AGARO Ace Wet & Dry Stainless Steel Vacuum Cleaner (1600w, 21 Litres)

I live in a 2BHK flat just beside the road which often has enough traffic to throw the dust into the house. Having a 2 years daughter in the house I had to ensure that every corner of the rooms is neat and clean as she may get affected by the germs easily. I was limited with time for cleaning as starting from the morning breakfast preparation for my husband’s office to all care of my baby which is quite a daylong schedule. 
We used to have a portable vacuum cleaner which is of minimum capacity and was not enough for the daily usages in every room. It used to take a lot more time than the broomstick or brush. I got vexed with this manual procedure and noisy environment which is why I came to the conclusion that it is the time to upgrade.
At first, my requirement was just a larger capacity and free mobility of the container with the hose to clean every kind of surface at ease, but the efficiency of the modern vacuum cleaners was quite compelling. This also increased the confusion in selecting the best model which will not only suit all my requirements but can also complement by daily cleaning needs as well.
However, by constantly surfing through Amazon, I came across a cleaner which met my requirements from many aspects in its specification list. But that used to consume a lot of power and has no flexible hose to use it on furniture and cupboards. Moreover, the capacity was also not enough as I used to empty the can often and thus went for a refund.
Meanwhile, when I was using that vacuum cleaner a relative visited our house and said about the vacuum cleaner from AGARO which they were using for the last six months. By hearing their impression on this vacuum cleaner I considered as a safe choice and thus ordered it. I must say that the vacuum cleaner from AGARO is a clear cut all-round package of performance, efficiency, and features.
I first started with the sofa and other furniture in the living room which were cleaned by the previous model that I have returned. With a single swipe, the fabric on the furniture changed its color which was my first glance of an impression on the power of the motor and hose. It did not even take half an hour to clean the entire house and blowing the leaves on the corridor. 
My husband also likes to use the reliable performance of the cleaner in the car to clean the set and the deck which means it is quite a perfect value for money from all aspects. 
I would like to share the four most highlighting features which reduced my efforts to a great extent and also spared me a lot of time to do other works and take care of my baby.

All-purpose cleaning: – 

Being in an apartment with many rooms, one would need to take a lot of leisure time to clean the entire house ensuring a perfectly clean environment. This vacuum cleaner is powered by 1600 watt motor which is quite incredible in this era of vacuum cleaners and is enabled to produce 21.5 KPA suction of pressure. It means you will now have no need to apply more physical effort to keep your home clean as before.
It is suitable both for the dry and wet operations as the powerful hose with the 32 mm diameter accompanied by the powerful motor can even suck the larger dust particles easily even from the wet areas

Great capacity and powerful blower: – 

When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner, one would probably look out its capacity for the first. This AGARO vacuum cleaner is having 21 liters of capacity which means you can clean the entire house without evening bothering about the dust collected in the tank. Even large rooms can also be cleaned with super powerful motors within few minutes thus providing a comfortable cleaning experience. On the other hand, the blower is also powerful to unsettle the dust at a single blow.

Good filtration: – 

I was quite impressed by its filtration as even the tiny dust particles those which covered the tiny holes of the fabrics were also been removed easily. I went through the specifications again wondering which it is providing superior performance than the last one and thus found its advanced filtration technology. 
This filter possesses the 5 stage HEPA filtration which is Advanced Dust filtration technology capable of trapping even fine dust particles such pollen, dust, etc easily within it. This technology can also provide good support to the motor by protecting it from clogging thus increasing its performance to a great extent. Dust recirculation is also prevented with this filter thus making it an efficient prop in the cleaner.

Reliable hose and good mobility: – 

These are the reasons which turned my eyes towards this vacuum cleaner as I always wanted a feasible wheel and a reliable hose to clean any sized particles easily. 
The hose of the vacuum cleaner is quite efficient in enabling maximum airflow which enhances the suction power to clean the larger sized particles easily. The locking tab of the hose keeps it connected which is why you can use it anywhere easily with the flexible design without even bothering about the hose while holding the pipe. The four swivel wheels around the container are also quite reliable which doesn’t even let you know that the hose is traveling with you while cleaning the entire surface.
If you are still in the conventional models of the vacuum cleaners which are hard to carry around and clean all kinds of surfaces flawlessly then this 21 liters dry and wet vacuum cleaner from AGARO will be quite an appreciable appliance.
 Its design is quite techy and suits every kind of floors with the well-engineered body built which is also complemented with the 360° fours swivel wheels. The wheels are quite reliable which means you can carry it with the suction pipe to any corner of the room or to any surfaces easily with utmost convenience.

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