Aerys Air Quality Measurements

Aerys is designed to make it easy to implement, sustainable and easily accessible to the public, because we believe that every neighborhood should have its own air quality monitoring system. Aerys is a simple and easy-to-install solution that accurately measures a wide range of air pollutants in real time to raise awareness and act in our communities. Include believes we need to measure and monitor the air quality or Air quality sensor in our neighborhood just as we measure air temperature, humidity and pressure. Particulate matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 are usually derived from both environmental and human factors, such as pollen, dust, forest fires, ash, industrial installations, landfills, etc. They can cause serious health problems, especially for people with breathing problems. Aerys P tracks these hazardous airborne particles and raises awareness to minimize human exposure to these risks.

A small and inconspicuous footprint allows Aerys to be placed at sensitive and highly populated locations such as schools, university campuses, hospitals, playgrounds, walkways, or parks.
— Dimensions: W: 22 cm ; D: 22 cm ; H: 64 cm. Weight: 10 kg
— Materials: fiberglass, ABS, hot-dip zinc coated steel (EN10346), galvanized low carbon steel (ISO 2081).
— Li-ion battery pack: Low-temperature resistance, Advanced BMS
— Sensors: PHT sensor – pressure, temperature, humidity, Energy sensors.
— Real-time GPS location: Online alarm if Aerys location changes, Location visible over Solos Smart City platform.
— Internal server communication system: Included 5-year connectivity with Solos Smart City platform, Online product maintenance and updates.
— Particulate matter sensor: Monitoring PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, Laser-scattering technology.

Gaseous pollutants O3 (ground-level ozone), NO (nitric oxide), and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) primarily get in the air from the burning of fuel, causing an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. They cause global warming and can contribute to respiratory diseases. With Aerys G you can monitor these pollutants and bring attention about issues they cause. Aerys X combines both particulate matter (Aerys P) and gaseous pollutant sensors (Aerys G) to measure the widest range of potential air pollutants. In addition, it monitors air pressure, humidity, and temperature, along with wind speed and direction, to provide the most comprehensive picture of air quality in your neighborhood.

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