Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India (2022) | Ultimate Buying Guide

With summers around the corner, fear of humid and tanning days compels us to look for the best air coolers. Thanks to the technology and those creative minds that have crafted air coolers and other means to save mankind from the unbearably hot sun during summers.

Air coolers are usually considered to be more portable and affordable in comparison to air conditioners. Although, everyone has own preferences based on many factors in terms of space, portability, affordability and many others.

So, if you are planning to buy an air cooler this summer and is confused to choose the best one for you? Then we bring you some reviews and descriptions on some of the leading and best air coolers in India 2020. 

Top 3 Air Coolers Brands


Founded back in 1878, Crompton Greaves have always been invested in manufacturing electrical appliances that are related to power generation and transmission such as pumps and motors. It also has a wide range of ceiling fans, air coolers, and other home appliances that are energy efficient as well as low voltage.

Why choose Crompton?

  • It has the best water capacity in their air coolers which ensures longer and much more effective cooling.
  • Their products have a very low annual consumption which makes them a great choice if you are looking for products that are energy-efficient.
  • Their products are easy to work with.


Cello has been a common brand whose products can be found in most Indian homes since its establishment in 1967. They have a wide variety of products ranging from plastic houseware to stationeries to kitchen appliances as well as various home appliances. They first started manufacturing air coolers in 2016.

Why choose Cello?

  • They provide a detailed manual guide with all their products that clearly demonstrates how any appliance works.
  • They provide durable and long lasting products with sturdy and high-quality designs. 
  • Their air coolers cover more cooing areas than most air coolers in the same price range.


Symphony is a brand that was established in 1988 and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  It is dominantly focused on manufacturing domestic as well as industrial air coolers. Symphony has operations in over sixty countries around the world. This company was also certified for making the largest air cooler ever made by the Guinness World Record.

Why choose Symphony?

  • With over 30 years of experience, Symphony is one of the largest manufacturers of air coolers.
  • Their air coolers come with a warranty to reassure buyers of their products’ authenticity.
  • Their products are always made with the latest technology for enhanced performance.

Our guide on air coolers will surely help you in choosing the best one out of numerous incredible brands and options in the market. To make it easier for you to choose we have a list below. Let’s get going!

Top 3 Air Coolers of (2020)


Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

  • Capacity: 75 Litres
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Inverter Capability


Cello Osum 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler

  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Yes Works with Inverter


  • Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Net Weight 20-23KG 

The 9 Best Air Coolers in India

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75L Desert Air Cooler 

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler
Crompton Greeves Ozone Dessert cooler is an ideal pick for those who want to give a cooling effect to a 550 Sq. Ft. sized room. You cannot ask for more at such a reasonable price as this cooling device offers cross ventilation in your room or office, where ever you install it to maintain the temperature of room all around. 
To enhance the cooling capacity of the cooler, it comes with specialized and effective honeycomb cooling pads that aids in keeping the water inside the cooler cold.  
The convenient feature of empty tank alarm enables easy notification of status of water in the tank of cooler and the auto louver movement aids to fix the focus of air to a definite corner of the room. Its high air cooling capacity and air delivery confirm normalization fo the room’s temperature within a few minutes in the hot and humid summers.
This compact Desert cooler is quite effective on reduction of your electricity bill as it is power and energy efficient. It is easily available on various e-commerce sites, but you may have a hard time buying it during summers because its demand increases in summers.

  • Suitable for a room of size 550 Sq Ft.
  • Warranty- 1 year   
  • Capacity: 75 Litres
  • Product size (LxBxH): 61.0 cm x 40.5 cm x 120.0 cm
  • Package Include: Air Cooler
  • Entails low electricity bills  by consumption of Power: 190 Watts, Operating voltage: 230V
  • Air Delivery: 46000m3/hr; Air throw up to 52Ft

2. Cello Osum 50L Desert Air Cooler

Cello Osum 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler
Thanks to the inventions in technology that coolers are now entirely designed for the comfort of customers with features like Autofill water inlet, ice chamber, water inlet from backside etc.  50 LTR water tank reduces the stress of checking of water level again and again because it features a water level indicator and controller that do not allow the overflow of water.
Cello Osum 50 is made up from engineering plastic that caters durability and also promises you a rust free working condition. The sturdy design of cooler and 18 inch Fan blade ensures powerful surround cooling system and controlling air throw in the room. It facilitates significant relief in summers by being functional on invertors and is ideal for the room up to the size of 700 Sq Ft. It also permits cross- ventilation in the room making the room humid free.

  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 68.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 101.0 cm 
  • Powerful Mega Size Cooler With International Styling
  • Trolley is not required for its installation
  • Aspen Wood Wool cooling pads
  • Water Inlet From Back Side; With In-Built Castors, No Trolley Required
  • Air Delivery: 5000m3/hr with 3-speed motor;
  • Electrifying air-throw up to 54Ft
  • Power: 185 Watts, Operating voltage: 230 V

3. Symphony 45L Siesta Air Cooler

Symphony Siesta 45-Litre Air Cooler
In the scorching heat, the gust of a fan is not enough to keep you cool. This is the time when you need super powerful Symphony Siesta 45 Ltr Air Cooler. This air cooler from the renowned brand Symphony has features that make it unique and different from others. The fast cooling service decreases the temperature very fast and effectively.
It has multi-directional castor wheels and the compressed dimension of 618x 505×1025 mm that helps you to move it from one place to another without any effort. You can use it outdoor also in garden, lobby or passage area.
The Symphony air cooler consists of a lightweight fan blade that is made up of exceptional quality of plastic which makes it sturdy and easy to maintain.
Another unique feature that makes it best air cooler is that it can also run on inverter when the power is not there. Dura pump technology enables it to cool the temperature to an extent where you might start feeling like this is winter season. So get rid of that summer heat with this Symphony air cooler.

  • Dust and mosquito filter
  • Supercooling capacity
  • Latest Dura Pump Technology
  • Auto speed control
  • Faster reduction in temperature
  • Comes with a warranty for assurance of the buyers
  • Plastic fan blades for a robust performance
  • Inverter friendly

4. Bajaj DC2016 67L Room Air Cooler

Bajaj 67 Ltrs Room Air
Staying relaxed in humidity and heat is now super easy with Bajaj Glacier DC 2016. Now you can easily say goodbye to the summer heat in a way which brings comfort at home or office.  
This large cooler can cool the room that evaluates 74.3 square meters and great air flow at a distance of 27.4 meters as well. It also has a large water tank that can store water up to 67 liters.
The body of the air cooler is made up of super quality of a thermoplastic substance that is corrosion free, which makes it durable to use.
The technology used is advanced to ensure powerful airflow and efficient cooling. It is the best AC with the latest technology that is suitable to beat the summer heat without any effort.

  • Good cooling capacity
  • Surrounded by the latest cooling technology
  • 27.4-meter powerful air throw
  • Castor wheels to improve mobility
  • Water inlet from the top, front and back
  • It is extremely attractive due to its white shining color
  • It is suitable in residential as well as commercial purpose
  • It cools the space in a short time and works on inverter mode as well

5. Voltas Desert Cooler 70L Desert Air Cooler 

Voltas Desert Cooler 70 LTR Desert Air Cooler
Voltas is a credible brand that has proved its metal in all types of products and is termed to be the best Air cooler brand in the country.
This model with 70 LTR tank reduces the work of the owner as he doesn’t have to check the water level, it once after being filled with water goes on and on for hours. It is suitable for you only if the room size that you think of installing it is not more than 475 SQ FT.  It is energy efficient too as the power consumption involved is 230 Volts/Phase 1/50 HZ. Fan with 16.5-inch diameter confirms massive air flow inside the room.
Usually, coolers don’t work on invertors but now thanks to the technical team this model of Voltas works on invertors too giving relaxed cool moments even in the absence of electricity supply.
Secured with the warranty of 1 year, this model of Volta’s air cooler is considered to be the most durable desert air cooler.

  • Comes with castor wheel and a water level indicator 
  • Includes speed control, auto fill tank, and a swing control
  • 3400 Cumh Air Flow
  • Product  weight -17.5 Kg  and Dimension (WxHxD)  685 X 1165 X 460 mm
  • Rated power input cooling is 190 watts
  • 1 year Voltas warranty

6. Crompton Honeycomb 88L Desert Cooler

Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler
One of the best air coolers of Crompton is loaded with some spectacular features that make it one of the top-selling air cooler.
No matter how big your room is, but this model of air cooler have a throw of almost 45 feet air delivery of 4200 m2/hr. It’s an auto-fill feature, and 5 castor wheels list it in the list of top selling products across the nation.
Now you need not check the water level repeatedly and peep into the cooler as it has a water level indicator and controller feature to avoid troubles to you. It is also easy to clean due to the water drain plug that aids in decreasing the water inside the cooler during cleaning. Its cooling Honeycomb pad confirms cooling and the reason behind it is its body which is made up of abs and thermoplastic.

  • Adjustable Speed modes: High, medium and low 
  • Auto-swing louvers for  all-around air deflection
  • Air Delivery (CFM): 4200
  • Ice chamber for extra cooling option
  • Inverter compatibility less energy consumption
  • Capacity: 88 liters, Power: 190 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

7. Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim 55L Air Cooler

Orient Electric Snowbreeze 55 litres Air Cooler
Orient facilitated more cooling with its electric Snowbreeze Slim 1H 55 liter Air cooler available in white and dark grey shades through its amazing honeycomb pads that aids in 25% more cooling and almost 45 % more water retention.
Its high-performance motor ensures cooling of room up to 45 sq.ft or 35sqmts sized room and air delivery of 3000 m3/hr. 
If you want to enjoy the best cooling for the maximum duration, then keep the rooms well ventilated. The amazing machine offers 4-way cooling from all sides of the cooler that flourishes the room to be cool at all corners. It is suitable for all type of spaces like your bedroom, living room, restaurants, Gyms, hotels and other types of closed doors.

  • More cooling, 45% more water retention 
  • Outstanding performance motor for improved performance
  • Cooling range up to- 37 sq mts or 400 sq. ft
  • Air delivery of 3000 m3/hr
  • 3 speed motor: High/ Med/ Low
  • 6Auto fill feature for stress-free & nonstop cooling
  • Ice chamber for fast cooling
  • It works on Invertors  and guarantees continual cooling during power cuts
  • 4-way cooling

8. Symphony Diamond i 61L Air Cooler 

Symphony Diamond i 61 Ltrs Air Cooler
Symphony Diamond Air cooler offers all round cooling effect by its 4 ways air dispensers, making every corner of a room cool. It is an energy efficient device needing electric inputs, yet gives exceedingly cool air of high intensity.
As the name suggests, it is eventually a diamond product with some exceptional features like remote control, designer trolley, cool flow dispenser, fully closable louvers, and low noise, etc.

  • Capacity: 61 Litres; 
  • Suitable for room size of up to 475 Sq Ft.
  • Cooler dimensions (LxBxH): 68.4 cm x 66.0 cm x 80.8 cm
  • Powerful 452 mm/18 inch rust proof fan
  • Free, robust designer trolley
  • Fully closable louvers and a hefty pad area
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Package Includes: Air cooler, Remote, Trolley

9. Kenstar Cyclone-12 50L Air Cooler

Are you looking to have fresh cyclonic air in your living room, the Kenstar Cyclone-1250 –Litre Air cooler is the best cooler for you.
This large white air cooler has the caliber to throw Air up to the distance of 45 feet with the air delivery of 2550m3 /hr. It facilitates 3-speed modes enabling you to change the throw of air on being needed.
It has a cooling area of approximately 75 sq meters giving you a choice to relax in any corner of your big room.  Its unique spine wood wool evaporative pads confirm continuous cooling effects no matter how long you keep it on.
Despite being a high-performance product, it is available at reasonable prices that are too easy to afford.  Kindly allow your room to have a good ventilation system, in order to procure the best performance of Kenstar Cyclone cooler. It is very economical, consumes less power, cools room uniformly, faster and easy to install.

  • Cooler measurement: 645mm x 53mm x 915mm 
  • It needs CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Air Throw Distance: 45 feet, Air Delivery (m3/hr): 2550
  • 4 ways  air deflection,
  • 3 modes of Speed:  high, medium and low
  • Cooling Area: 75 square meter
  • Louvre Movement: Motorized (Vertical)
  • Extraordinary wine wood wool evaporative pads

10. Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H

The Snowcrest Desert Cooler comes with several impressive features and at a surprisingly low price. With a 4 way Air Deflection feature that ensures cool air in every corner of the room, this air cooler will chill the atmosphere of any medium-sized rooms in no time. 

The tank of this cooler has a capacity of holding up to 85 litres of water. This makes it more convenient for customers as they do not have to fill the tank as often as they have to with other coolers. Moreover, its auto-fill tank function allows customers to attach the cooler with a hose which has a direct water supply and forget the hassle of refilling the tank recurrently. 

The back grills of the cooler have honeycomb pads attached to it which not only ensures a balanced cooling throughout the room but also absorbs dust particles from the air making it cleaner. These pads are both anti-deformative as well as anti-erosive which further reinstates their durability and longevity. 


  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 48 cm x 37 cm x 87 cm
  • Direct water supply inlet to Auto Fill tank
  • Water Level Indicator informs the level of water left in the tank
  • Compatible with home inverter
  • Three speed control options available
  • In-Built Castors wheels
  • Honey-comb Pads ensure balanced cooling
  • 4 Way Air Deflection for uniform cooling
  • Power: 200 Watts
  • Package Include: Air Cooler, User manual and Warranty card

How To Make Air Coolers More Effective With Varying Temperatures?

A varying temperature throughout the day is the most common phenomenon of these days. You might be drenched in sweat in the early morning and have a more-or-less tolerable cloudy weather in the afternoon. The overall change in climate is attributed to this drastic variation of temperature throughout the day.

As such it is important to effectively manage your air cooler, such that it gives the ideal cooling based on the temperature of the day. There are certain ways for the same. 

  • One way would be to add ice to the water tank. This can be done especially when the temperature is particularly hot. Adding ice to the tank will cool the pads of the cooler which in turn generates a cooler airflow.

While some variants are designed to use ice most coolers are not such. If you add too much ice you might even disrupt the efficient functioning of the model. Also, it is to be noted that the cooler airflow generated by adding ice can be felt only if you are close to the device.

  • To maintain a cooler and more efficient airflow on a particularly hot day, keep the ventilation in the cooling space active. For an air cooler to function efficiently, it needs proper ventilation.

If you require more cooling, maintain proper ventilation in the room. The hot air will blow through the cool pads and a colder airflow will be maintained. To maintain proper ventilation, try positioning the cooler near a window or an ideal ventilation point.

  • Also, try running the water by the pads even before the cooling process has started. Preferably while filling the tank, soak the pads with the cold water. This will ensure a much faster cooling and relief if the weather is very hot. 

Tips To Maintain Air Coolers

Maintenance of any machine is important to ensure its efficient working over the years. Even you at your home can take some necessary measures to make sure of the well-being of your appliances. An air cooler is no exception. There is a certain measure which will ensure proper working of your air cooler. Some of these measures are mentioned below.

Get Rid Of All The Dust

Accumulated dust ruins all appliances. Cleaning the dust off your air cooler is essential since it can hamper the performance of the appliance. Thorough cleaning is required to ensure that every corner of the cooler has been made rid of the dust particles.

Begin the cleaning using a light cloth. Remember to clean the fans thoroughly as they are the chief components when regulating the airflow. For the pads, clean it with water. You can also use a light detergent or a solution created specifically for cooler pads.

Store With Care

It is important to store your air cooler properly, when not in use. This is important during the off-seasons like winter. Remove the appliance from the plug, dry the water tank, and clean the fan and pads well before the storing process. To ensure proper working it is advised that you disconnect the air cooler from the plug point during the voltage up-downs and stormy weather.

Overall Quality

You need to ensure that the overall quality of the water cooler is maintained. This includes that no wire is lost or damaged, the appliance is standing on any stagnant water, and the tank is not damaged and loses water. Also, ensure the pads are clean every time before the operation. Refrain from using dirty water in the cooler as it affects the functioning of the device.

The Health Of The Motor

The motor is one of the most important parts as long as an air cooler is concerned. Proper health of a motor is needed to be ensured to allow the device to work efficiently. For this, plug out the cooler from the power supply and add a few drops of lubricating oil to the motor carefully. This will ensure it keeps on working perfectly.

Things To Look Upon While Buying Air Cooler 

The electronic market is full of brands and their products and to choose the right one is a tedious task. The advantage of having numerous choices is accompanied by the dilemma of selection as it is a common human tendency.
On talking about the hot summers, an image that strikes our mind is either air coolers or Air conditioners that are perhaps the only sign of relief to beat the heat. 
Though Air conditioners are the first choice of all but the electricity bill accompanied by the cooling effect of AC is too frightening. If you opt for Air coolers instead, it is essential to buy the right kind of cooler to be able to win the battle with the hot summers effectively as well as economically.
Before you start your car for the market to buy an air cooler, you need to do some homework. Just check out-

  • Size of your room.
  • Scope of ventilation in your room
  • Your  pocket capacity to spend on the cooler, i.e. Budget
  • Environmental status of the area you are put up in
  • The humidity level  in your surroundings 

If you consider all the above points while buying it will be more relaxing for you, and will end up buying a perfect device for your home.  You have to choose out of various kinds of coolers like a desert cooler, tower cooler, industrial cooler, and portable coolers. Go for the one that fits the windows or interiors of room for which you are ready to spend a reasonable amount from your pocket.  
Check out the following points while buying Air cooler – 
Brand –  Check out the most credible brand you would like to go with and to get help to decide you may check out the reviews on air coolers of various brands along with surveying on sizes, capacities, and models of coolers.  
Budget – Air cooler is an excellent choice for folks with a low budget and doesn’t have to spend on its installation and maintenance as is generally incurred on Air conditioners. If you prefer to save some pennies, then air cooler is the right thing to buy. Check out the models falling under the limit of your budget.
Cooling capacity – Check out what should be the cooling capacity of cooler as per your room size. The cooler may not turn out to be useful if you do not buy cooler with the right cooling capacity for your room.  
Warranty – Well this is an essential tool to avoid spending amount on faults after purchase. 
Check installation charges –  As coolers like desert involve installation cost while there are others that don’t require expenses on installation.  
Other significant features you must not neglect – Also check and compare the blower speed, water level controller, automatic control and water level indicator features of the various model to be able to have sweat free and cool summer.

FAQs About Air Coolers

What Is The Ideal Air Cooler Size For My Room?

Normally, air coolers are of two types, personal air coolers, and desert air coolers. A personal air cooler is best suited for small to medium rooms, with a tank capacity of 20 to 30-liters. A desert air cooler is best suited for medium to large rooms, with a capacity of 360 to 60-liters.

You can also identify the ideal size for your air cooler by the “Area covered” or “cooling area” specification on the packaging of the appliance. This is a near-perfect measure of the cooling area size for the model. You can get an estimate of the area of your and select the ideal model for the job easily.

What Is The Best Cooling Pad For An Air Cooler?

There are two types of cooling pads for an air cooler. They are the honeycomb cooling pad and the Aspen wood wool cooling pad. Both of these vary significantly in their design and performance.

Experts mainly advise customers to opt for the honeycomb cooling pads over the Aspen wood wool ones. This is mainly because a honeycomb cooling pad is designed concerning a beehive which makes it able to retain the water for a longer time. This results in a more efficient and longer cooling process. Also, the honeycomb cooling pads need very little change, preferably once every 3-4 years if used properly.

Which One Is The Best Air Cooler Brand?

To be fair, no brand can be designated as the best one for air coolers. Brands like Blue Star, Usha, Kenstar, Bajaj, etc. have been dominant in the market for years when it comes to air coolers. Their relevance over many years in the market have made them household names. Over these years, many new brands have arrived in the market as well.

All these brands have their signature touch when it comes to the models they produce. You can practically pick any model and it can be the best in the market. The best brand for you will be the one whose product specifications match your requirements.

Does An Air Cooler Work In High Humidity?

Air coolers are particularly not recommended for regions with high humidity. According to the manufacturers, these devices are designed to perform within the humidity of 50%. Beyond that, the cooler will continue to function, but the outcome will not meet the expectations of the user.

Beyond the saturation point, the cooler will still carry on with its cooling and ventilation function. An air cooler is best suited for dry environments and it is advised to go for an alternate option if the weather of your region is very humid. 


Air coolers may not be very expensive but are also not too cheap to be able to afford to every month or year. If you want to enjoy the services of your cooler worth the prices paid by you, buy the best brands offering reliable products and services.
Just evaluate your needs, inquire about the features and finally compare its offerings to enjoy the benefits of lucrative purchase and cool summers by buying best air conditioners in 2019 India.

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