10 Things To Do In Patong Thailand 

Wondering where to go for you dream getaway? Potand in Thailand would just be the right escape for you without hurting your pocket! In patong Thailand along with breathtakingly beautiful beaches you’ll also experience a nightlife and night market like no other! This resort town has a mini world of its starting from party beaches and secluded beaches to its rainfalls and hills. 

There’s something to interest everyone in patong beach, Phuket. Let’s dive in deeper by getting to know about the 10 things to do when in patong! 

  • Bangla road nightlife 

If you love partying you will love banga road and it’s nightlife! Bangla road life is one of the major attractions of Phuket, a stay in Phuket is said to be incomplete if you don’t visit the Bangla road. Bangla road is all about fun, drinks, dancing and the volume just getting higher and higher with the setting moon. 

You would find parties going and bars competing for customers on all the 365 days of the year. There’s nothing to not love in banga road starting from the live music concerts and markets stalls to beautiful street performances. Don’t miss out on this! 

  • Simon cabaret show 

Shows and performances are one of the many things that patong is famous for  be it comedy acts, dance routines, song routines or remarkable performances, they’re all show stealers! Simon cabaret is titled as the most loved shows to see in Phuket and something you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

The most wholesome part about these cabaret shows are than one out of every performer is a transgender and they’re so gorgeous and hardworking! When in Thailand, cabaret are a must on the to do list! 

  • Freedom beach 

Just like the name of the beach suggests, freedom beach is free from all the noise and chaos that resides in the city! It’s calm, melancholic and would make you feel at peace with it’s beautiful hills which are covered by thick and vibrant jungle! You can enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling and beach soccer with your group of friends! 

The fact that makes the freedom beach so exclusive is how difficult it is to get accessibility in there but situations are a lot better now! Freedom beach is one of the recommendations from our side to anyone costing patong! 

  • Flying Hanuman 

Flying Hanuman is a beautiful experience of its own! The best part about it is that it’s eco – friendly and nicely executed. Flying Hanuman gives you the chance to experience Phuket’s rainforest canopy from an angle you would have never imagined.

 The most amusing fact about this place is that the exact scenarios of these places occur differently in different seasons! This adventurous experience would be something worth remembering.

  • Phuket wake park 

Phuket wake park is the hub of all the fun and frolic in the city, it is located near the Kathu water park. The wake boarding rides here are one of the craziest things to do in Phuket. It’s fit for both beginners and an expert, it’s all the fun that you would love to be a part of. 

  • patong go-kart speedway 

If you think phuket isn’t a place to have a family vacation in then the paying go – kart speedway is here to prove you wrong! It is a fun and adventurous place with lots of rides and motor racing games for all the racing fanatics. It is located at the feet of patong hill’s Kathu side! It’s an overall fun place to enjoy! 

  • Kathu waterfall

Kathy Riverfall is a really popular and well known weekend getaway spot. It is one of the major attractions in Thailand honeymoon packages it’s a really beautiful and serene place with drop pools that are always gushing with water. 

You can go climbing as well the well, the very top drop pool of Kathu waterfall is such a beautiful scenery that it’s worth all the climbing! Kathu waterfall is a must visit for all the couple’s! 

  • Phi phi islands 

Home to many beaches phi phi Islands is a popular archipelago. It had beautiful scenic beauty and immense cliffs that are beyond admirable.

 If you’re wondering about the party scene here, then let me give you the good news of tapping feet and vibrant vibes that would be found in phi phi islands all night! 


  • Night markets 

Are you a shopaholic just like me? If yes then Phuket night bazaar and markets are here to cater to all our needs. Be it trendy sunglasses or quirky tops and handbags the markets here have got it all and at really cheap rates! The Sunday walking street markets here are the best to shop from. It is located in the old thalang road of Phuket town! Shop till your drop, ladies! 

  • Chalong temple

Chalong temple which was built at the beginning of the 19th century is one of the most visited and magnificent temples. The main attraction here is the famous 60 meters tall stupa that shelters a fragment of bone of Buddha.

 The whole temple is a delight to the eyes as the whole interior is decorated with ancient paintings and illustrations. You can even enjoy the scenic view from the temple’s terrace and have a breezy stroll. This temple is a beautiful piece of manwork! 

Lastly, apart from these places mentioned here, there are 5 best things to do in patong that you shouldn’t miss out on like watch a show at Phuket fantasies, watch a sunset at promthep cape, party the night away at Bangla roads 

and phi phi islands,have dinner at rang hill and explore the phang nga bay. We hope our article was helpful to here see bangkok phuket tour packages you and you take a trip to potang soon!

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