Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing PUBG

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing PUBG

“PUBG MObile” is very famous nowadays and is very popular.PUBG mobile becomes popular after the launch of its PC version and it was released in March 2018. It is a recording breaking game and it is very much famous among all age group people. Although it has some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. In his article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG mobile.

Disadvantages of PUBG

1.Addiction of PUBG

The addiction towards the game is not a new thing nowadays all age group of people gets attracted towards its very easy. It seduces people easily in their college or work life. Nowadays people are giving utmost importance to the PUBG and getting distracted from their main work. Once you will get addicted towards the game you will start feeling the game and miss it all the time so remember never overdose the game.

2. Strain on Eyes

In the present era, video games are influencing people’s lifestyle and they are devoting there important timing in playing PUBG PC. Continuously focusing on the small screen of the mobile phone will give a strain on your eyes. For this activity, your eyes will pay in the future so stop yourself right away from this bad habit.

3. Premium Service is Chargeable

As we all know that everyone wants to make money and so the developers of PUBG mobile. Premium service of PUBG is chargeable you will have to pay a certain amount if you want to avail the special features like clothes, planes, card, etc. Remember that your skills will make you win the game not the special facilities as many people did not win the game after having the subscription of premium services as well.

Above mentioned are some features which can be quoted as disadvantages of PUBG but the fact is beside these disadvantages PUBG also have some advantages lets have a look at it as well.

Advantages of PUBG

1.Increases Control Power

The continuous playing PUBG on mobile increases your navigation power as well and you are able to do all the activities faster than before apart from that the fast movement of hands and coordination with the game make you feel very active all the time in your daily activities as well.

2. Kills Boredom

Imagine that you are far away from your friends and loneliness is killing you-you are getting bored at that time this PUBG can make you feel happy again you can come with your friend in a battle zone and enjoy the game it will take over all your boredom.

3. It keeps you away from Unethical Activities

If your child is occupied in playing PUBG it will keep them away from all other bad activities such as crime, stress, pressure, drugs, and many more. So, to some extent, this game will protect your child from bad habits.


Everything inside the certain limit is good and beyond that is harmful so as the PUBG mobile so make sure that you do not cross the limit then everything would be under control and you can enjoy the PUBG. You can write your suggestions in the comment section.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing PUBG

“PUBG MObile” is very famous nowadays and is very popular.PUBG mobile becomes...
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