An In-Depth Guide on Acquiring Singapore Permanent Resident Status

Did you know that besides Singapore being a well-known destination for starting and doing business, it is also among the best for immigration? Well, the first class standard of life that the country provides its residents makes it among the best places to live on earth. Permanent residents just like its nationals enjoy social services such as state housing, healthcare, and other services at prices that are highly subsidized.

The various schemes for applying for PR status

Foreign citizens can acquire Singaporean PR status through one of the following plans:

  • Professional, Technical Personnel, and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme)

This scheme is for those in different levels of employment positions in Singapore. It is the most frequently used way to seek PR status.

  • Global Investor Program scheme (GIP Scheme)

This plan targets those who plan to put resources into Singapore’s businesses or economy. There is a clear outline for the minimum investment needed so that the investors and their dependents can apply for Singapore’s permanent residency. The applicant’s business experience and business record are the key determinants for the acceptance of the application. The applicant also has to invest in certain sectors listed in the plan.

Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (For Arts)

It is a government initiative to bring art professionals from other nations into the country. It is overseen by the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) together with the National Arts Council (NAC), which has put well-defined qualifying standards that interested persons must meet.

Step-by-step application for PR for holders of Singapore work permits

This guide is for the PTS scheme that is the most used of all the PR schemes. To apply for Singapore PR under this scheme, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Employment pass holder and S pass holder – A personal employment pass and entrepreneur pass also are included.
  • Aged 50 years, but exceptions may be made on a case-to-case basis
  • Aged parents of a citizen
  • Spouse or unmarried child (aged below21years) of a Singapore PR or citizen.

Below are the steps go about the PR application process using the PTS scheme:

  • Choose when to apply: Although you can apply at the earliest opportunity after getting your employment pass, one of the conditions when applying is to show six months’ payslips from your Singaporean employer, so you must have been employed for no less than half a year. Your time of application is determined by the type of pass you are holding and the annual quota (unofficial) set by the government.
  • Consider your possibility of approval: In addition to the type of employment permit that you have and your period of working in Singapore, the authorities consider some other factors as they decide on your PR application. These include your education background, your character (law-abiding or not), physical stay in the country, your employer’s credentials, your employment history and job stability, family relations in Singapore, and your charitable input to society through work like volunteering.
  • Make up your mind on seeking PR for your children: Married applicants have a tough decision to make on whether to fill out a PR application for their children. This is due to the legal requirement that all healthy males who get PR status through their parents must enlist in the national military service on turning 16.5 years old and serve for two years full-time in the National Service. There are also other requirements in that aspect of serving in the National Service. Consider your position on your child serving in the National Service before applying for PR for them.
  • Download the documents and check out the filing requirements: After having established your eligibility and deciding to carry on with the PR application, you need to obtain the PR application forms and check them out to familiarize yourself with the submission requirements.
  • Get your supporting documents in order: Once you have downloaded and combed through the necessary documents, you need to submit your application online. Before submitting, you need to put together the supporting documents as required. To avoid documentation that is poorly done as well as hitches in submitting your application, both of which may jeopardize your chances of succeeding, engage experts in visa processing and immigration matters. One of the most reliable experts is Visa Express.
  • Populate the application form and submit: Filling out the application form should not be hard. Follow the instructions cautiously, and if need be, get assistance on how to do it, for example from trusted visa and immigration agents. After completing the form, you need to submit it online alongside the supporting documents to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).


After submitting your application, you should not be anxious and wait for the results of the application. The decision on your PR application from the ICA can take 6-12 months. If you have not heard from ICA after six months, you may follow up to find out about the status of your application at that time. If you are successful, you will receive an approval letter from ICA. Upon receipt of the letter, you need to visit their offices within two months to finalize the formalities.


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