5 Fashion Statement Makers For Bikers

two bikers on the road

‘The bikers’- the very first image that is drawn in your mind, is heavy cruiser bike gang that flashed past your town. But bikers are more than just a gang of people riding expensive Harley Davidson or Triumph bikes. It’s like a club, not the gang, where every member is like a family who has a shared dream to explore places on their bikes.

An adventure that has both history and geography to cover, the bikers are heroism for some and fun for others. No matter the charm attached to being a biker, they have to be sure about safety first. Ofcourse they have a particular fashion statement, but they cannot compromise on their safety. There had been incidents where bikers met near-to-death accidents all because they flaunted fashionable attire’s and not played enough attention toward their safety gears.

So all those bike enthusiasts, we have prepared a list of fashionable and trendy things that you can adorn to cast a spell on everyone and not compromise with your safety.

  1. Leather clothing: Leather jackets and leather boots have been a symbol of bikers. But the fashion industry wasn’t very honest with bikers until recently when a separate class of clothing was present at a various fashion event for those who live to ride the bike. Like leather jeans, bootcut leather pants, leather shirts and more.
  2. Denim: Denim is the all-time, and most bikers love to flaunt denim more than leather when it’s summers or spring. Blue Denim jeans paired with white shirts are an all-time classic for bikers.
  3. Wristbands: Wristbands are trendy and it being in the late 90’s. Most Schwarzenegger fans know the looks and feel of a wristband on a biker. More so when it is in pure leather or nicely knitted rough jute with your lucky charms.
  4. Gothic rings:  Steel skeleton rings and gothic rings are the ones that create the image of a biker. Most bike gangs have a particular shape of ring or design that become set symbol of that group. Like the punk skeleton ring, eagle head, owl or Dragon. These statement rings have been a part of biker culture for a long time. Earlier people use to be associated with a particular group, and they were recognized by the ring they wear.
  5. Headgear: Helmets or headgear are essential for bikers. In olden days bikers used to wear leather hats or headdresses like that of a pilot. But with time and need for safety, helmets wear introduced to the bikers. Today, many varieties of masks are available in the market. Various designs that have gothic cultural images printed on it are also present in the market.

If you are a biking enthusiast, then remember as important it is to enjoy the ride and speed, so is your safety. Do not forget to wear all your safety gears like helmets, knee pads, elbow cover, etc to keep yourself protected.

Safety gears are never a hindrance in your fashion statement. You can find all fashionable safety equipment with matching accessories to complement your look on your precious bike.  

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