

Besides checking all those features, it is also important to compare all those prices and specifications with other companies or other models. The best way to do this is to buy them online where you can get a number of choices from different companies as well as with different specifications from the same company too. Moreover buying them online can also bring some exciting offers like instant discount offers as well as rate cutters like coupon codes and festival offers. Prefer renowned sites for buying the air purifiers as trust while transporting them to you is also essential for being quite an expensive investment.

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