5 Tips For Throwing A Summer Jam In Your Garden

5 Tips For Throwing A Summer Jam In Your Garden

Wanna throw a summer jam in your garden? I think it’s an excellent idea! For starters, it will save you a lot renting a space, secondly taking the party outdoors will keep your indoor furniture free from any unwanted party stains and eventualities. Planning a summer jam outdoor in your gardens might seem so easy, but some apparent facts prove it’s just as tedious as any other party. For starters, there’s a lot of planning to do so it doesn’t go into turn into a colossal mess. There’s the issue of crowd control, think about it, since it’s held outdoors, there’s going to be a lot of uninvited guests.  I took some time to list some fantastic tips to aid you to throw the perfect summer jam.

#. Get a Portable turntable

When it comes to planning the perfect summer jam, there is nothing better than an excellent portable turntable. Think about how beautiful it would be having a good old portable turntable for music. There are a lot of awesome turntable brands in the market to help spice up the summer jam. There is the Audio Technical AT-LP60 portable turntable, which goes for $299 together with an Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers. Or, you can opt for the 1Byone Portable turntable, the Crosley CR6232A-BR Portable turntable and play music using your USB connector. Whichever one you decide, just bear in mind that a party without music isn’t on a part to disaster already.

#. Why not make it a potluck.

The variety they say is the spice of life. Think how awesome it would be if everyone brought a dish along. That way, there would be plenty of assorted delicacies to go around. According to a past survey, about 60 percent of Americans spend an enormous part of the party budget on food and while some 22 percent spend it on alcohol, which doesn’t leave much for another party essential.

To go about it, assign appetizers to some guests while the dessert goes to others. When you go about it this way, there will be a variety of item for the party, especially when the party is themed.

#. Keep it as simple as possible

A famous Chinese proverb states that “less is more,” I couldn’t agree less. One major step to failure is when you try to go overboard by bursting your pockets. Take out the guesswork and host an outdoor summer jam that will fit your budget and appeal to everyone on the invite list. Because is in your very own garden. Create a unique ambiance with your lawn chairs, decorate with minimal accessories and flowers, you don’t want it looking like a wedding party right? The materials you’ll need are clothespins, string lights, a tightrope, a white linen sheet, a laptop, and a projector. Of course, you can’t own it all, feel free to borrow thrifty entertainment accessories from friends, such as karaoke machine, ice cream machine, and speakers.

#. Try out amazing DIY options for decorations

Try out innovative DIY decorations for the fantastic summer jam theme effect. Hey, it’s not always you go to the stores for decorations, why not try your hands on something unique, simple and spells all you!

Asides being a more economical means of decorations, crafting your own decorations is a good way of repurposing items around the house, things such as cardboard, tin cans, wooden planks, tablecloth, Mason, Popsicle cans.

#. Theme it up!

You can agree with me that theme parties are always the cutest. Think about the ambiance of the summer jam when the party is all themed up.

There are so many party ideas to go with, think about a futuristic theme, a movie theme, late night tea party, grunge party, and though it might sound awkward, an attire party.

Try these awesome tips for an amazing summer jam, your guests will love having a reason to come back for future parties, and the pictures of the night will be so worth it. What with the abundance of smartphones and cameras, you’re bound to have loads of people posting photos online to prove your party was a success.

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